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The Abyss Bar
No Refunds! No Refills! No Regrets!
— Abyss Bar Slogan

The Abyss Bar is a large section on the main floor of the Space Rig. Here you can have a drink with your fellow dwarves, dance to the tunes on the Jukebox or take rounds trying to kick barrels into the Barrel Hoop.

The Bar

At the Bar, you can order a drink from the robot bartender Lloyd. A price list is visible on the top left corner of the bar and when talking to Lloyd.

Starting from Rank 3, players are able to purchase Beers from the Abyss Bar. Depending on the potency of the drink and how many are consumed, the player's character may become intoxicated. The effects of intoxication include borders of the screen becoming a wavy double-image, the player's view will wobble around randomly and the player's character will move in random directions of their own accord. These effects will become more extreme if the player drinks more Beer, and if too much Beer is consumed in a short amount of time, the player's character will pass out drunk. If alone the player will respawn in the Infirmary, though if other players are present they will need to be revived - similar to losing all of one's health in a Mission. Either way, the player will wake up sober.

It is possible to enter a Mission while intoxicated, though there is no incentive for doing so besides bragging rights. You will not receive a Hazard Bonus for completing a Mission while drunk.

On the bar's counter players can see a small green tipping device called TIP-C (nicknamed "Tipsy")[1], where they may pay 5 credits to leave a tip. This has no effect besides triggering a random dwarf voiceline thanking Lloyd. There is additionally a small bobblehead dwarf on the counter that players can interact with to slap around.

Players who suffer motion sickness are advised to avoid drinking too much, as the effects of being drunk can cause dizziness and nausea. Make sure to drink Leaf Lover's Special to "cure" the effects of intoxication.


Lloyd the robotic bartender

Lloyd the robotic bartender seems to be an all-purpose drone similar to Bosco, he wears a hat and bow tie, and is connected to barrels of ale in the ceiling.

By approaching and interacting with Lloyd, he projects a list of the available drinks with descriptions and price tags for you to order from. Upon ordering, as many tankards as there are players in the lobby will emerge, quickly being filled by Lloyd. Then each player can grab a tankard, give a salute and drink.

If the player cannot afford, or hasn't reached the rank requirement to purchase a drink, Lloyd will deny them service.

Available drinks

Management reminds all employees that contrary to common belief the available drinks do intoxicate dwarves, do have influence on their ability to walk straight and do possess the potential to knock them out.

Craftable and special beers will require brewing materials found in missions in the form of collectible plants: Barley Bulb Barley Bulb, Yeast Cone Yeast Cone, Malt Star Malt Star and Starch Nut Starch Nut.

Corporate Issue

These drinks are always available.

Label Mug Name Price Potency Description
Oily oaf brew label.png Oilyoaf.png Oily Oaf Brew
Credit.png 35 Credits
Rank 3 Rank
Safe For Work
The Oily Oaf. A classic. While one of the lighter drinks available, the rich, buttery aftertaste coupled with the low price tag means the Oaf is here to stay.
Glyphid slammer label.png GlyphidSlammer.png Glyphid Slammer
Credit.png 85 Credits
Rank 7 Rank
An adventurous mix of a cheap, powerful ale with an equally cheap, powerful energy drink. The result is almost, but not quite, entirely undrinkable. But it sure does put a spring in your step.
Leaf lover special label.png Leaflover.png Leaf Lover's Special
Credit.png 25 Credits
Rank 3 Rank
(resets to 0%)
Buff: Removes Drunk status effect.
The Leaf Lover is on this chart entirely to please Management. It'll kill your buzz faster than a pay cut, and leave you with the same empty feeling in your gut. Still, it can be handy on Inspection Day - just don't let anyone know you had one.

Holiday Beer

These drinks are only available on certain events and holidays.

Label Mug Name Price Potency Description
Best Wurst Beer Logo.png Best Wurst Beer.JPG Best Wurst Beer
Credit.png 115 Credits
Rank 3 Rank
Available during Oktoberfest.
A sausage-flavoured brew. Actual food was not within the budget for the celebration, so this was the second best option. Will definitely put some hair on your chest. If you can keep it down...

Today's Special

These 8 drinks provide the dwarves with a buff once consumed. Only one of them is sold at a time, the special drink changes upon mission rotation and buffs can't be stacked.

Icon Beer License.pngBeer License required to be paid first to unlock the whole selection: Credit.png 1,000 Credits, Barley Bulb 5 Barley Bulb, Yeast Cone 10 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 10 Malt Star, Starch Nut 15 Starch Nut.

Label Mug Name Buff Price Potency Description
Icons BackBreaker Label.png Today-backbreakerstout.png Backbreaker Stout ×1.15 ×1.3225

Carry Movement Speed

Barley Bulb 1 Barley Bulb
An invigorating and foamy brew, putting pep and zest in any true-blooded dwarf's blood!
Dark morkite label.png Today-darkmorkite.png Dark Morkite x1.2 x1.44

Morkite Morkite Mined

Barley Bulb 2 Barley Bulb
The original DRG-approved brew. Bitter and heady, though not so strong as to incapacitate the workforce.
Icons PotsoGold Label.png Today-potsofgold.png Pots O' Gold x2 x4

Gold Gold Mined

Barley Bulb 3 Barley Bulb
Pots O' Gold - otherwise known as "Liquid Luck" - has been known to instill any red-blooded dwarf with sharply enhanced senses and an impressive lust for sweet, sweet gold...gold...GOLD! Riches surely await anyone lucky enough partake of this elusive brew.
Red rock blaster label.png Today-redrockblaster.png Red Rock Blaster x1.3 x1.69

Max Health

Barley Bulb 1 Barley Bulb
Safe For Work
When you absolutely, positively got to kill everything in your path, accept no substitutes. Equal parts prime aged stout, habanero sauce, and military-grade combat stim, the Red Rock Blaster will make you see RED!
Icons RockyMountain Label.png Today-rockymountain.png Rocky Mountain -1 -2
Pickaxe Hit per Terrain
Barley Bulb 3 Barley Bulb
A touch of class. A thinker's drink. Quaffing this heady brew imparts an awesome sense of oneness with the rock around you, letting you carve through it like butter.
Skull crusher ale label.png Today-skullcrusher.png Skull Crusher Ale +10 +20

Base Pickaxe Damage

Barley Bulb 2 Barley Bulb
The cosmic fury of a thousand raging suns course through this midnight-black, glistening concoction. People ask why we remember Karl. People ask what made him a legend. Rumor has it Skull Crusher Ale is at least partly to blame. Make of that what you will. Beware.
Icons Slayer Stout Label.png Today-slayerstout.png Slayer Stout x0.5 x0.25

Pickaxe Power Attack Cooldown

Barley Bulb 2 Barley Bulb
A rare and much desired brew. Continuing the millennia-old tradition, this heady ale was imbibed by the strongest, most fiercest, most absolutely rabid dwarves of old before heading into glorious battle seeking an honorable end. Not for the faint of heart.
Icons TunnelRat Label.png Today-tunnelrat.png Tunnel Rat -30% -60%

Fall Damage (additive)

Barley Bulb 3 Barley Bulb
Safe For Work
The Smoothest of brews, known to instill such confidence and grace into even the clumsiest dwarf as to make any sober dwarf blanch. Be warmed: Overconfidence is not covered by the company insurance.

Note: The effect from the Pots O' Gold only applies to gold mined with a Pickaxe. Gold detached from the walls by Bosco, environmental effects or with a weapon will not be doubled.

Craft(able) Beer

These 13 beers provide fun interactions and effects only in the Space Rig.

  • Each of the beers below become available for purchase once you have achieved its required Rank player rank.
  • Licenses require paying a sum of Credit.png credits,Yeast Cone Yeast Cone, Malt Star Malt Star, and Starch Nut Starch Nut.

Icon Beer License.pngTotal Beer License Cost: Credit.png 10,300 Credits, Yeast Cone 160 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 174 Malt Star, Starch Nut 267 Starch Nut

Label Mug Name Effect Price Potency Beer License Cost / Description
Icons Arkenstout Label.png Arkenstout.png Arkenstout A harsh blizzard freezes the player, encasing them in ice.
Malt Star 4 Malt Star
Safe For Work
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 5, Credit.png 350 Credits, Yeast Cone 5 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 22 Malt Star, Starch Nut 3 Starch Nut

An ancient recipe going back millenia, tasting of honor, gold, and glory days of yore. Served best chilled to near absolute zero.

Icons BlacklockLager Label.png Blacklock.png Blacklock Lager The player's screen will darken, followed by ghostly sounds.
Yeast Cone 2 Yeast Cone
Starch Nut 5 Starch Nut
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 11, Credit.png 1,000 Credits, Yeast Cone 12 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 7 Malt Star, Starch Nut 31 Starch Nut

An ominous concoction, so thick and black that you'd think it was taken from the very core of Hoxxes itself. Any rumors around psychotic episodes and hallucinations connected to this brew are purely anecdotal. Or so they say...

Icons Blackout Stout Label.png Blackoutstout.png Blackout Stout Increases drunkenness to max, causing the player to pass out.
Starch Nut 3 Starch Nut
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 5, Credit.png 250 Credits, Yeast Cone 4 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 4 Malt Star, Starch Nut 12 Starch Nut

Renowned through space and time, a tankard of Blackout is enough to knock out almost anyone. A true test for the true drunkard.

Icons BlackreachBlonde Label.png Blackreachblonde.png Blackreach Blonde The player receives the Jukebox effect and starts dancing.
Yeast Cone 3 Yeast Cone
Malt Star 3 Malt Star
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 8, Credit.png 500 Credits, Yeast Cone 23 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 10 Malt Star, Starch Nut 7 Starch Nut

The party-goer's choice. Charming, fizzy, and fruity, the Blackreach Blonde is known to put a smile on anyone's face.

Icons BurningLove Label.png Burninglove.png Burning Love The player catches on fire.
Malt Star 6 Malt Star
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 8, Credit.png 750 Credits, Yeast Cone 6 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 28 Malt Star, Starch Nut 6 Starch Nut

What's cooking? Why, YOU are! The Burning Love is famous for its powerful taste and utter disregard for the Scoville Scale. Ingest at your own risk.

Icons FlintlockeDelight Label.png Flintlocksdelight.png Flintlocke's Delight Explosions occur around the player, propelling them in random directions.
Yeast Cone 3 Yeast Cone
Starch Nut 2 Starch Nut
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 5, Credit.png 350 Credits, Yeast Cone 14 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 5 Malt Star, Starch Nut 11 Starch Nut

How does it work? Eldritch magic? Genetic tampering? Nobody knows! Suffice to say, Flintlocke's Delight is a favorite of demolitionists everywhere. Also, it tastes great - if you got a love for gunpowder, anyway.

Icons GutWrecker Label.png Gutwrecker.png Gut Wrecker The player releases a loud burp, shaking their screen.
Malt Star 1 Malt Star
Starch Nut 4 Starch Nut
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 8, Credit.png 500 Credits, Yeast Cone 7 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 21 Malt Star, Starch Nut 12 Starch Nut

Equal parts carbon dioxide, nitric acid, and maple syrup, the Gut Wrecker is a peculiar but exceptionally tasty brew - if you manage to keep it down, that is. Has been known to be quite fizzy.

Icons MacteraBrew Label.png Mactera.png Mactera Brew Player releases a loud fart, creating a green cloud around them.
Malt Star 1 Malt Star
Starch Nut 6 Starch Nut
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 20, Credit.png 1,500 Credits, Yeast Cone 15 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 10 Malt Star, Starch Nut 55 Starch Nut

A delightful, tangy brew. In accordance with DRG's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"-guidelines, the Mactera Brew quickly rose to prominence among the crew - as long as everyone agreed not to discuss the ingredients...

Icons Malt Rockbearer Label.png Maltrockbearer.png Malt Rockbearer The player grows in size.
Yeast Cone 6 Yeast Cone
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 11, Credit.png 750 Credits, Yeast Cone 30 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 10 Malt Star, Starch Nut 10 Starch Nut

A classic, malty brew with a distinctive tangy aftertaste, the Rockbearer is known to be behind many great dwarven feats. Be advised: Management will not reimburse any amount of clothes torn or vocal chords ruptured as a result of enjoying this drink.

Icons Seasoned Moonrider Label.png Seasonedmoonrider.png Seasoned Moonrider The player receives low gravity, and gains an upward boost in momentum.
Malt Star 3 Malt Star
Starch Nut 4 Starch Nut
Safe For Work
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 14, Credit.png 1,000 Credits, Yeast Cone 10 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 15 Malt Star, Starch Nut 35 Starch Nut

Malty and sweet, the Seasoned Moonrider is a distinguished brew that's sure to put a kick in your step.

Icons SmartStout Label.png Smartstout.png Smart Stout The player becomes temporarily intelligent and talks like a scientist.
Malt Star 4 Malt Star
Starch Nut 2 Starch Nut
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 23, Credit.png 1,500 Credits, Yeast Cone 7 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 17 Malt Star, Starch Nut 37 Starch Nut

While most drinking has a tendency to slow you down, Smart Stout stands out by doing the opposite. Imbibe enough of this rich, golden nectar and you'll be solving complex orbital insertion equations faster than you can say "This drink, I like it! Another!". How? It's said Science is involved. Somehow.

Icons UnderhillDeluxe Label.png Underhilldeluxe.png Underhill Deluxe The player shrinks in size.
Yeast Cone 4 Yeast Cone
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 5, Credit.png 350 Credits, Yeast Cone 17 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 5 Malt Star, Starch Nut 8 Starch Nut

In a hole in the ground, there lived a brewer. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to drink; it was a brewery, and that means beer. This beer, in fact. And it is lovely.

Icons WormholeSpecial Label.png Wormhole.png Wormhole Special Teleports the player to a random location (either inside the Drop Pod or outside the Space Rig.)
Yeast Cone 1 Yeast Cone
Malt Star 2 Malt Star
Starch Nut 3 Starch Nut
Icon Beer License.pngBeer License Cost: Rank Rank 17, Credit.png 1,500 Credits, Yeast Cone 10 Yeast Cone, Malt Star 20 Malt Star, Starch Nut 40 Starch Nut

There are some breweries out there that will go to any lengths to attract customers. There are dark rumors surrounding the Wormhole Special - dark and ominous as the blackness of space itself - but damn if it ain't tasty even so. Drink with caution and respect. Grasp your knees tightly and close your eyes. It'll be over soon.

Bonus Drink

Drinks that can only be ordered by owners of the Supporter Upgrade DLC.

Label Mug Name Price Potency Description
Icons SupporterEdition Label.png Glyfidsupporter.png Glyphid Slammer
Supporter Upgrade
Credit.png 85 Credits
Rank 7 Rank
This version of the Glyphid Slammer is a drink only available to purchase by owners of the Supporter Upgrade of the game. It is functionally identical to the regular Glyphid Slammer, but comes in a golden tankard, and replaces the regular Glyphid Slammer in the bar.


The potency of the drink will affect the intoxication level of the player, adding to the total, causing different effects after passing certain thresholds. The intoxication level goes down by 1% every 24 seconds.

Beer Potency
Oily Oaf Brew 12%
Glyphid Slammer 20%
Leaf Lover's Special Resets to 0%
Best Wurst Beer 20%
Backbreaker Stout 25%
Dark Morkite 16%
Pots O' Gold 16%
Red Rock Blaster 12%
Rocky Mountain 15%
Skull Crusher Ale 20%
Tunnel Rat 10%
Arkenstout 10%
Blacklock Lager 46%
Blackreach Blonde 15%
Burning Love 17%
Flintlocke’s Delight 20%
Mactera Brew 40%
Malt Rockbearer 23%
Seasoned Moonrider 12%
Underhill Deluxe 18%
Gut Wrecker 41%
Wormhole Special 25%
Blackout Stout 100%
Smart Stout 24%

The effects of intoxication slowly become worse and worse as the player's tolerance is used up. These effect happen roughly at these points:

Intoxication (%) Effect
0-25 Nothing
26-39 Slightly blurred vision
40-49 Player begins to stumble around
50-59 Stumbling worsens, double vision begins to creep towards central vision
60-69 Vision begins to notably sway
70-89 Staggering gradually gets worse
90-99 Random slurred speech begins. Staggering becomes more and more extreme. Vision fully blurred.
100%+ Erratic movement becomes sharp, player passes out shortly after.

The Barrel Hoop

The Barrel Hoop mini-game is located at the back of the Abyss Bar.
Players stand behind a barrel which is dispensed from above, and attempt to kick the barrel into a moving hoop that incinerates barrels, beer mugs and dwarves that pass through it. Scores can be reset via the red button to the right of the game. The player will die if they jump into the incinerator hoop, only to respawn in the medbay afterwards. If the player dies while intoxicated, they will receive an achievement.

Scoring and point values

The game consists of four phases, with the first phase active while no barrels have been passed through the hoop.
Upon entry of a barrel, points will be awarded according to the table below.
If the hoop bounces off of the left side twice without a barrel being scored, the phase is reset to 1. Missing a barrel also resets the phase to 1.
If a barrel passes through the hoop within the cycle (from left to right to left), the game will progress to the next phase when the hoop touches the left side, capping out at Phase 4 where the point values are multiplied by 4.
The speed of the hoop can change whenever it touches the left side.

Item Phase 1 (1x Modifier) Phase 2 (2x Modifier) Phase 3 (3x Modifier) Phase 4 (4x Modifier)
Beer Mug 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points
Normal Barrel 10 Points 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points
Green Barrel 10 Points 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points
Yellow Barrel 10 Points 20 points 30 Points 40 Points
Red Barrel 25 Points 50 Points 75 Points 100 Points
Forge Hammer Hammer Time (No Score)
Forge Toolbox No Score
The Space Ball 3 Points 3 Points 3 Points 3 Points
Player No score (but see Achievements)

First phase has a 1x point modifier, Second phase 2x, Third phase 3x, and 4th phase 4x. Phases are indicated by the size of the text on the scoreboard located above the moving hoop, although the text size does not increase between phases 3 and 4.

Employee of the Month Screen

Employee of the Month Screen

Just above and behind the Jukebox is the Employee of the Month Screen.

It shows the current name and profile picture of the Employee of the Month on the Deep Rock Galactic Discord, along with the Discord's current online and total users.

It also randomly shows one of 5 flavor texts:

  • Managed to mine 10000 Nitra without using a pickaxe.
  • Got a broken back after carrying the entire mission on the shoulders.
  • Won a drinking contest against Bosco.
  • Forgot to bring ammo to a mission. Highest kill count anyway.
  • Secretly knows what the error cube is for. Won't tell anyone.

The Jukebox

The Jukebox

The Jukebox contains a wide variety of songs from many different genres that are literally irresistible to dance to. Whenever a song is playing and you are within range, you cannot fight the urge to dance! Cost Credit.png 2 per use.

Jukebox Songs













- Songs with this mark are non-instrumental and contain vocals.


Unlocking Beer License

When enough resources and credits been collected to purchase a Icon Beer License.pngBeer License, there will be a short visual of a glass mug being filled with beer followed by six lines of comedic text relating to the creation of your license. Six random quotes can appear when obtaining a license:

"Adding Ingredient X..."
"Mashing Hops..."
"Adding The Holy Hops..."
"Releasing Cooling Rods..."
"Cleaning Holding Vat..."
"Adding Habanero Pepper..."
"3D Printing Mugs..."
"Opening Security Valves..."
"Presenting Case..."
"R&D Session Convening..."
"Taste Testing..."
"Ensuring Quality..."
"Inflating Alcohol Percentage..."
"Adding Sweetener..."
"Utilizing Ancient Rites..."
"Distilling Ingredients..."
"Applying Heritage Knowledge..."
"Quality Checking Barley..."
"Preparing Hop Masher..."
"Steeping Starch Source..."
"Enhancing Brew..."
"Improving Fizziness..."
"Reticulating Splines..."
"Fermenting Barley..."
"Blending Ingredients..."
"Sieving Dross..."
"Preparing Pressure Kettle..."
"Issuing License..."
"Evaluating Saline Solution..."
"Convincing Management..."
  • The Abyss Bar has a selection of beers from different breweries and other independent manufacturers.
    • Brewery Co.: Red Rock Blaster
    • Founders Brewery: BackBreaker Stout, Burning Love, Seasoned Moonrider
    • LongBeard Brewery: Arkenstout, Best Wurst Beer, Blackreach Blonde, Wormhole Special
    • Mountain Dwarves Brewery: Pots O' Gold, Tunnel Rat, Underhill Deluxe
    • The Original: Dark Morkite, Oily Oaf Brew
    • The Seventh Dwarves Brewery: Slayer Stout, Blacklock Lager, Flintlocke's Delight
    • Space Barrels Company: Malt Rockbearer
    • Independents: Glyphid Slammer, Leaf Lover's Special, Rocky Mountain, Skull Crusher Ale, Mactera Brew, Gut Wrecker, Blackout Stout, Smart Stout
  • The Abyss Bar has references to other media.
    • Slayer Stout is a reference to Warhammer Fantasy's Dwarf Slayers.
    • Arkenstout and Underhill Deluxe are references to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.
    • For Underhill Deluxe, the original saying that was in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit it was: "In a hole in a ground, there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole filled with the ends of worms and a oozy smell. It was a hobbit hole.".
    • Blackreach Blonde is a reference to Skyrim's Blackreach, a dwarven stronghold with mushrooms.
    • Flintlocke's Delight is a reference to Fargo Flintlocke, a dwarf in World of Warcraft notorious for causing explosions.
    • Glyphid Slammer's description is most likely a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
    • Blacklock Lager is most likely a reference to the alcoholic beverage Blackrock Lager in World of Warcraft.
    • Lloyd the Bartender is most likely a reference to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, which features a bartender of the same name.
    • The developers have mentioned on the Deep Rock Galactic Discord that Morkite is an actual ingredient in Dark Morkite beer.
    • Leaf Lovers special is speculated to be made by elves. In mythology, Elves tend to love nature, hence the name leaf lovers. On occasion, Dwarves will say "Pointy eared leaf lover". Elves are known for their pointy ears. To top it off, the dwarves often speak negatively about "Pointy Eared Leaf Lovers". In mythology, dwarves and elves tend to dislike one another.
    • The random quote "Reticulating Splines..." is a running gag during loading and/or computing processes that originated in Maxis' SimCity 2000 and has since been widely used in numerous games.
  • Best Wurst Beer is the first holiday beer to be released for Oktoberfest 2022. It is the only beer with a unique animation where the dwarf would dip and stir the sausage wurst inside the beer before eating it.
    • Its name may also be a pun which can be read as 'Best Worst Beer'.
  • Drinking a Blacklock Lager, an Oily Oaf, and a Gutwrecker should put you at 99%, 1 % short of passing out, but if less than 24 seconds pass from the first to the last drink, you still pass out, more than that and you do not.

See also

  1. "Confirmed" by developer GSG_Jacob on Reddit [1]