Update 18.5: Halloween

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Halloween is upon us and we have made a small update for you to get spooky!
— DRG Update Page

Update 18.5: Halloween was a minor content update that was released between Update 18: Job Opportunities and Update 19: Guns! Lots of Guns! bringing Halloween decorations to the Space Rig, as well as some smaller tweaks and bug fixes. It was released on October 25th, 2018.

New Features

The new major content introduced in this update.


Halloween Space Rig
Halloween Space Rig.png
  • Cave Pumpkins now spawn in all planetary regions. Once they are destroyed, they have a 10% chance to spawn a loot bug and a 90% chance to spawn some Glyphid Swarmers.
  • New Vanity Item: Pumpkin Helmet
  • Kickable pumpkins and new lighting added to the Space Rig

XP and Retirement

  • Triple XP changed to Double XP
  • Retirement Assignment mission rewards removed

Patch Notes

  • Space Rig
    • Lighting temporarily changed
    • Halloween banner in the Abyss Bar
    • Added kickable pumpkins
  • Biomes and Creatures
    • Cave pumpkins added to all biomes
    • Dreadnought Cocoon now carves an area for itself and has less strict spawn requirements
    • Loot Bug now drops 5-15 value gold and nitra, changed from 15-25
  • Other
    • Fixed issue with Discord Party id's and preventing invite button to work in some cases
    • Fixed crash when failing Salvage mission during fuel pod stage
    • Fix for damage indicator could get stuck on the screen
    • Fixed some minor issues in Magma Quake
    • Graphics Settings: Disabling fullscreen restore to prevent mouse issue and not being able to click continue into the game
    • Fix case of clients cant load on join
    • Fix scout IFG slowdown, was incorrectly set to only 30% slowdown, reset to 75%
    • Fixed Eliminations mission not always spawning enough cocoons.
    • Fix for cursor disappearing on campaign reward window.
    • Prevent Giving Retirement Rank if you have 0 XP
    • Prevent multiple clicks on retire character in the UI


Hotfixes are small patches meant to fix bugs and balancing.

Hotfix 1

29th October, 2018

  • Fixed a crash related to the terrain. Update 18.5 introduced several memory optimizations and this one went a little too far.
  • Fixed the M button so the Mission Map shows the correct available missions after returning to the Spacerig.
    Note: We are aware that this bug was used by some players to repeat a certain mission, but we have no metrics on how much is was used. This was never the intention and have therefore been fixed.