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This page is up to date for Season 05: Drilling Deeper
Updated for S5

Deep Scan is a mission type in Deep Rock Galactic.

Alright, listen up: Locate Resonance Crystals using your HUD-mounted Rangefinders. Call in Scanners from orbit and mount these on the crystals. These will pinpoint the location of a Morkite Geode. Inside, you will find the objective of this mission: Precious Morkite Seeds. Bring them back, Team.
— Mission Control

A Morkite Geode has been detected in the area, and Management wants you to find it and collect its Morkite Seed Morkite Seeds for further analysis by R&D.

Deep Scans

An exposed resonance crystal.
The colored bar shows the distance to the nearest Resonance Crystal. The ⬥ symbol signifies that it's on the same vertical level as the player.

You will initially be tasked with performing 3 or 5 Deep Scans, depending on the mission length. This is done by finding the specified number of Resonance Crystals using the proximity-based Telemetric Rangefinder in the top left of your HUD. On it, a colored bar will oscillate, showing your distance to the nearest resonance target. When within 40 meters of a Resonance Crystal, the bar will be yellow. If the player is further than 40 meters, the bar will be blue and indicate [DISTANT]. Next to the bar there will be one of three symbols: ⬥, ▲ or ▼. They show whether you are on the same vertical level as the Resonance Crystal, below it, or above it, respectively. You will likely have to dig beneath your feet when the locator shows ⬥, as the downward triangle means a more significant vertical difference. Additionally, if you are near a Resonance Crystal, you will hear a faint shimmering noise, indicating you have located one.

Once you locate a Resonance Crystal, it must be dug out. Once the central crystal has been sufficiently dug out, the ground around it will be cleared and you can request a Resonance Scanner Pod by holding the [USE] key ("E" by default) while looking at the crystal. After the Resonance Scanner arrives, you can connect the scanner to the crystal using the built in cable. After bringing the cable to the Resonance Crystal, you must connect it by holding the [USE] key at the end of the cable. Once connected, a single Deep Scan is completed.


The Drillevator before it has started drilling.

After the required number of Deep Scans have been completed, a Drillevator is automatically called down to a nearby location, falling similarly to the Drop Pod. The Drillevator must be started by first pressing 4 outer buttons located on its claw tracks, followed by guard rails rising up. Pressing the final red button which extends from the central drill engine will begin the drilling sequence.

While the Drillevator is digging, a constant horde of bugs will begin to attack you from above. Simultaneously, the 4 outer claw tracks will begin to quickly degrade, requiring constant maintenance or else the Drillevator will stop moving if even one of them breaks. The claw tracks can be repaired by holding the [USE] key ("E" by default). Furthermore, the Drillevator will occasionally encounter a hard patch of stone, bringing it to a halt for a few seconds. Similarly, once you reach the outer shell of the geode, the Drillevator will also stop for a brief moment.

Notably, the Drillevator is the only moving platform that turrets and shields can stick to. This should be taken advantage of to defend yourself from the swarm above.

Morkite Geode

The Morkite Geode in the dark, with glowing Morkite Seeds on the walls.

Once the Drillevator reaches the geode, you, along with the Drillevator itself, will be dropped into the center of the geode. From inside the geode, you will need to collect and deposit 7 Morkite Seed Morkite Seeds into the M.U.L.E. The green Morkite Seed clusters must be destroyed to collect the seed inside, which can be destroyed directly with a pickaxe, drills, or Impact Axe. Morkite Seeds can also be collected by removing (exploding, drilling) the terrain below.


After the required number of Morkite Seeds have been deposited, the button on the M.U.L.E will appear to call the Drop Pod. Once the Drop Pod has been called, it will drop somewhere in the cave above the geode. The Drillevator will also open up to reveal 4 pairs of experimental Mk 2 Jet Boots, which function similarly to normal Jet Boots, but recover from overheating significantly faster, allowing you to fly out of the geode. The Drop Pod will still wait for the M.U.L.E to arrive before opening its doors.

Enemy Spawning

Main article: Swarm

Enemies will spawn at the start of a mission, periodically throughout the scanning phase of the mission, or in announced swarms every few minutes. After all of the scans have been completed, enemies will stop naturally spawning. Once the Drillevator starts, a constant swarm begins until the geode is breached. Inside the geode, enemies will stop spawning again until the extraction phase.


The caves in Deep Scan consist of two separate parts.

The first part, where the Drop Pod lands, is a sprawling system of random caves connected by tunnels and containing all of the resources and events in the mission. The almost maze-like structure of these caves can make it difficult to find the required resonance targets.

The second part is the geode itself, which is significantly smaller than the main cave, and is uniquely composed entirely of various crystals. The geode is shaped like a rough sphere, and you can see most of it when standing in the center. The geode is far below the main cave.


Primary Objective

  • Perform Deep Scans
  • Activate the Drillevator
  • Descend to the Morkite Geode
  • Collect Morkite Seeds
Length Complexity Objective Primary Payout Secondary Payout
Cave length 1 Cave complexity 2 Perform 3 Deep Scans Credit.png 600 Experience Points 2200 Credit.png 200 (250 for Hollomite) Experience Points 700 (685 for Hollomite)
Cave length 2 Cave complexity 3 Perform 5 Deep Scans Credit.png 1002 Experience Points 3674 Credit.png 334 (417 for Hollomite) Experience Points 1169 (1143 for Hollomite)

Secondary Objective

Fossil Collect 10 Alien Fossil

Apoca bloom Collect 15 Apoca Bloom

Bha Barnacle Exterminate 16 Bha Barnacle

Boolo cap Collect 20 Boolo Cap

Ebonut Collect 14 Ebonut

Fleas Exterminate 10 Fester Fleas

Glyphid Egg Exterminate 40 Glyphid Egg

Gunk Seed Collect 12 Gunk Seed

Hollomite Collect 35 Hollomite


  • This mission type was added in Season 05: Drilling Deeper.
  • The Drillevator is the only moving platform that turrets and shields can stick to.
  • It is possible to manually dig to the geode without the Drillevator, but the mission cannot be completed without the Drillevator breaching the geode.
  • If the required number of Morkite Seeds have already been deposited into the M.U.L.E when the Drillevater breaches the Morkite Geode, mission will proceed immediately to Extraction.