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Developed by R&D to support solo miners with mining, lighting, and fighting. The APD is not meant as a true replacement of a co-worker, but it is known to be a bit more reliable. The APD is popularly referred to as 'Bosco', but Management strongly disapproves the use of nicknames for equipment. Personification is known to cause depression among workers in the event of malfunctioning equipment.
— Item Description

APD-B317, regularly nicknamed "Bosco" by the dwarves, is an All-Purpose Drone that accompanies the player during solo missions or lone multiplayer missions. Bosco can be directed using the [Shout] command and the Laser Pointer. He can mine minerals, fight off enemies, revive the player should they go down, and helpfully light up locations using his spotlight.

In solo mode, Bosco will remain with the player for the entirety of the mission. He will also appear if the player is alone in a multiplayer match, immediately self-destructing upon the entry of another player. However, if all players but the host leave the game, Bosco will respawn.

Using the [Shout] command will make Bosco abandon his current task and come to the player's location. If the player shouts while Bosco is close and carrying a heavy object, he will throw said object towards the player, allowing them to catch it more easily. Otherwise, he will simply drop it.

Bosco cannot be affected by environmental hazards, nor will enemies target him.


Icon Bosco Mine.png Mining

The player can direct Bosco to mine minerals and tunnel through compacted dirt. He can't be used to mine through common/solid rock unless there is a large resource in it, whereas he will stop excavating as soon as the resource is freed. Bosco must be manually ordered to mine deposits with the Laser Pointer; he won't automatically mine out anything by himself. When in mining mode, Bosco will ignore enemies. Equipping the Mining Expert modification greatly increases the speed in which Bosco mines.

Gold and Morkite mined by Bosco are not affected by the Pots O' Gold or Dark Morkite beers, as their respective boosts to Gold and Morkite acquisition only apply when using the Pickaxe.

Bosco can be directed to dig out large objects such as Aquarq, Jadiz, Alien Eggs or Mini-M.U.L.E. legs - anything the player can carry, Bosco can carry too. When directed to mine out a large object, he will emit a sound upon uncovering it, then automatically pick it up and start slowly moving towards the player. If Bosco is within 10 meters and has line of sight to the player while holding an object, using the [Shout] command will direct him to throw it at the player. Otherwise, he will simply drop it. In any case, the player can catch the object with the default [Interact] key.

Bosco cannot deposit large resources on his own; the player themselves are required to pick up whatever he is carrying and deposit it in the M.U.L.E., Mine Head, Mobile Refinery or Drop Pod. He also cannot pick up small ore chunks, brewing ingredients, or secondary objective resources (with the exception of Gunk Seeds, but only after they've been freed from their sacs).

During Escort Duty missions, Bosco can be directed to mine the tips of Ommoran Beamers off, ceasing their energy beams.

When directed to mine, a holographic blue pickaxe icon will appear above Bosco until he is finished. His spotlight will also turn blue.

Icon Bosco Fight.png Combat

Bosco's HUD.

Close Range Combat

Bosco is armed with a pair of submachine gun-type automatic weapons for close-range combat and will automatically use them to engage any threat he encounters, provided the threat is within a certain range of both himself and the player. Bosco can quickly kill off small creatures such as Glyphid Swarmers, though his low damage is less effective against larger creatures such as Glyphid Praetorians, thus requiring player cooperation to defeat tougher enemies.

If the player is ensnared by a Cave Leech, a Nayaka Trawler or a Mactera Grabber, they can have Bosco prioritize rescuing them by calling for him via the [Shout] button.

To direct Bosco to attack a specific enemy, the player must mark it with the Laser Pointer. Bosco will not automatically engage passive or friendly creatures unless directed to by the player. Additionally, Bosco will engage any parts of the Korlok Tyrant-Weed only after the battle is activated.

Bosco's primary weapon can be modified to deal increased damage and/or have a chance to electrocute targets.

When engaging an enemy (either by player command or under his own initiative), Bosco will display a holographic, red-outlined fist icon over his chassis, and his spotlight will turn red.


After the Rockets modification has been purchased and equipped, Bosco will gain the ability to fire explosive rockets. Rockets are fired by clicking the right mouse button (PC) or pressing the left trigger (Xbox) while holding the Laser Pointer. Bosco will fire a rocket at the creature or space marked by the player, although terrain obstacles in the direct path between Bosco and the designated target might be hit instead. Rockets will automatically regenerate over time, similar to Flares. Rockets can also be enhanced in various ways through modifications, such as being able to shatter Armor, freeze enemies, scare enemies away or cause bigger explosions.

Like any other explosive, rockets can destroy terrain. This gives them a potential, if unconventional, use for destroying terrain in hard-to-reach areas if necessary, such as freeing resource chunks, disabling Ommaran Beamers protecting the Ommoran Heartstone (if aimed at the tip) or removing the hazardous effect of Volatile Uranium (if aimed at the center).

Icon Bosco Revive.png Reviving

If the player ends up incapacitated, Bosco can rescue them by reviving them. He will do so by flying over to the downed player and defibrillating them with his hands. He will let out an electrical shock before reviving the player, which scares away any surrounding enemies. While Bosco will always attempt to revive the player automatically, they can still call him over by using the [Shout] command.

A display on the back of Bosco's chassis indicates how many revive charges he has left. The amount of charges is also displayed on the HUD, and can be increased using modifications. If the player is downed when Bosco is out of charges, the mission will fail.

While reviving the player, Bosco displays a green, holographic heart icon with an upward-facing arrow in it above his chassis.

Icon Bosco Light.png Light

When aiming at a location that isn't a mineable resource, dirt, or an enemy, using the Laser Pointer will direct Bosco to fly over to the target location and shine his spotlight on whatever you're aiming at for up to 20 seconds or until ordered otherwise. This light can be enhanced with the "Let There Be Light" modification.

While using his spotlight, Bosco displays a holographic yellow lightbulb icon above his chassis. His spotlight also turns yellow.

Icon Bosco Repair.png Repair

Exclusive to On-site Refining missions. When selecting the buildable node of a pipeline, Bosco will start constructing the pipeline until it is finished, or he will repair it if it is leaking (it can be cancelled if the player makes a new order or uses the [Shout] command).

Note that Bosco cannot lay the pipeline frameworks - solving the pathing puzzle is entirely on the player. Another thing the player must keep in mind when marking pipes is that their marker must be close to the section that requires attention.

While building/repairing, Bosco displays a holographic blue wrench icon above his chassis.

Icon Bosco Guard.png Guard

Prior to Season 01: Rival Incursion, Guard was exclusive to Escort Duty missions.

When selecting either the Drilldozer or Hack-C, Bosco will focus on defending it (This can be cancelled if the player makes a new order or uses the [Shout] command). While defending, Bosco will not follow the player and will stay in the vicinity of the Drilldozer or Hack-C until ordered otherwise; this includes after retrieving the Ommoran Heartstone.

While guarding, Bosco displays a holographic red shield icon above his chassis.

Icon Bosco Vacuum.png Vacuum

Exclusive to the Lithophage Outbreak mission mutator. Bosco is able to vacuum up foam distributed by the LithoFoamer in a manner akin to the LithoVac. He will do so automatically, but can be easily interrupted by any nearby enemies, in which he will cease vacuuming and engage them. The player can manually order Bosco to clean up by marking any foamed areas, which will make him prioritize vacuuming up the foam while ignoring any hostile activity.

Note that Bosco cannot apply foam - the application of it is entirely on the player.

While vacuuming, Bosco displays a holographic pink vacuum icon above his chassis.


Since Update 20: Bigger, Better, Bosco, Bosco can be customized using modifications. Modifications can be purchased and equipped using a special terminal in the Space Rig.

Unlike other modifications, player rank is used instead of character level.

APD-B317 Modifications
Mod Description Effect Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade DamageGeneral.png
High Velocity Rounds
+2 Damage The primary damage of the weapon is increased.
Credit.png 400 Credits
Icon Upgrade PlusOne.png
Extra Revive
+1 Revive One extra revive kit to bring back to action an incapacitated dwarf.
Credit.png 400 Credits
Icon Upgrade Digging.png
Mining Expert
+100% Mining Expert (Mining speed) Improves Bosco's capabilities to mine minerals, dirt, or any kind of terrain.
Credit.png 400 Credits
Tier 2
Rank 2
Icon Upgrade Special.png
+2 Rocket Attacks
+120 Rocket Area Damage
+2.5m Rocket Damage Radius
Rocket Regeneration Time: 90s
A secondary weapon that can shoot explosive rockets. Bosco's AI is not ready to handle this kind of weaponry, use the Laser Pointer for manual activation.
Credit.png 1 200 Credits
Enor Pearl 20 Enor Pearl
Tier 3
Rank 3
Icon Upgrade Light.png
Let There Be Light
+20m Light Radius A significant lumens increase that can make the difference in some of the darkest caves.
Credit.png 1 000 Credits
Umanite 10 Umanite
Icon Upgrade PlusOne.png
Extra Revive
+1 Revives One extra revive kit to bring back to action an incapacitated dwarf.
Credit.png 1 000 Credits
Bismor 10 Bismor
Icon Upgrade Ammo.png
Extra Rocket
+1 Rocket Attacks Increases the total amount of rockets Bosco can fire before regenerating.
Credit.png 1 000 Credits
Magnite 10 Magnite
Tier 4
Rank 4
Icon Upgrade ScareEnemies.png
Fear The Rocket
+50% Rocket Fear Factor There is a chance to scare enemies away from the explosion of the rockets.
Credit.png 1 800 Credits
Umanite 30 Umanite
Icon Upgrade ArmorBreaking.png
High Frequency Explosion
+600% Rocket Armor Breaking Higher chance for the rocket explosion to shatter armor.
Credit.png 1 800 Credits
Jadiz 30 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Cold.png
Cryo Explosion
130 Cold Damage (Explosive Damage is removed)
+1m Rocket Effect Radius
Maximum Damage Radius: 3m
Adds cryogenic liquid to the explosion of the rocket. Cold slows down enemies and can eventually freeze them. The explosion deals almost no damage, but the area of effect increases.
Credit.png 1 800 Credits
Enor Pearl 30 Enor Pearl
Tier 5
Rank 5
Icon Upgrade Area.png
Bigger Explosion
+2m Rocket Effect Radius Increased area of effect for the explosion of the rocket.
Credit.png 2 200 Credits
Croppa 20 Croppa
Magnite 30 Magnite
Icon Upgrade ChargeUp.png
Fast Regeneration
-50s Rocket Regeneration Time It takes less time for the rockets to be ready to shoot again.
Credit.png 2 200 Credits
Jadiz 20 Jadiz
Umanite 30 Umanite
Icon Upgrade Electricity.png
Overcharged Rounds
+30% Electrocution Chance Bullets coming out of the primary weapon have a chance to electrocute.
Credit.png 2 200 Credits
Magnite 20 Magnite
Bismor 30 Bismor


Each purchased modification advances the mastery bar by one unit.

Mastery unlocks:

  • Three modifications – Abyssal Frost Bosco Paintjob Icon Skin APD Abyssal Frost.png
  • Five modifications – Corporate Mint Bosco Paintjob Icon Skin APD Corporate Mint.png
  • Seven modifications – War Veteran Bosco Framework Bosco WarVeteran.png
  • Nine modifications – Scorched Bosco Paintjob Icon Skin APD Scorched.png
  • Eleven modifications – Primal Blood Bosco Paintjob Icon Skin Primal Blood.png
  • All (13) modifications – Cyber Ninja Bosco Framework Bosco CyberNinja.png


Seasons Referencing: [1] [2] [3]

Bosco has a small array of different Frameworks and Paintjobs that can be unlocked as progression rewards as more modifications are purchased. Some can be acquired via DLC, Cargo Crates or Lost Packs.

Framework Unlock
Bosco Default.pngIcon Skin Stock.png Company Standard Default Framework
Bosco CyberNinja.pngIcon Skin APD Cyber Ninja.png Cyber Ninja Obtained from APD-B317 Mod unlocks
Bosco WarVeteran.pngIcon Skin APD War Veteran.png War Veteran Obtained from APD-B317 Mod unlocks
Bosco YuletideBosco.pngIcon Skin APD Yuletide Bosco.png Yuletide Bosco Obtained from The Yuletide Elf Hunt (2022)
Bosco Barbaric.pngIcon Skin APD Barbaric.png Barbaric [2] Obtained from Cargo Crate
Bosco BlisterBot.pngIcon Skin APD Blister Bot.png Blister Bot [3] Obtained from Cargo Crate
Bosco SurplusBarrel.pngIcon Skin APD Surplus Barrel.png Surplus Barrel [1] Obtained from Cargo Crate
Bosco StreetScrapper.pngIcon Skin APD Street Scrapper.png Street Scrapper Obtained from the Performance Pass level 49
Paintjob Unlock
Icon Skin APD Abyssal Frost.png Abyssal Frost Obtained from APD-B317 Mod unlocks
Icon Skin APD Corporate Mint.png Corporate Mint Obtained from APD-B317 Mod unlocks
Icon Skin Primal Blood.png Primal Blood Obtained from APD-B317 Mod unlocks
Icon Skin APD Scorched.png Scorched Obtained from APD-B317 Mod unlocks
Icon Skin APD Icy.png Icy [2] Obtained from Lost Pack
Icon Skin APD Lemon Clean.png Lemon Clean Obtained from Lost Pack
Icon Skin Moss Crawler.png Moss Crawler [1] Obtained from Lost Pack
Icon Skin APD Plague Splatter.png Plague Splatter [3] Obtained from Lost Pack
Icon Skin APD Scarlet Decay.png Scarlet Decay Obtained from the Performance Pass level 57
Icon Skin APD Dark Future.png Dark Future Obtained from the Dark Future DLC
Icon Skin APD Roughneck.png Roughneck Obtained from the Roughneck DLC
Icon Skin APD Dawn of the Dread.png Dawn of the Dread Obtained from the Dawn of the Dread DLC
Icon Skin APD Robot Rebellion.png Robot Rebellion Obtained from the Robot Rebellion DLC
Icon Skin APD Biohazard.png Biohazard Obtained from the Biohazard DLC
Icon Skin APD Decontaminator.png Decontaminator Obtained from the Decontaminator DLC
Icon Skin APD The Supporter.png The Supporter Obtained from the Supporter Upgrade DLC
Icon Skin APD GSG Guardian.png GSG Guardian Obtained from the Supporter II Upgrade DLC

The Cyber Ninja and War Veteran frameworks were added in Update 26, then a plethora of different paintjobs were added in the 2020 Anniversary Update as additional progression rewards, along with a Supporter Upgrade DLC exclusive gilded paintjob.

Sound Effects

Bosco Sound Effects
Sound Variation Audio
Angry 1
Talk (Dig) 1
Talk (Go to) 1
Talk (Revive) 1



  • According to Bosco's description, Deep Rock Galactic advises against the personification of robots because of decreased morale in the event of a malfunction.
  • Using the [Salute] command will make Bosco return it with a salute of his own and a robotic bark.
  • Bosco will react to player-inflicted damage, startling upon being hit. However, these reactions are purely cosmetic, as he is invincible by all means and cannot be killed even by the player themselves.

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