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This page is possibly not up to date. It was last updated for Update 33: New Frontiers
Updated for U33

On-site Refining is a mission type in Deep Rock Galactic.

We've set our targets on several deep wells of Liquid Morkite, so we're sending in a refinery for you to fill. Set the whole thing up, get it cranking, and let's pump those deposits dry! Time to build some pipelines, roughnecks!
— Mission Control

Management has detected Liquid Morkite Wells on Hoxxes, and have sent in the Dwarves alongside a Mobile Refinery to collect and process the Liquid Morkite directly on Hoxxes before sending it back to the Space Rig.

The Liquid Morkite Well
The Pumpjack which extracts the Liquid Morkite
The Mobile Refinery

The Refinery

Once the Drop Pod has landed, the Mobile Refinery will soon follow. It is a large construct similar to the Mine Head in size and appearance, with several moving parts and structures. A rocket is found in the center attached to a spherical storage tank on top, which is used to store the refined product. Unlike the Minehead the Refinery does not have any defensive utility besides Floodlights.

Pipeline Construction

In On-site Refining, there are always three different Liquid Morkite Wells located throughout the map. They can be identified by the sound of spurting liquid, flame exhausts and dark blue spots along the walls. The Well itself is a dark blue color and spurts a murky, dark turquoise liquid constantly, similar to solid Morkite. Upon locating a well, it will show up on the Terrain Scanner.

Pumpjacks must be called for the Wells by standing near them and holding the [USE] key ("E" by default). From there, Pipelines must be constructed to connect the Refinery to the individual Pumpjacks. Pipelines start at the Refinery and are constructed by placing segments using the [USE] key ("E" by default) on the refinery starting points or the ends of existing segments, which form a frame between themselves when placed. The hologram will shine blue when a node is ready to be placed, and red otherwise. Other players are able to see this hologram while you are placing a node.

A segment can only be placed if it satisfies all conditions, indicated by a blue hologram showing where the frame will be placed. They must be placed on solid ground, they must be within 9 meters of one another, they must not be too steep and they cannot be blocked by terrain (segments will automatically clear out terrain alongside them when placed successfully). the last Segment Frames can be removed by striking them twice with a pickaxe. Pipelines can intersect each other and will not be affected by removed terrain or damage. when a connection is made from the Refinery to a Pumpjack it can not be changed.

After being placed, each segment can be built by holding the [USE] key over them, starting from the first segment after the Refinery. Building a pipeline segment takes 5 seconds, independent of its length. Having multiple Dwarves contribute speeds up this process. This process is repeated until the Pipeline is fully built.

The Pipelines (whether they are Frames or fully built), can be rode upon by standing on top of and pressing the [ACTIVATE] key ("E" by default). This allows a Dwarf to automatically grind along the pipeline using a special Board. While grinding Dwarves can look around and fire weapons freely. The speed is affected by the current angle of the Segment. Obstacles on a pipeline can cause the grind movement to stop. Pipelines that intersect at the same level, however, do not impede grinding.

Refining Stage

Once all three Pipelines are built, the Refinery can be started up by pressing a button on its control panel. Creatures will constantly spawn until Dwarves exit the mission. The progress of this stage can be seen as a percentage, ending when it reaches 100%.

After some time, segments of the pipelines will leak, pausing the refining progress. leaking segments can be identified by the red glow it emits, the liquid spurting out, and the low beeping noise emitted (They also have dark red orbs appear on them using the Terrain Scanner). Segments can be repaired by holding the [USE] key ("E" by default) until it is fixed. Fixing a segment takes 5 seconds, having multiple Dwarves contribute speeds up this process.

It takes a total of 150 seconds for the refining to finish, after it starts and after every leak, the game will pick a new time, within the range, for the next leak. See table below for the ranges:

Leak frequency
Player Count Time before next Leak Progress % before next Leak
Dwarfcount1.png 50s to 70s 33.33% to 46.66%
Dwarfcount2.png 45s to 65s 30% to 43.33%
Dwarfcount3.png 40s to 60s 26.66% to 40%
Dwarfcount4.png 35s to 55s 23.33% to 36.66%

Extraction Phase

After the refining has been completed, the Refinery button will activate again. Pressing it will launch the Refinery's Cargo Rocket, completing the primary objective. Unlike the Minehead rocket's return to the Space Rig there is not a countdown timer - the Drop Pod will arrive the moment the Refinery's Rocket leaves the planet. the Dwarves have three minutes to get inside the Drop Pod.

Enemy Spawning

Main article: Swarm

Enemies can spawn upon mission start, or randomly throughout the mission, but every few minutes, a Swarm will occur, which will be announced by Mission Control, and will cause Dwarves to be attacked by an increased number of enemies. (However, when the refining process starts, instead of periodic Swarms, the Dwarves will face a single constant Swarm).


Caves in On-site Refining are similar to those in Point Extraction in terms of structure, being smaller, non-linear and generally spherical with a few small off-shoots which eventually wrap around back to the main cave. The Refinery will land either in the center or the edge of the map, while the Liquid Morkite Wells will spawn in randomized locations. Depending on the Cave Complexity level, the Wells will be found in harder to reach spots.


Primary Objective

  • Locate three Liquid Morkite wells and summon a pumpjack on each
  • Connect and build pipelines to each pumpjack
  • Start the refining process
    • Periodically repair damaged pipes
  • Summon escape pod

Secondary Objective

Unlike all other mission types besides Point Extraction, On-Site Refinery missions have Dystrum as a possible secondary objective.

Fossil Collect 10 Alien Fossil

Apoca bloom Collect 15 Apoca Bloom

Bha Barnacle Exterminate 16 Bha Barnacle

Boolo cap Collect 20 Boolo Cap

Dystrum Collect 100 Dystrum

Ebonut Collect 14 Ebonut

Fleas Exterminate 10 Fester Flea

Glyphid Egg Exterminate 40 Glyphid Egg

Gunk Seed Collect 12 Gunk Seed

Hollomite Collect 35 Hollomite


  • This mission type was added in Update 32: Roughnecks At Work
  • A significantly larger amount of Loot Bugs will spawn during level generation than in other mission types
  • Constructing and repairing Pipelines uses various tools instead of the typical hammer used when constructing/repairing objects, including a pipe wrench and an oil can