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A few of the Hitscan Weapons in DRG have Overclocks that let their bullets ricochet into nearby enemies. This page will provide a brief, detailed overview of how the Ricochet mechanic works.

How it Works

As the Hitscan bullet's path gets traced through the game's world, the game will check if any of the objects it intersects can activate the Ricochet. There are three main activation categories for Ricochet:

  1. Hitting an enemy's Weakpoint
  2. Hitting an enemy anywhere
  3. Impacting Terrain

If the Hitscan path intersects an object that is in one of the equipped Overclock's activation categories, it then rolls RNG to determine if the Ricochet will occur or not. If it succeeds, it will then search for a hostile enemy within a short range and send a new, secondary hitscan path towards that enemy's center-of-mass. The visual tracer will follow the Ricochet path. No matter how many times a Hitscan bullet has an opportunity to Ricochet, it can only happen once. After the first successful Ricochet, any subsequent opportunities for another Ricochet will be ignored by the game.

Weapon Overclocks that Provide Ricochet

Weapon Overclock Ricochet Type(s) Ricochet Probability Ricochet Search Range
Subata 120 Chain Hit Enemy Weakpoint 75% 10m
"Lead Storm" Powered Minigun Bullet Hell Enemy Weakpoint, Enemy (anywhere), and Terrain 75% 6m
"Bulldog" Heavy Revolver Chain Hit Enemy Weakpoint 75% 5m
"Bulldog" Heavy Revolver Magic Bullets Terrain 100% 5m

Interaction with Blowthrough Upgrades

For weapons like the Minigun and Revolver that also have a Blowthrough Mod, it becomes necessary to explain how Ricochet interacts with the Blowthrough mechanic.

The key to understanding how these two mechanics interact is recognizing that a successful Ricochet spawns a new Hitscan path from where the Ricochet was activated. Although the tracer will visually follow the Ricochet's secondary path, the original Hitscan path continues along its original trajectory. This means that if a bullet with both Blowthrough and Ricochet were to hit an enemy, it would continue straight through the enemy regardless of Ricochet succeeding or failing on that enemy. If Ricochet were to succeed, it would divert the visual tracer but the original path would invisibly continue into another enemy or terrain behind the first enemy.

The ricochet chance is rolled once, and if it rolls a ricochet, it will bounce off the first enemy the original path impacts. If the first enemy does NOT roll a Ricochet, it CANNOT roll them on subsequent enemies or terrain that it reaches with Blowthrough. As a result, a shot that can ricochet that also has blowthrough equipped can only ever bounce off the first target.

This is even true when the first enemy is not a valid ricochet target but the second is. For example, if you use the bulldog with Chain Hit + Blowthrough Rounds to shoot an enemy in the body, and the shot penetrates into a second enemy's weakpoint, it will never ricochet off that second target-the 75% chance to ricochet is only checked against the first target hit, even though it was not a valid target because it didn't hit the weakpoint.

This also means that if you take Bulldog with Magic Bullets + Blowthrough Rounds and shoot through an enemy into terrain, the bullet will not ricochet off terrain despite the 100% ricochet chance.

Creatures Ignored by Ricochet

Every creature listed as a Passive Creature except for Huuli Hoarders is ignored by the Ricochet search. On the other hand, all Hostile enemies should be valid Ricochet targets.

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Internal Variables

  • Float HitscanBaseComponent.RicochetChance [0, 1]
  • Float HitscanBaseComponent.RicochetMaxRange
  • Boolean HitscanBaseComponent.RicochetOnWeakspotOnly
  • Enum HitscanBaseComponent.RicochetBehavior {PawnsOnly, NotPawns, All}