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Season Terminal

The Performance Pass was introduced with the Season 01: Rival Incursion update, and contains various cosmetics, resources, and credits that players can unlock through playing. The duration of a season is approximately six months, with the seasons directly following each other without any downtime.

The Performance Pass consists of three major elements: the progression track, the daily challenges and the cosmetic tree. Completing missions and challenges earns players Performance Points Performance Points and advances them along the track. Some daily challenges and certain track milestones award Scrip Scrip, a currency that can be used to unlock items in the cosmetic tree.

Once a season is over, unspent Scrip Scrip expires, and all seasonal items that haven't been claimed by a player are moved to other item pools, specifically Cargo Crates, Lost Packs, the Shop and Matrix Core Cosmetics. No seasonal cosmetics are permanently cycled out of the game.

Performance Points

PP icon.png

Players start at rank 1 and can advance as far as they like, receiving either cosmetic items or currency (such as crafting minerals) at each new rank, although the progression track offers only credits past Rank 100.

Each rank requires 5000 Performance Points Performance Points (PP). Performance Points can be gained in the four following ways.

Earning Mission XP

Playing any mission will award Performance Points by a share of the total mission experience gained.
A successful Deep Dive always awards 1537 Performance Points, while an Elite Deep Dive awards 1731 Performance Points.

Here are approximate numbers of total mission experience required for certain numbers of Performance Points.
The formula is using diminishing returns, therefore, Double XP anomaly does not equal double the points.
Some Seasonal Events will spawn a special item on missions that, if deposited, doubles the Performance Points of that mission.

Total mission XP Performance Points Graphic Curve
615 200 Performance Points graphic curve
1 310 400
2 210 600
3 560 800
6 000 1 000
9 300 1 200
13 000 1 400
17 000 1 600
22 000 1 800
28 400 2 000
53 000 2 300

Numbers written in bold are the goalposts explicitly set in the game code; everything else is interpolated with Unreal Engine algorithms. Graphic data collected by the community.

Collecting Plague Hearts

Plagueheart icon.png

Plaguehearts can be acquired during any normal mission with a Meteor Impact and Meteor Shower events. Cracking a large meteorite reveals 3 to 4 Plaguehearts. Small shards can be mined with the pickaxe directly; a meteor shower event typically produces 1 Plagueheart (although the theoretical maximum can go up to 7). Each deposited Plagueheart awards 300 Performance Points upon mission completion.

As a way to boost early progression, each 6 collected Plaguehearts also award 1 Scrip, for a maximum of 15. It can be claimed at the Season Terminal on the Space Rig.

Completing Season Assignment

Completing the Critical Corruption seasonal assignments will reward a total of 25,000 Performance Points.

Both parts consist of 5 missions rewarding a total of 12,500 Performance Points in addition to credits and crafting materials.

  • Part I: Mutation
  • Part II: Turning The Tide

Completing Season Challenges

With two out of three challenges completed, the third one will not start refreshing until the second one finishes doing so.

Season Challenges can be any of the following:

- Complete 2 Lithophage Outbreak warnings 1 Scrip. After being completed 15 times, it changes to 2,500 Performance Points.
- Complete 3 or 5 missions in two different biomes 2,500 Performance Points or 3,750 Performance Points
- Complete 3 or 5 missions as two different classes       2,500 Performance Points or 3,750 Performance Points
- Complete 3 or 5 missions of two different types 2,500 Performance Points or 3,750 Performance Points

Players can make progress on and complete several challenges at once, provided the conditions are met. However, challenges are refreshed at a rate of only one every 21 hours with three maximum active.

A single challenge can be re-rolled once per day by hovering the cursor over its description box and selecting the button in the bottom-right corner. Any progress on the challenge being re-rolled will be lost.

Cosmetic Tree & Scrip

The cosmetic tree offers some flexibility in how the player prioritizes their rewards.

Scrip Scrip can be used to purchase items on the cosmetic tree. In Season 4 it can be gained from the following sources:

The Cosmetic Tree is a big tree-like connected grid of various cosmetics, paintjobs, and weapon frameworks. Some items have connection nodes between them that will grant 50 of a single pre-determined crafting resource.

The path of unlocked items is marked in yellow liners/borders, while items that can be unlocked with the next Scrip have a shining outline. Inaccessible items are greyed out.

Each node (including the connection points) requires 1 Scrip to unlock. The entirety of the Season 4 cosmetic tree requires 90 Scrip, which is exactly how much Scrip can be earned during the season.

Weapon Maintenance

Weapon maintenance screen

Using a weapon on a mission will give it experience, the same ammount that is received in the end of that mission; It will accumulate, and after reaching enough XP, the player can unlock a skin for that weapon, each stage has a specific skin.

Reward Name XP (to unlock) XP (Total)
First WM1 Yellowjacket 25 000 25 000
Second WM2 Cobalt Crackle 30 000 55 000
Third WM3 Heroic 40 000 95 000
Fourth WM4 Grasshopper 50 000 145 000

Season Rewards

Season 1

Season 01 banner.jpg Season 01 Cosmetic Tree Scrip 01 icon.png

Season 01: Rival Incursion Performance Pass included:

Season 2

Season 02 banner.jpg Season 02 Cosmetic Tree Scrip 02 icon.png

Season 02: Rival Escalation Performance Pass included:

Season 3

Season 03 banner.png Season 03 Cosmetic Tree Scrip 03 icon.png

Season 03: Plaguefall Performance Pass included:

Season 4

Season 04 banner.png Season 04 Cosmetic Tree Scrip 04 icon.png

Season 04: Critical Corruption Performance Pass includes:


  • Season 1 and 2 collection objective used to be Datacell Data Cell collection.
  • Season 1 and 2's Scrip 01 icon.pngScrip 02 icon.png rewarding daily challenges were previously Data Rack collection from Industrial Sabotage missions and completing missions with the Rival Presence mutator (Season 2 only).
  • Even though the name "Performance Pass" is most likely a reference to "Battle Pass", it has no monetization to it.
  • Scrip is based on company scrip, currency paid by a company to its employees as substitutes for government-issued legal tender, often only usable at company stores in remote locations.