Season 05: Drilling Deeper

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Hello Miners,

Welcome to SEASON 05 - DRILLING DEEPER! Management’s got their sights set on mineral riches deeper down toward Hoxxes’ core, which means we’re increasing your depth of operations. You’re venturing down deeper than ever before, claiming unprecedented treasures for the company, and confronting all the lethal horrors that stand in your way. In other words, it’s another great day at work.

— With Love

The Ghost Ship Crew

Season05 Logo.png

Season 5 was released on June 13th, 2024 (PC) and yet to be released on Console.

Narrated Update Trailer:

Update Changes

New Mission: Deep Scan

Management has identified a new mineral priority: Morkite Seeds. Rumor has it that these could optimize the Morkite refining process tenfold. The problem is, they’re located much deeper down in Hoxxes than we’re used to, hidden away in dazzling Morkite Geodes.

You’re going to have to locate several Resonance Crystals in the cave system using the provided Telemetric Rangefinder. Use the Crystals to perform Deep Scans and pinpoint the location of the Morkite Geode. Once you’ve got that, a Drillevator will be sent down to bring you to the Geode where you can collect the precious Morkite Seeds.

Management advises that you familiarize yourself with the mission details in the Miners Manual prior to your first descent. Good luck!

Season Event: Core Stone

Reports are coming in of a peculiar new mineral formation in the caves. R&D’s best guess is it’s something from deeper down near the core of Hoxxes. What we know for certain is that these formations contain a Core Stone – and Management wants to get their hands on them.

But beware: Once you disturb the Core Stone, you’re in for a fight. It’ll open up rifts in the cave walls, and summon a hideous new enemy, unlike anything we’ve seen in Hoxxes so far. They’re called Corespawn Crawlers, and they’re not to be underestimated. Fight them off as you neutralize the Core Stone, then deposit the Stone in a specialized extraction pod to complete the event.

New Enemies

  • Glyphid Stalker: A cunning new Glyphid variant. This enemy is capable of cloaking to near-invisibility, burrowing for rapid repositioning, and launching ambush attacks that temporarily disable your shields.
  • Vartok Scalebramble: An invasive, semi-sentient plant consisting of an impenetrable, acid-spitting core, and an array of sensory feeler nodules. Take out the nodules to open up the core.
  • Barrage Infector: A new variant of the Infector species – this one’s bigger, tougher, and shoots a salvo of explosive bile. Aim for the sac, and watch out for splash damage.
  • Corespawn Crawler: Unlike any creature previously spotted in the caves of Hoxxes, these mysterious fiends should not be underestimated. You’ll need to dispatch them without hesitation if you want to make it home alive.

Hazard 5+

We've added Hazard 5+ to offer experienced players an extra level of challenge. With Hazard 5+, you can adjust four variables to add to the baseline Hazard 5 difficulty:

  • Aggressive Enemies
  • Player Vulnerability
  • More Enemies
  • Tough Enemies

Each of the four options can be adjusted to your tastes, and each offers two levels of increased intensity. This feature will only be available at the Hazard 5 difficulty. All Haz 5+ games will be categorized together in the server list, and you’ll be able to see which specific modifier switches they have activated. This difficulty level must be unlocked via the “Beyond Lethal” assignment. Just remember: "It’s like Haz 5 – but Plus!™"

New Overclocks

Added 12 new Overclocks (one for each primary weapon), plus one rework of an existing Overclock.

New Secondary Objectives

Bha Barnacles

This pernicious and rather gross invasive species has taken up residence in some caves. They like to burrow in the ceilings. Look up, and shoot them out wherever you see them.

Swarmer Eggs

We’ve noticed new clutches of Glyphid eggs popping up. Like most eggs, they are completely defenseless. Track them down and smash them with any tools at your disposal.

New Deep Dive Secondary Objectives

In addition to the Deep Scan primary mission type going into the Deep Dive mission pool, we're adding two new secondary objectives.

Deep Scan

Use the Telemetric Rangefinder to locate Resonance Crystals, and unearth them so you can call down a Resonance Scanner and get it hooked up to the crystal to perform a Deep Scan. (As a secondary objective, this is the crystal-finding segment only, without the Drillevator sequence)

Liquid Morkite Extraction

Find a single well of liquid Morkite, call down a pumpjack, and build a pipeline to a Morkite Extraction Pod. The Morkite must flow!

New Warnings

Duck and Cover

Macteras, Infectors and Spitters, oh my! Jump into a cave packed with an extra helping of projectile-shooting enemies. This time, the bugs shoot back.

Ebonite Outbreak

The caves have an unusual concentration of stony-armored Ebonite Glyphids. Their only vulnerability is melee damage. Better keep those pickaxes close at hand.

New Anomalies

Secret Secondary

Management has tacked on another side objective for you. A second secondary, if you will. It's a secret. You’ll find out what it is once you’re down in the dig site.

Blood Sugar

Bad news: The caves are filled with airborne toxins that constantly drain your health. Good news: These toxins also make Glyphid blood crystallize into healing Red Sugar. You’ll need to kill to survive.

Season Reactivation Enabled

We’ve added the ability to reactivate any season any time you want, and play through them at your own pace. There’s also an option to play DRG in a season-neutral (or 'unseasoned') mode. You can access all this in a new tab in the Season Terminal.

New Ommoran Heartstone Phase

This is something we've wanted to do for a long time. The Ommoran Heartstone now has a third attack phase in its repertoire, adding some unpredictability to each encounter. For this new attack the Ommoran targets a random player, attempting to trap the unfortunate dwarf in crystal growths bursting out of the ground. Stay mobile and be extra vigilant when in the vicinity of the Drilldozer, as the crystals bursting out of the ground will deal devastating damage to dear Doretta. Don't let the rock lay the smackdown on you!

New Dance Moves

We were able to teach the dwarves three new dance moves:

  • Bully Maguire
  • Spongebob Shuffle
  • Twerking

Please use them responsibly.

Cosmetic Filtering

We’ve implemented a few handy options to keep track of your growing wardrobes. You’ll now be able to filter your cosmetics by subtype, style and season, making it quicker to put the perfect look together. We’ve also introduced a ‘Novelty’ and ‘Company Approved’ toggle for the Randomize option, to give you a bit more control over your randomized outfits.

Reworked Status Effect Overlays

Added and reworked 20+ visual overlays for status effects, like getting webbed, set on fire, or breaking your shield.

Lost Packs, Cargo Crates & Matrix Cores: New Items To Collect

New Promotion Tiers

Added an expanded promotion tracker to show the number of promotions past Legendary III (better known as Red III). Now you can really show off your work experience.

New Weapon Maintenance Paint Jobs

We’re building out the Weapon Maintenance reward system with three new paint jobs to earn:

  • WM 5.1 ‘LIBERTY’
  • WM 5.2 ‘HEAVY METAL’

New Skin Tones

Automatically added to default inventory:

  • Almond
  • Cool Brown
  • Deep Brown
  • Olive
  • Porcelain

Skin tones added to The Shop:

  • Orcish
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Rager

Nvidia DLSS3 Integration

Enabling integration of this neat tech that boosts your framerate (requires a GeForce RTX 40xx series GPU). You’ll find the toggle for this in the Graphics menu under ‘Frame Generation’.

Game Optimization

Added a bunch of small optimizations to things like enemies, UI and loading of objects.

Community Requests

  • Added voiceline kill cries for Mactera Grabber, Glyphid Acid Spitter and Web Spitter
  • Added a ‘select random mission’ option in the Mission Terminal (only available for hosts)
  • Glyphid Acid Spitter: Changed the Acid Spitter's projectile DoT damage type from Generic to Poison (the projectile impact damage remains Kinetic)
  • Q'ronar Shellback: Changed the Shellback projectile damage type from Explosive to a mix of Explosive and Poison
  • Infectors: Converted the Infector projectile area damage type from Explosive to a mix of Explosive and Poison (the direct impact damage remains Kinetic)
  • Dreadnought_Types: Converted various Dreadnought fireball projectile area damage type from Explosive to a mix of Explosive and Fire
  • Naedocyte Shocker: Changed the damage and STE to actually be Electric type damage and so get affected by the Elemental Insulation perk


  • Added warmth to Sticky Flames so they can heat up cooled down dwarves
  • Made it possible to flash-freeze gas clouds, cooling down and potentially freezing anything in the area. This does not affect Neurotoxin Grenades, however, due to their low water content.
  • Increased the explosion damage of the Special Explosive Chemical Bolts on the Boltshark Crossbow and changed the damage type to Explosive to hit Glyphid Slasher and Mactera Spawn breakpoints
  • Updated the Spitball Infector weakpoint models so it looks better
  • Updated the title card for Elimination missions in the Miners Manual
  • Added some Inverse Kinematics on the two large Dreadnoughts to make them look a bit more grounded when moving over rough terrain
  • Added new Rock and Stone animation for dual wield animations
  • Allow rejoin (after crash) on deep dive missions up until the drop pod has been called
  • Significantly reduced the time impact axes that were embedded in a creature take to disappear after their target dies to not confuse them for retrievable ones
  • Changed satchel charge blinking light to a less-blinding softer one
  • Did some MK1 + MK2 undersuit polish and visual fixes
  • Polished up the Driller ScaleBrigade and Scout MK1 armours
  • Changed the placement of the "Ragdoll Lifetime" option to not suggest that it is like the other gfx scalability options
  • Made the overclock UI scale the description to better fit longer translations
  • Added the missing Scale Brigade Frameworks to crates
  • Added props from each season to prop hunt
  • Added all the skins to crates that were missing since "Maintenance" Update: Neonband, Glyphid Hunter, Scale Brigade, Mech, Custom Engineered & Fourth Relic
  • Tweaked Stingtail collision around the nosehorn to make it better match the visuals
  • Added a reaction to data cell being hooped
  • Added milestones for the new mission and new warnings to the KPI terminal
  • Updated Space Rig dressing for Rival Seasons 01 and 02
  • Added rich presence for Prop Hunt
  • Equipment terminal weapon stats box is now collapsible on click + auto collapses/expands when the sidebar moves in/out.
  • Added more crap to the trash chute
  • Added if you hold LMB while throwing grenades and doing other similar actions your weapon will try to fire once you stop doing that
  • Slightly increased the interaction collider of Ebonuts to make it easier to grab while standing on top of it
  • Fixed guerrilla pickaxe parts not connecting to other pickaxe parts
  • Fixed jet boots first person particles being offset
  • Fixed detailed net info getting clipped in Space Rig HUD
  • Fixed late join/rejoin pod beacons lingering after pod landing
  • Fixed some overclock descriptions that were out of date and/or had typos
  • Fix issue where holding left click to throw a carryable can make your character start pickaxing without you holding right click
  • Fixed Q'ronar not working correctly with the Volatile Guts anomaly
  • Fixed the Rival Router nodes sometimes encroaching on other important objects and locations
  • Fixed some of the Stingtail armor plates not breaking properly
  • Fixed being able to use some weapon abilities that were triggered by holding reload while grabbed and otherwise not supposed to be able to shoot
  • Fixed a crash when picking up the ball in the Space Rig
  • Fixed case where weapon stat values got rounded to whole numbers when they should not
  • Fixed issue where grappling hook would sometimes stop while starting to sprint
  • Fixed Scout crossbow bolts triggering Fear without the T5 upgrade
  • Fixed embedded impact axes not detaching properly when their target dies
  • Fixed crash when Caretaker shield goes down
  • Fixed Flare Gun sometimes not working for clients
  • Fixed rumble sound effect of incoming meteors only play for host
  • Fixed Pickaxe Serve victory move using the default pickaxe instead of the framework and or paint job that was selected
  • Fixed eyeball
  • Yet another attempt to fix occasional flickering issues
  • Fixed annoying delay when opening the options menu
  • Fixed inconsistencies in Weapon Maintenance XP accumulation
  • Fixed timing for the direct damage explode on flamethrower being dependant on the rate of fire
  • Fixed the Stingtail having different cooldowns for host and clients
  • Fixed inconsistent timing on stackable status effects
  • Fixed being able to quickly complete the Kursite machine event by spamming the interact input
  • Fixed the downed statistic in the med bay registering incorrectly for clients when dying
  • Fixed Cryo minelets, Temperature Shock, Turret Arc and Taser Arrow electric beam kills not counting towards enemies killed stats
  • Fixed issue with weapon stats would be rounded the wrong way making the +/* display not add up to the actual values
  • Fixed that some Frameworks were missing from the Cargo Crate loot pool
  • Fixed that some text showed up as [NONE] in Turkish
  • Fixed Colette Wave Cooker preview sometimes using hurricane Guided rocket system image
  • Fixed Duration and Radius upgrade stats for the Gunners Shield Generator showing only half of what was actually applied. The in-game effect is the same as it has always been, but the stats in the equipment terminal are now correct.
  • Fixed a bug where you could be in a Solo game, but people could still join you
  • Fixed the crosshair not always changing when using Shaped Shells for the Boomstick
  • Fixed the power attack activating when not intended such as when performing a pickaxe cancel