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This page is up to date for Season 04: Critical Corruption
Updated for S04
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Achievements were added with the release of Update 25, with two new achievements added in Update 32: Roughnecks At Work. There are currently 69 unlockable achievements available in the Steam version and 67 in the Microsoft Store/Xbox version. Twenty-two of them are secret, meaning their unlock conditions (and names on the default achievement list) are hidden. The achievements Roller Coaster and Drill-by Shooting are not available on the Microsoft Store, Xbox, PS4, and PS5 versions.

Visible Achievements

Icon Name Unlocking Criteria Completion Rate (Steam)
Achievement ApprovedGreenbeard.png Approved Greenbeard Complete your first assignment. 46.9%
Achievement BarrelRider.png Barrel Rider Ride a barrel in the Space Rig for three seconds. 31.5%
Achievement BigGameHunter.png Big Game Hunter Participate in killing 40 Dreadnoughts. 13.5%
Achievement BringYourA-Game.png Bring Your A-Game Successfully complete a Hazard Level 3 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply. 18.5%
Achievement CarPool.png Car Pool Ride the Silicate Harvester with three other dwarves and kill five enemies without leaving. 0.9%
Achievement ConsistentPerformance.png Consistent Performance Successfully complete three Hazard Level 3 missions from start to finish in a row. 44.6%
Achievement CorporateClimber.png Corporate Climber Promote any two Dwarves at least once. 12.9%
Achievement DeepForSpeed.png Deep For Speed Complete any Deep Dive in under 45 minutes. 10.9%
Achievement Drill-byShooting.png Drill-by Shooting Ride the Drilldozer with three other dwarves and kill 15 enemies each without leaving. 10.0%
Achievement EliteDiver.png Elite Diver Complete an Elite Deep Dive. 7.1%
Achievement EmployeeOfTheMonth.png Employee Of The Month Successfully complete four Hazard Level 4 missions from start to finish in a row. 19.1%
Achievement ExpertMiner.png Expert Miner Complete 100 missions. 17.1%
Achievement Farmer.png Farmer Ride the Silicate Harvester for 30 seconds. 9.1%
Achievement FeelinPerky.png Feelin' Perky Unlock 10 Perk Nodes. 47.9%
Achievement FullTeamAhead.png Full Team Ahead Promote all four Dwarves at least once. 7.3%
Achievement GoingDeeper.png Going Deeper Complete a Deep Dive. 18.9%
Achievement GoingLethal.png Going Lethal Successfully complete a Hazard Level 5 mission from start to finish. 10.6%
Achievement Gold-TierEmployee.png Gold-Tier Employee Earn a Gold promotion. 2.9%
Achievement GoodShepherd.png Good Shepherd Successfully complete 25 missions where at least 1 player is 10 player ranks lower than you. 12.2%
Achievement HatTrick.png Hat Trick Promote any three Dwarves at least once. 9.3%
Achievement HiHoSilver-Away.png Hi Ho, Silver - Away! Ride Molly for 15 seconds. 23.8%
Achievement IfOnlyIGotPaidForThis.png If Only I Got Paid For This... In the Barrel Hoop game, achieve a score of 3 000 or more in fewer than 100 kicks. 1.8%
Achievement Jeweler.png Jeweler Collect 10 Bittergems. 6.7%
Achievement JustAnotherBugHunt.png Just Another Bug Hunt Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within 30 seconds on Hazard Level 3 or higher. 6.4%
Achievement KarlWouldBeProud.png Karl Would Be Proud Successfully complete a Hazard Level 5 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply. 3.1%
Achievement LegendaryMiner.png Legendary Miner Complete 500 missions. 2.9%
Achievement Legendary-Team.png Legendary-Team Earn Gold Promotions for all four dwarves. 1.2%
Achievement LikeAWell-OiledMachine.png Like A Well-Oiled Machine Successfully complete a Hazard Level 4 mission from start to finish where no dwarf goes down and without ordering a resupply. 6.9%
Achievement ManagementApproves.png Management Approves Complete 25 Milestones. 42.5%
Achievement Miner.png Miner Complete your first mission. 91.0%
Achievement MiniFixer.png Mini Fixer Fix 50 Mini M.U.L.E.s. 16.6%
Achievement MovinOnUp.png Movin' On Up Promote any Dwarf at least once. 26.6%
Achievement Mustacho.png Mustacho Purchase five moustaches for one character. 18.8%
Achievement MutatedScavenger.png Mutated Scavenger Successfully complete 20 missions tagged with Warnings from start to finish. 18.6%
Achievement NowWeHaveABET-C.png Now We Have A BET-C Defeat and fix a BET-C. 41.3%
Achievement PerformanceMatters.png Performance Matters Complete 10 Milestones. 52.9%
Achievement PestControl.png Pest Control Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within five minutes on Hazard Level 3 or higher. 19.2%
Achievement Prospector.png Prospector Collect 20 Compressed Gold Chunks. 11.6%
Achievement Pro-Team.png Pro-Team Earn Silver Promotions for all four dwarves. 1.9%
Achievement RockSolid.png Rock Solid Successfully complete five Hazard Level 5 missions from start to finish in a row. 5.1%
Achievement RollerCoaster.png Roller Coaster Grind on a pipe for 120 seconds without stopping. 3.7%
Achievement SeeYouLaterDetonator.png See You Later, Detonator! Participate in killing 20 Bulk Detonators. 16.8%
Achievement Silver-TierEmployee.png Silver-Tier Employee Earn a Silver promotion. 5.7%
Achievement SteppingItUp.png Stepping It Up Survive a Hazard Level 3 mission from start to finish. 58.1%
Achievement Thick-Skinned.png Thick-Skinned Survive a Hazard Level 4 mission from start to finish. 34.5%
Achievement TotalMakeover.png Total Makeover Customize each accessory slot of a character. 16.4%
Achievement VeteranDiver.png Veteran Diver Complete any 5 Deep Dives. 7.5%

Secret Achievements

Icon Name Unlocking Criteria Completion Rate
Achievement AdvancedRobotics.png Advanced Robotics You purchased a Mod in every tier for Bosco. 29.9%
Achievement BarrelKicker.png Barrel Kicker Dat accuracy. You kicked ten barrels into the hoop without a single miss. 20.6%
Achievement BigSpender.png Big Spender What a team player. You've paid for 25 rounds at the Abyss Bar. 17.9%
Achievement BoscoYoureTheBest.png Bosco, You're The Best You've completed 100 Solo missions. Most impressive. 2.4%
Achievement DarwinAward.png Darwin Award Sacrificed yourself to the Barrel Hoop while intoxicated. 20.9%
Achievement DesignatedDecoy.png Designated Decoy You took the most damage from a Dreadnought out of your whole team. 42.6%
Achievement DiscJockey.png Disc Jockey Play 25 songs on the jukebox. (Songs must play to the end to count) 7.3%
Achievement ExploringMyOptions.png Exploring My Options You unlocked a new primary and secondary weapon for the same character. 29.5%
Achievement ForeignObjectsInTheLaunchBay.png Foreign Objects in the Launch Bay You kicked every barrel into the Launch Bay. You are why Mission Control drinks. 8.7%
Achievement HappyFeet.png Happy Feet You spent an hour or more shaking your money maker. 3.3%
Achievement HitemWhereItHurts.png Hit 'em Where It Hurts You scored 1 000 weakspot hits. Impressive. 52.4%
Achievement ILikeItDownHere.png I Like It Down Here You stayed in a mission for an hour or longer. 15.0%
Achievement ItsMyParty.png It's My Party You've hosted and successfully completed 50 team missions from start to finish. 9.8%
Achievement LoneWolf.png Lone Wolf You've completed 10 solo missions. Impressive. 14.1%
Achievement PartyTime.png Party Time! You threw a toast to good music while in a full team. 3.5%
Achievement SelfControl.png Self Control Successfully play 10 consecutive missions without kicking a single barrel on the Space Rig. 38.0%
Achievement StateOfTheArt.png State Of The Art You purchased a Mod in every tier for one of each upgradable item in the Equipment Terminal for the same character. 33.4%
Achievement ThatsNotHowYouPlayThisGame.png That's Not How You Play This Game Rubbish goes in the bin, not the intricate machinery of the Barrel Hoop! (Throw a beer mug into the barrel hoop) 19.4%
Achievement TheA-Team.png The A-Team Through skillfull maneuvering, you put a barrel in every seat in the Drop Pod. Well done? 9.7%
Achievement TimeWellSpent.png Time Well Spent You stuffed every single barrel on the Space Rig into the Drop Pod. Management weeps. 3.1%
Achievement WhatAreTheseThings.png What Are These Things? You've collected 5 mysterious alien artifacts. They are hot to the touch, and smells faintly of...tarmac? (Deposit five Error Cubes) 12.1%
Achievement WithoutAPaddle.png Without A Paddle You were the last dwarf standing, with no primary or secondary ammo left, just when a Dreadnought spawned. Some days you should just stay in bed... 1.5%


  • The Rock Solid achievement's meaning of in a row means the last five Hazard 5 missions you've played, they don't necessarily have to be the last five missions you've played in general.
  • When Steam introduced a new Achievement viewing interface in its Steam Beta UI rework, rounding appears to have changed. Consequently, some achievements may display 0.1% more in the web-based Global Achievements viewer than in the new one. The most recent data (from September 20, 2023) was taken from the Steam Beta Global Achievements viewer.