Apoca Bloom

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Apoca Blooms are a secondary mission objective that can appear in any gamemode. To be gathered, dwarves must be close enough to pick them up with the [USE] key. 15 blooms must be collected to complete the secondary objective.

Completing the objective gives 900 Experience Points and 200 Credit.png, both affected by Hazard Bonus.


As it appears in-game

Apoca Blooms are faintly glowing white flowers, resembling real-life white lilies. Each bloom has six petals, six stamens, and a wide thorny stem.

The petals and anther parts of the stamens glow white in the dark, making them easily visible in unlit areas.


Apoca Blooms can be found in any environment. They can grow near ground level, but can also be spotted on walls and ceilings. Apoca Blooms are also found on certain biome-specific terrain, such as the red salt crystals in the Salt Pits or the stalactites in the Glacial Strata.