Season 03: Plaguefall

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Hello Miners,

The Rivals have been pushed back for the moment, but only just in time for a brand new threat to rear its ugly head. An insidious lithophage, a sickness of the very rock beneath our feet, has struck Hoxxes. Nicknamed the ROCKPOX, this planetary pathogen is spreading through the caves, infecting the rock and even directly affecting the local fauna. Even the hardy Dwarves can feel its insidious grasp. Prepare for PLAGUEFALL!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

Season03 Logo.png

Season 03: Plaguefall is the third season for Deep Rock Galactic, introducing a new Performance Pass, new Assignments, a new creature type, one new Grenade for each class, a new mission event and a new mutator.

Season 03: Plaguefall was released on November 3rd, 2022 for PC.

Narrated Update Trailer:


Space Rig 17 // All Hands Bulletin // Clearance Level Lemon

Alright, Miners, butts in seats. I’m afraid there’s bad news again.

The Rivals have been pushed back for the moment, but only just in time for a brand new threat to rear its ugly head. An insidious lithophage, a sickness of the very rock beneath our feet, has struck Hoxxes.

A rogue comet is passing through the system, shedding hundreds of infected meteoroids as the gravitational forces tear it apart. So far, every single one has carried with it a dormant form of Rockpox, and each one represents a clear and present danger to the Hoxxian ecosystem. ROCKPOX is upon us, and if we intend to continue operations here we have our work cut out for us. Management, as always, has a plan, and, as always, this plan involves you, our dear employees.

Our mission will be two-fold: Firstly, we need to prevent the infection from spreading further, by striking directly at the meteors themselves, and the throbbing Plague Hearts they contain. Secondly, we need to get in there and eradicate any infection already in place, and strip the caves of every last trace of Rockpox.

Early reports show the infection causing terrible mutations in the local wildlife and overall environment. Take special care not to…touch anything. The Rockpox is a particularly vicious thing, and it will react with extreme hostility to anything that gets too close. R&D recommends keeping direct contact to an absolute minimum. The long-term effects could be …undesirable.

In short: Hoxxes is no longer a gentle walk in the park, Miners.

Management sends their regards.

/ / / MESSAGE ENDS / / /

Update Changes

Season Event: Meteor Impact

A rogue comet is passing through the system, shedding hundreds of infected meteoroids as the gravitational forces tear it apart. So far, every single one has carried with it a dormant form of Rockpox, and each one represents a clear and present danger to the Hoxxian ecosystem.

Be on the alert for meteor strikes during your normal missions. If one happens during your mission, clear out the impact zone immediately, and get ready to get cracking. Powerful Rock Cracker modules will be sent in from the Space Rig to assist you. These must be hooked up to the meteorite and maintained while they crack it open so you can get at the Plague Hearts inside. But beware the noise is sure to attract the locals!

The hearts themselves are highly prized by the R&D department with a Scrip awarded at the season terminal for every 6 Plague Hearts you bring back.

New Warning: Lithophage Outbreak

When you play a mission with a Lithophage outbreak Warning you will encounter an area in which the Plague Hearts have grown into full Contagion Spikes, rapidly spreading across the cave.

All missions with this warning come with two main objectives:

  • Lithophage outbreak objective: First, you will need to destroy the Rockpox Contagion Spikes and the spreading corruption with R&D’s brand-new anti-contaminant tools. Be extra mindful of the creeping tide of Plague Larvae erupting from the infected area as you work, and be prepared for swarms of Glyphids that have already been struck by the Rockpox and seek to disrupt your endeavours.
  • Normal main objective: Second, you will still need to complete the normal mining objective. Fighting the Rockpox is critical, but it does not pay the bills! The order in which you tackle these tasks is entirely up to you.

New Mission Equipment: Cleansing Tools

To help you deal with the Rockpox infection and neutralise the Contagion Spikes, R&D have whipped up some tools: the LithoFoamer and the LithoVac. Both will be needed to neutralise and cleanse an area affected by the Rockpox.

The process is quite simple:

  • Step 1: Apply a generous coating of LithoFoam to Rockpox Blisters surrounding a Contagion Spike. The foam begins working on contact chemically bonding to the Rockpox while loosening the grip it has on the rock.
  • Step 2: Use the LithoVac to suckup both the LithoFoam and any Rockpox it has bonded to.

Once enough of the surrounding Rockpox is cleared the Contagion Spike will collapse, taking any Rockpox remaining in the area with it.

New Grenades

As has become par for the course, there will be plenty of incentive to do your part. First of those are another round of additions to your arsenal, this time in the shape of new throwables.

Scout: Voltaic Stun Sweeper

The Scout has gotten his hands on an Electric Boomerang that bounces from target to target, electrocuting anything hostile on the way. No mentions of shrimps or barbies, please.

Driller: Springloaded Ripper

The Driller has seen fit to re-purpose one of his favorite power tools. He is now in possession of a motorised saw that powers along the ground and even up sheer walls, slicing and dicing anything it hits.

Engineer: Shredder Swarm

The Engineer has worked closely with R&D, and they have successfully made a portable robotic swarm from captured and reprogrammed Shredder Drones. Throw it on the ground to activate your very own posse of hacked drones that attack anything hostile on sight.

Gunner: Tactical Leadbuster

And the Gunner gets a grenade with a gun on it - because of course it is. Throw and attach this device to any surface, and it will saturate the surrounding area with a blistering hail of lead.

New Enemies: Lithophage

As if it’s not bad enough that the Lithophage is devouring the very rock beneath your feet, once a Contagion Spike matures it begins to grow pulsating pods, filled with Rockpox Larvae!

Rockpox Larvae

These squirmy little devils seek out victims en masse in an attempt to take them over. Shoot on sight and watch your backs. So far both Grunts and Praetorians having been sighted stumbling around covered in Rockpox growths.

Rockpox Grunts and Rockpox Praetorians

If you happen to come across a Rockpox Glyphid do not bother attacking it directly as the affected creatures can take a tremendous amount of damage and still keep going, we are not even sure if they are still really alive. However, if you aim for the glowing Rockpox boils covering their bodies, you can even take a Praetorian down in just a few shots.

New Performance Pass

Season 3's Performance Pass

On top of all that, a brand new Performance Pass with another 100 levels of unlocks will be activated, alongside an all-new Cosmetic Tree loaded to the gills with Cosmetics.

This of course means Season 02 is coming to an end, so now is the time to get mining if you still have anything you are dying to unlock right away. That said - don’t fret, anything you’ve yet to unlock will simply be added to the ordinary loot pools in the game - nothing goes away.

Gameplay Adjustments


We have added mission variety to all recurring assignments such as the promotion assignments. This way you no longer need to do the same missions every time you promote. Additionally the Industrial Sabotage mission will now also be available for selection in assignments.

Cave Room Variations

As we continue our exploration of Hoxxes, it only makes sense that we get some new sights on occasion. You can expect to see dozens of new cave shapes on missions now, with a special emphasis on Point Extraction missions that have been sorely lacking for a while. Don’t get lost, now.

Rival Content

With Season 3 focusing on the Lithophage we have modified the various Rival Events, Rival Presence Warning and Industrial Sabotage Mission.

The Industrial Sabotage mission is now treated as any other mission, including a slightly more streamlined lower-complexity version now also available on the mission map and in Deep Dives. On top of this we have also tweaked the mission a bit:

  • Reduced minimum time to hack a generator
  • Increased Transmitter Node connection Range a bit

We have also tweaked the Rival Patrol Bots based on what we’ve been hearing on the grapevine.

  • Reduced bot acceleration/deceleration a bit so the bots are now a little easier to track
  • Reduced damage of burst shots
  • Reduced damage of sniper shots
  • Reduced the speed and manoeuvrability of the homing missiles
  • While the patrol bots can't be frozen solid, "freezing" them will still make their metal brittle and impart the standard damage bonus applied to frozen enemies but with all those hot electronics inside they warm back up quite quickly
  • Increased the amount of heat damage required to set Patrol Bots on fire

The Rival Presence Warning is now also part of the standard warning rotation and is no longer guaranteed to be present on the mission map at all times.

Lastly, the 3 RIVAL EVENTS have been added to the general event pool with probabilities similar to the other events. The Data Cells which you can get from these events no longer will grant you scrip or bonus Performance Points but instead will give Credits and XP similar to the Korlok Tyrant Shards.

Weapon Tweaks

As usual R&D have found a bit of time to tune and tweak some of the weapons.

Experimental Plasma Charger

T5 Flying Nightmare upgrade
  • Removed the damage bonus
  • Converted a large part of charged shot damage to fire damage
  • Increased the radius penalty slightly
  • Merged the T5 upgrade Hot Plasma into this upgrade
  • Renamed to Burning Nightmare
New T5 Plasma Splash upgrade
  • Normal shots have some of their damage changed from direct to area damage

Deepcore GK2

  • Increased the base weapon damage (from 15 to 16)
  • Removed the base Weakpoint Bonus
  • Increased base magazine size (from 25 to 30)
  • Adjusted base ammo to match new mag size
  • Added a new Reload Speed Upgrade to T1
  • Increased the T2 Ammo upgrade bonus (from 100 to 120)
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 damage upgrade (from 2 to 3)
  • Removed the T3 damage upgrade
  • Moved T4 RoF Upgrade to T5
  • Moved T5 Stun upgrade to T4
Electrifying Reload OC
  • Adjusted the magazine and ammo penalty to match the new base
  • Increased up the damage of the electrocution effect
  • Made it do a bit of extra electric damage for every bullet that is in the enemy when you trigger the effect
Bullets of Mercy OC
  • Increased the magazine size penalty to match the new larger base magazine size
  • Increased the damage bonus
AI Stability Engine OC
  • Reduced damage penalty from -2 to -1
  • Reduced WP bonus slightly

M1000 Classic

Electrocuting Focus Shot OC
  • Increased the damage and duration of the electrocution effect
Supercooling Chamber OC
  • Increased focus damage bonus
  • Added a large focus weakpoint bonus multiplier
  • Added a magazine size penalty
  • Reduced the ammo penalty slightly

Subata 120

  • Tier 5 Mactera Toxin-Coating upgrade now adds corrosive damage. Changed name to Acid-Coated Bullets.

Zhukov NUK17

Gas Recycling OC
  • Added a significant Armour Breaking bonus

Community Requests

  • New shouts on the Laserpointer
  • Added an extra Loadout Slot in the Equipment Terminal
  • Adde a Miner’s Manual Terminal in each of the cabins on the Space Rig
  • Implemented Local Blacklists on Steam: We have now added the ability to block specific players from your games. If you encounter a player who for some reason you never want to play with again, you can go into the kick menu in-game and click the “Ban” button. This will kick the specific player from your game and also send you to their steam profile, from where you can choose to block all communication. Doing this will prevent that player from joining any games that you host.


  • Made fixes to improve game performance
  • Implemented more game optimization
  • Vanity Items in the Wardrobe are now sorted, DLC first, then by name. Before the items would appear in the order loaded and could change between each run of the game.
  • Added a Balaclava that takes colour from the armour paintjob to the shop
  • BOSCO can now carry the Oil Extractor
  • Added description to GINGER hair color
  • Added proper messaging to clients in cases where the host disbands the team or exits to the desktop.
  • Improved cashing of certain particles that before would cause the game to stutter the first time you would encounter them.
  • Improved the subtitles to make them more readable.
  • Small visual tweaks on season challenges, milestone images and the miners manual menu background.
  • Increased pick up range on some carriables
  • Glyphids who are burned / corroded no longer block shots while playing the death animation
  • The orange border on the assignment description box is no longer in front of the mission indicator in cases where assignments have a lot of missions
  • The dwarves no longer think the Harvester is an enemy when pointing at it with the Lazerpointer.
  • Drilldozer Drop Cage will now kill any leeches in its way on the way down
  • Fixed issue with Minimule, Treasure Crate, Lost Pack and old Supply Pod, where they could end up in weird locations because of issues with logic of falling down when terrain is removed below them
  • Added Leaf Lovers special beers to the Trash Compactor
  • Fixed a crash related to beards
  • Fixed a crash related to the crossbow
  • Fixed a crash related to status effects on enemies
  • Fixed a crash related to the coilgun
  • Fixed a bug resulted in push to talk being ignored for Hosts in some cases
  • Fixed that clients could not see impact effects on terrain
  • Fixed letters not appearing correctly in the Mission Terminal and in the Bar if the game language was set to Ukrainian
  • Fixed the dwarf voice to match the class currently selected when buying upgrades for Bosco in the Drone Terminal
  • Fixed Lazerpointer shouts on Ommoran Beamers and Liquid Morkite Wells
  • Fixed a minor clipping issue in the Milestone Menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused Boscos Armor Breaking and Fear Factor upgrades to not apply to its Rockets
  • Fixed that fragile salt platforms in Salt Caves did not have a name when pinging them with the laser pointer
  • Fixed a bug that caused the temperature icon not to show for the host when hit by instant temperature change
  • Fixed a bug in the Promotion logic where players could enter a bad state that made them unable to promote and/or start the Promotion Assignment
  • Fixed a bug that made the crossbow fire without ammo in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that caused Refinery pipes and Fuel Pod Cords to be unbuildable for anyone if a client disconnected while they were building a segment
  • Fixed a bug that made reverting direction on a zipline impossible when multiple ziplines were close together
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to get softlocked if you entered a terminal before a pop up appeared
  • Fixed a bug that made a red outline and blinking lights on the dwarf in terminals if you spent extended time there while having a mission with Low O2 warning selected
  • Fixed a bug where clients crossbow bolts would not stick to terrain
  • Fixed a bug in the Shop where a purchase on the 'Do you want to equip this now' view, pressing space would repurchase that item again and again, deducting resources each time
  • Fixed an ancient bug with pickup on certain beers not being translatable
  • Fixed a visual bug where the wrong number of performance points would be displayed when completing more than one Season Challenge at the same time
  • Fixed a bug that caused burrowing enemies AI to break if they got stunned while burrowing
  • Fixed unloading GameData during mod loading

Post Update Hotfixes

Patch 1

November 4th, 2022

Hello Miners,

We couldn’t leave you for the weekend, without a couple of fixes to people being stuck in assignments, crash fixes and a small change to make Point Extraction, less of a Constantly-Spawning-Enemies-Murder-Simulator3.0

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Reduced the possible max amount of Contagion spikes in missions with Lithophage Warning from 4 to 3.
  • Fixed a “bug” in the Point Extraction enemy spawning that resulted in constant waves
  • Fixed a bug that caused players who had started the assignment Breach the Core, before unlocking the Industrial Sabotage Mission to be locked in the assignment after changing to Season 03.
  • Fixed that Lithophage Warning and Description were not marked to be translatable
  • Fixed a crash related to cooking grenades
  • Fixed a crash related to late-joining Lithophage Warning missions
  • Fixed some misc crashes

Patch 2

November 8th, 2022

Hello Miners,

The Great Mineral Rush has ended on Hoxxes and mineral spawns are now back to normal! Below is a list of bug fixes, ranging from fixing Doretta’s “interesting” sightseeing routes, Plague bugs, weapons tweaks, adding glowing eyes to the DLC helmet, regardless of what paintjob you choose and much more!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Added new Plague meteor warning effect
  • Extended the delay before player infection buildup begins to drop
  • Added a small amount of damage to the infected praetorian spit attack
  • Fix outlines not being correctly disabled on HoldTab functionality for Cleanup Pod, Minimules, Battery Crate, Broken Supply Pod, SupplyPods
  • Removed beer can from character selection screen
  • Added better collision to Meteor Top
  • Decreased priority of meteor "calldown rock cracker" usable, carriables can no longer get stuck inside the usable collision
  • Fixed maggots not animating
  • Made the simple version of the Industrial Sabotage mission even more compact and simple reducing mission time some more
  • Reduced max vertical spawning angle of Contagion Spike
  • Improved Meteor spawning in escort missions
  • Fixed code counting missing minerals spawned in veins always reporting 0 in shipping builds. Resulting in the game trying to spawn in way too much missing minerals
  • Shieldtank/oppressor sound turned down a bit
  • Burst pistol volume tweak+assault rifle volume tweaks
  • Bosco can now carry doretta's head again
  • Dwarf should no longer get stuck behind medbay biotank
  • Lowered Ripper friendly fire collider radius making it easier to dodge
  • Added fixed glowing light materials for dlc helmets
  • Minor bugfix for intersections on spacerig
  • Boomerang Grenade: Fixed up look of trail + movement when no target is found, clients targeting stuff in the ceiling is now better
  • Springloaded Ripper: Added aim reticle
  • Attempt to reduce lag when Contagion Spike is cleaned
  • Fixed Shellbacks killed while frozen will not play their death animation
  • Plague removal tools now also go away on terrain scanner when objective is complete
  • Fixed Friendly Shredders targets dread twins while they healing
  • When playing with gamepad, aim assist is no longer triggered by looking at Rock Pox, and a bug was fixed where aim assist was triggered by enemies behind walls
  • Fixed that Friendly shredder drones seem to fly to the host or existing shredder swarms, even when far away from them
  • Add support for headwear to use the "slim" armor version to prevent clipping
  • Make Full Plague DLC headwear use "slim" armors
  • Fixed weapon ammo displays not animating
  • Fixed Meteor landed next to the Drilldozer lander, preventing rockbreaker attachment
  • Fixed bug, where robot rebellion and roughnecks paintjobs didn't glow enough on the neonskin frameworks
  • Fixed Unlocking the Milspec framework for one weapon, shows a permanent red exclamation mark for all weapons in the equipment terminal
  • Fixed Status effects blocking Dreadnought health bar
  • Fixed Escort Doretta going back and forth bug
  • Fixed debris lights on Plague areas

Patch 3.1

November 10th, 2022

Hello Miners,

This patch contains changes to how Lithopage missions spawn, especially when doing assignment missions, as well as a host of other fixes, tweaks to the Ripper and Leadburster grenades and forcibly programming Bosco to improve his cleaning AI - there is no I in team Bosco!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Attempt to fix Hiveguard not activating
  • Fixed Dropping a Fuel cannister equips your 'previous weapon', not the one you had as you picked up the cannister
  • Fixed Electric SMG Magazines did not have skin applied in game
  • Fixed Scout flares has no gravity for clients
  • [Modding] Caching of mod dependencies is now a thing + a visual dependency loading guide on the modding menu
  • Fix/workaround for light function bug exposed by bullet grenade
  • Increased springloaded ripper light radius to make it easier to track
  • Fixed Immortal cave leech
  • Fix triggershere on contagion spike not triggering UI within the correct distance
  • Bosco will now seek out foam and clean it up automatically when he is in following mode
  • Fixed promotion campaigns having a very high rate of lithophage warning
  • Fixed Music from the DLC videos continues after you quit the ESC menu
  • Fixed Bosco tutorial hint appearing after player joined game
  • Fixed issues when telling Bosco to clean foam from far away
  • Leadburster: Can no longer get stuck and deployed on enemies
  • Aquarqs is now marked as an important location with 2m radius - should help with plague covering the aquarqs making them hard to find
  • Fixed Unable to shoot when holding Shift+W
  • Fixed Bosco's rocket upgrades not working
  • Fixed Bosco's rocket cooldown reduction upgrade making the recharge time longer instead of shorter
  • Fixed dwarves no longer saying a voice line when calling for Bosco to fire a rocket
  • Fixed Bosco not being able to carry plague hearts
  • Point extraction minehead now prioritizes positions that are not close to important locations
  • Fixed bullet hell ricochettes not getting the damage bonus from Variable chamber pressure
  • Fixed ricochettes sometimes choosing to ricochet towards the original target causing bullets to fly in not so helpful directions
  • Fixed bug causing leadburster to occasionally deploy when hitting enemies
  • Fixed that resupply can land on top of Fuel pod in Salvage missions
  • Fixed crash when joining game related to boomerang
  • A tad bigger collider on biotanks
  • Plague clean effect optimizations
  • Fixed the driller's primary weapons (especially the Sludge Pump and Cryo Cannon) doing too little damage to the Rival Caretaker
  • First person foamer muzzle effect tweaked
  • Bosco now starts cleaning close to where you pinged when ordering him to clean foam
  • Greatly increased range and velocity for Voltaic stun sweeper
  • Leadburster: lines to catch far away enemies were not starting further away
  • [Modding] Making Bosco moddable for multiplayer
  • Fixed Flares expire when solo game is paused
  • Fixed some cases where "slim" armor was chosen when wearing headwear that hid most facial hair
  • Fixed caretaker being immune to explosive damage
  • Adjusted lithophage warning probability on mission map + ensured that all biomes in the infection zone has at least 1 Lithophage warning
  • Improved hack-c landing locations a bit reducing the chance of him landing too far away
  • Adjustments to meteor spawn - can no longer spawn during machine events
  • Ripper Grenade friendly fire reduced to 70%


  • Fixed shot origin bug, bullets now originate from closer to the grenade
  • Reduced extreme damage variance and unnecessary damage
  • Base damage reduced slightly
  • Shots at longer range now deal slightly less damage
  • Shot damage increased at short range
  • Friendly fire damage reduced


  • Fixed particle crash related to bulk detonators and crossbow arrows
  • Fixed crash related to Bosco

Patch 4.1

November 15th, 2022

Hello Miners,

The guys at R&D have been cracking away at solving important issues, such as how many pieces can be cut from one extra large chocolate space cake. The answer is 42.

Also they have spent some time fixing bugs and issues. Most notably the Voltaic Stun Sweeper now have improved targeting. The APD-B317 unit has been reprogrammed to do a better job at cleaning and Plague Hearts now give the right amount of XP as concluded by the official agreement between the miners unions and DRG management.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed Bosco/APD-B317 not automatically cleaning plague
  • Fixed targeting for boomerang
  • Fixed season overview string. "250 PP" to "300 PP"
  • Fixed Contagion indestructible terrain blocking the button in point extraction and causing softlock
  • Meteor will now be destroyed if it lands on unfinished refinery pipes - preventing softlock of the mission
  • Fixed missing neck with light configuration helmet from Biohazard DLC
  • Decreased Naedocyte Breeder freeze point temperature
  • Reduced amount of plague clean "scream" audios, but placed them better
  • [Gamepad] Assignments can now be accepted with Y/Triangle
  • [Gamepad] Perk Window: Remapped Buy Perk to Y/Triangle
  • [Gamepad] Assignments can now be aborted with X/Square
  • [Gamepad] Assignment terminal added shortcuts to popup window
  • [Gamepad] Added missing gamepad shortcuts to Forge menu
  • [GamePad] Season Challenge Info box can now be opened with B/Square
  • [Gamepad] Removed Y/Triangle open Season Challenges, Y/Triangle/Enter now Confirms mission selection
  • Fixed that the scrollbar on the pickaxe paintjob sidebar could not be dragged with the mouse, but only with the scroll wheel
  • [Modding] Fixed that sometimes modded games could not be joined
  • Fixed Boltshark Crossbow infinite ammo with Bodkin Points overclock
  • Fixed Plague Hearts not giving XP for each individual heart
  • Fixed visual bug on mission complete screen already counting assignment PP, even though it is visually being counted at the space rig
  • The full Biohazard DLC helmet will no longer use the slim version of the Biohazard DLC armor


  • Removed some unintended meteors
  • There are too few Lithopage warning challenges to get the intended amount of scrips to complete the cosmetic tree - more will be added soon!
  • Some bugs have appeared with keybindings being changed, this will be reverted next Patch

Patch 5

November 17th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Scrip incoming! This patch brings the missing Plague Warning Challenges that only the most prestigious of miners may have noticed. Additionally, the Omen tower is now mortal once again and the keybinding changes from last patch have been reversed.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed pickaxe making noise and particles as if you had hit an enemy when outside of the melee attack range but inside of the mining range
  • Added the 3 Plague Warning Challenges that were missing from the season
  • Fixed Infinite Flamethrower ammo case
  • Fixed banshee pulse effect not being shown for fire arrow, fixed banshee pulse on arrows in air
  • Fixed S.S.G spelling and grammatical errors
  • Fixed missing text in mission control speech in regards to fixed rock crackers
  • Reverted changes to DefaultInput.Ini, hopefully fixing issues with Tab/Esc
  • Fixed Loading Tips not showing
  • Fixed Caretaker tentacles not always respecting objects and stabbing through things like supply pods
  • Caretaker Tentacles will no longer stab into the gunner's shield but will shoot at it instead
  • Fixed Omen Modular Exterminator not dying

Patch 6

November 22th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Patch containing various minor fixes and a fix for B.O.S.C.O. Egg/Arquaq stealing tendencies - He should be safe to bring on missions again.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed the Subata 120 overclock “Explosive Reload” not affecting one of the hiveguard’s weak spots
  • Fixed Huuli Hoarder not reacting to dwarves being nearby or attacking it
  • Fixed Lithofoamer and Lithovac breaking hacking pod connection
  • Fixed cosmetic tree not showing the name of the weapon for all skins
  • Fixed unused strings for crowdin
  • Added missing objective description for Industrial Sabotage
  • Fixed Naedocyte Breeder scaling in size when shot with arrow
  • Added tweaks on shouts, meteor timer and misc audio
  • Added a longer indication for when a Caretaker Appendage will burrow and pop out of the ground
  • Added collider on top of Cleansing Pod for pipelines
  • Made sure that the player count is reset on reload of worlds
  • Fixed the "Weapon Licence Assignments Completed" tab not counting correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused Worm pod remains to not be destroyed after 10 seconds
  • Added missing names for Rival Tech and Lithophage enemies in the Bestiary
  • Removed unnecessary comma from earned currency for the secondary objective
  • Fixed meteor latejoin sound and drop issues
  • Adjusted movement settings of Fester Fleas
  • Reduced the space electric crystals take when trying to spawn other things in the cave
  • Plagueheart now looks like a plagueheart on the terrain scanner
  • Fixed Bosco consuming carriables in some cases
  • Bosco fixes (cleans foam and doesn't get into weird states)

Patch 7.1

November 24th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Fine, you win - the S.M.O.L Meteor is back

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Meteor Showers are being observed all over Hoxxes, even in Lithophage areas! Make sure not to stand in their path when they drop and crack them to collect Plaguehearts to progress your Season Performance and keep Mission Control happy
  • Fixed the impact axe giving damage when passing through triggers such as those of the Poison Spores Fungus (You can still kill multiple of these with one axe throw, but the axe will need to come reasonably close to the fungus)
  • Fixed electric crystals not electrocuting you when pickaxed
  • Adjusted electric crystal resistances so that they can be destroyed with one power attack
  • Made the Impact Axes deal similar damage to electric crystals as a normal pickaxe hit
  • Reverted spawn space reduction on electric crystals from last patch
  • Fixed Contagious being misspelled in the MC line


  • Fixed a crash that happened quite often related to meteors (both big and smol)
  • Fixed some particles that caused the game to freeze first time you (or anyone on your team) encountered them
  • Fixed a bug that caused plaguehearts to be invisible for hosts and non-interactable for clients in cases where two S.M.O.L.s have plaguehearts in them.

Patch 8

November 29th, 2022

Hello Miners,

Your prayers have been heard, you can stop running now.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Tweaked sounds for enemies out of sight
  • Fixed Sludge Pump not destroying blisters on rockpox infected bugs
  • Fixed plague bladder burst ducking
  • Fixed See You in Hell perk UI bug
  • Fixed "Ski Mask" wrong headwear name
  • Fixed crash that could happen when a meteor landed in a refinery mission
  • Fixed sentry gun “use” text not being localized
  • Fixed player characters locked in running animation
  • Fixed damage bonus on contagion transmitter not being triggered by goo cannon corrosive dot

Patch 9

December 8th, 2022

Hello Miners,

After a lot of convincing B.O.S.C.O. finally agreed to go to anger management therapy. He will not throw large gems and eggs through the map anymore. Additionally, the Huuli Hoarders should no longer scream your ears off from the afterlife and the crew has learned how to spell “catalyst”.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Added new pass for procedural setup to prevent issues when generating objects in caves
  • Fixed a bug where plaguehearts deposited in the drop pod triggered tentacles to come out of Molly
  • Fixed a bug with the Assignment Board not showing the correct mission icons
  • Fixed Huuli Hoarder screaming after dying
  • Fixed being able to carry objects and fly on the cave angels at the same time (The prompt to ride it should no longer show, if you are carrying an item)
  • Fixed a bug with The Abyss headwear not showing any eyebrows
  • Fixed some translated strings
  • Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors
  • Fixed the % number on the minigun ammo display not updating directly after resupplying, but only after firing the gun
  • Fixed inconsistent comma separator when using mineral trade terminal
  • Fixed the heat/ammo counter on the Cryo Cannon Milspec framework
  • Fixed Party Hat - Year Two headwear changing hair color depending on skin color selection
  • Fixed player characters rolling eyes when reloading
  • Attempted to fix biotank stuck bug
  • Fixed debris lights on Plague areas
  • Improved small meteorite carving when falling through terrain multiple times
  • Fixed plaguehearts having the wrong icon
  • Fixed carving for facility data vault
  • Fixed a bug when trying to shoot while using Hold to Sprint for clients
  • Hot rock no longer shows up as a status effect (No red lighting icons on enemies)
  • Added logic for the rock cracker pods to avoid refinery pipes
  • Fixed Bosco ending up in a weird state when picking up pinged things before Bosco can get to them
  • Fixed Bosco sometimes making large items fall out of the map
  • Fixed bug where Deep Dives with Industrial Sabotage could be ended before completing both missions causing the Deep Dive to fail
  • Controller Options: 1. Moved 'Swap Left/Right', 'Turn 180 Degrees', 'Previous Item', 'Open Chat' from Controller Bindings to Controller. 2. Turn 180 Degrees is now off by default

Patch 10

December 15th, 2022

Hello Miners,

This patch contains a couple of fixes, most noticeably fixing a crash that would happen with meteors, returning the power cables to Industrial sabotage and buffed some sounds effects to be 68% better.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crash caused by meteor rock crackers not able to find a spot to land
  • Fixed that Industrial Sabotage would sometimes not have cables between the vault and the power stations
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the minigun to fire faster than its intended fire rate
  • Fixed audio being low after a meteor impact nearby
  • Tweaked sounds for enemies not in view
  • Fixed a typo in the Coil Gun description
  • Fixed a typo in the Mega Power Supply OC description
  • Fixed typos in the Mactera Brundle and Glyphid Web Spitter entries in the Miner’s Manual

Patch 11.1

January 10th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Happy New Year! This patch contains a fix to an issue with our implementation of the modding support plugin - that affected anyone who had interacted with the modding support system (whether or not they had mods enabled or installed). Hopefully this will also fix some of the rubberbanding we’ve seen reported. Woooo…

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed sabotage power cable lights turning off in some cases
  • Fixed that refinery would sometimes spawn underneath the drop pod
  • Fixed a crash caused by missing savefiles
  • Fixed overlapping mission objective icons
  • Fixed crossbow radial damage sometimes not registering
  • Fixed damage on fire and cryo bolt for crossbow
  • Greatly reduced modding plugin performance impact per frame from 3ms down to 0.5ms for solo lobbies, and to 0ms for missions and multiplayer lobbies. This also means you can no longer inspect the modding menu during missions or while you are playing with others.
  • Fixed lost pack room sometimes not generating after helmet scan


  • Fixed crash that happened when reloading the Nishanka Boltshark
  • Fixed the Music Volume slider not having any effect on the ambient music in the Space Rig
  • Tweaked the Mod Support fix from Patch 11 - Increased from 0.5ms to 1ms (still only when Solo in the Space Rig or when joining a player with mods) - So mods have a bit more time to download on join.

Patch 12

January 13rd, 2023

Hello Miners,

This patch contains a fix to a delay on Gunner’s shield throwing abilities and inconsistencies with O2 replenishment when within the range of more than one oxygen source. Additionally, the Anniversary Year 4 Hat is back!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed issue where you weren't able to throw gunners shield before equipping it fully
  • Fixed some exits that were a bit off, should prevent a disconnected tunnel
  • Fixed inconsistencies with O2 replenishment on Low Oxygen warning missions
  • Restored the Anniversary Year 4 Hat
  • Tweaked cave leech attack sound volume and position, should now be easier to hear and locate

Patch 13

Feburary 23rd, 2023

Hello Miners,

Misc fixes and anniversary prep: We finally added a toggle option for supporter beers so you can drink those original Glyphid Slammers. Also no more despawning beers with ‘Q’. Cheers!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Added a toggle option for supporter beer, you can now choose to serve beers in regular or supporter mugs.
  • Fixed that clients were sometimes not able to see holiday assets in biotank
  • Tweaked deep dive mission probabilities
  • Fixed bug where c4 could cancel fall damage
  • Fixed controller shortcut issue that made it possible to abort un-abortable Assignments
  • Fixed being able to reset the weekly assignments by starting another and then restarting the original assignment
  • Fixed completing the promotion assignment changing the completed week seed for the core hunt assignment
  • Fixed bug where you could delete picked up items by pressing Q on the spacerig
  • Tweaked Gunners Robot Rebellion Armor, left shoulder plate should no longer float
  • Optimized pathfinder performance
  • Optimized some smoke and Rockpox particles
  • Fixed barrel hoop game sounds not playing for clients
  • Made bosco able to carry all the in-cave holiday double xp items
  • Changed "all barrels in launch bay" mission control shout to trigger 100% of the time
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Added more breach effects to heartstone after final break

Patch 14

March 2nd, 2023

Hello Miners,

This patch includes the 2018 Legacy Edition (if you are wondering why the game doubled in size - that’s the reason), the return of the paper crown and Promoting a dwarf will now award the player with 1 Blank core, 1 Weapon Overclock core and 1 Cosmetic core, so get mining miners!

Please note that these Promotion changes are not retroactive, so you will not be rewarded for past promotions.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Returned the paper crown that went missing last patch
  • Changed promotion rewards: From this point on, promoting a dwarf will also reward 1 Blank core, 1 Weapon Overclock core and 1 Cosmetic core

Patch 15

March 23rd, 2023

Hello Miners,

We adjusted hollomite spawning, now there should always be enough to meet mission objectives. This patch will remove the 2018 Legacy Edition from the default steam branch, but it will be available through a steam beta branch called "drg_legacy". A guide on how to access Legacy can be found here.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Added steam beta branch ‘drg_legacy’. Opt into this to play DRG 2018 Legacy Edition.
  • Disabled mission speak when promoting for the second time and onwards
  • Fixed Loot Bug Lover victory pose not showing up in crates
  • Fixed that the voiceline: "Why is this so fun" was subtitled as "This never gets old"
  • Fixed that Mission Control would sometimes not warn about the drop pod leaving
  • Fixed a rare bug where not enough hollomite would spawn
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed a bug with the Romanian translations not getting updated

Patch 16

April 5th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Clients should no longer get disconnected during elite deep dives, and the medbay has gotten a fancy green glow.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a bug that caused that clients would get disconnected during elite deep dives
  • Fixed a bug where changing languages back and forth would cause some strings to not be changed.
  • Changed the medbay colors from red to green
  • Fixed the season countdown so that when it reaches 0, The new update will be available