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Stoicmako employee of the month "secretly knows what the error cube is for. won't tell anyone"
2 error cubes displayed in the team depository GUI.
It is possible to obtain 2 error cubes in an unmodded mission, but it is extremely rare.

The Error Cube, called ERR://23¤Y%/ as indicated by the Laser Pointer, is an extraordinarily rare resource. Akin to other heavy objects like a Jadiz or an Enor Pearl, the Error Cube must be dug out of terrain and can be deposited into the M.U.L.E. like all other resources. Once brought back to the Space Rig, it will appear in the player's stash of minerals, but is not an ingredient in any upgrade or Accessory Shop purchase, and it cannot be exchanged in the Mineral Trade. It is simply a collector's item.

Because it currently lacks any use, it is widely considered an easter egg and is often mistaken for a bug due to its intentionally glitchy-looking name.

As of Update 25, the Error Cube appears alongside other minerals, but only when viewing the Accessory Shop and Deep Dive terminals.

A player's inventory with 3 Error Cubes.


An Error Cube as it appears in-game.
Gray spikes marking an Error Cube's location.

Its basic shape is a pitch-black cube. White, softly pulsating outlines cross its outer exterior in a grid-like pattern, dividing the black cube shape into smaller cube-like shapes. Four lines cross each side of the cube.

The area that the cube is buried in is covered in large glowing gray spikes and a purple shimmering effect, similar to other resources hidden within terrain.


Error Cubes can be found in any planetary region and mission type, although very rarely, with a 1 in 26 (3.84%) chance of generation in a given mission.


  • When marked with a laser pointer, the dwarves will make curious remarks such as: "I wonder if it's edible!", "Strange thing..." and "What the heck is this...".
  • There is a chance you can receive an Error Cube when destroying a gift during the Christmas Seasonal Event (same 3.84% for each box).
  • The experience granted by the Error Cube is static and is not affected by the Hazard Bonus.
  • In the game files, the Error Cube is referred to as a "Precursor Artifact".
  • Ghost Ship Games have hinted that the Error Cube may be connected to the lore of the game.
  • Its appearance heavily resembles a Rubik's cube.
  • According to the description of the "What Are These Things?" achievement (obtained by collecting five Error Cubes), they are alien artifacts, hot to the touch, and possibly smell of tarmac.
  • After drinking Smart Stout, there is a chance a dwarf will nearly mention the Error Cubes' purpose before the effect wears off and they lose the thought. The voiceline is as follows: "This Smart Stout works! I just figured out what the Error Cubes are for... you take 5 Error Cubes and you insert them into the… in… arrhh… it’s gone!".
  • The Error Cube may be related to the Error Helix. It is implied that both have the same origin.
  • One of the random messages that can appear on the Employee of the Month Screen mentions the Error Cube.