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The ultimate explorer's tool - this self-recharging grappling hook will get you out of any sticky situation, and onto any distant ledge. Handle with care - ending up dangling from the ceiling and then dropping 60 feet onto the floor is not covered by the employee insurance.
— Item Description

The Grappling Hook is the Traversal Tool for Scout. It is a hand-held grappling gun which feeds its winch via a coil found on the bottom. The winch can be seen hanging from the coil and feeding back up into the hook's barrel.

When the hook is fired, there is a brief delay before the Scout is abruptly pulled to the targeted location. One can continue holding the trigger to keep the Scout suspended in place. When the trigger is released, the Scout will fall to the ground and the gun's cooldown will begin, taking four seconds (by default) to recharge before it can be fired again. A gauge on the weapon indicates the recharge time, and a clicking noise can be heard when it is fully charged.

When the Grappling Hook is fired at the ground, the Scout will be pulled to the ground without taking fall damage.


There are four tiers of modifications and each tier has one to three upgrades. Only one modification can be equipped per tier.

Scout Upgrades
Mod Effect In Game Description Price
Tier 1 Icon Upgrade ChargeUp.png
Improved Recharger
-0.5s Cooldown "Spend less time waiting and more time swinging"
Credit.png 420 Credits
Jadiz 10 Jadiz
Icon Upgrade Distance.png
Longer Cable
+5m Max Range "Increased range"
Credit.png 420 Credits
Enor Pearl 10 Enor Pearl
Tier 2
Level 5
Icon Upgrade Distance.png
Greater Cable Stretch
+5m Max Range "Increased range"
Credit.png 780 Credits
Bismor 22 Bismor
Tier 3
Level 10
Icon Upgrade ProjectileSpeed.png
High Velocity Ejection System
-0.25s Wind up time "Hook shoots out at a higher speed"
Credit.png 960 Credits
Croppa 12 Croppa
Enor Pearl 16 Enor Pearl
Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed.png
Overcharged Winch
+750 Max Speed "Faster hook retraction means a faster dwarf. Survival not guaranteed."
Credit.png 960 Credits
Jadiz 16 Jadiz
Umanite 12 Umanite
Tier 4
Level 15
Icon Upgrade Resistance.png
Safety First
+25% Fall Damage Resistance "Temporary* fall damage reduction bonus after releasing the Grappling Gun"
Credit.png 1100 Credits
Croppa 24 Croppa
Magnite 18 Magnite
Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed.png
+50% movement speed for 3 seconds "Burst of Speed! Using the Grappling Gun gives you a Temporary Movement Speed Bonus when you land."
Credit.png 1100 Credits
Croppa 18 Croppa
Bismor 24 Bismor
Icon Upgrade ChargeUp.png
Bypassed Integrity Check
-1s Cooldown "Faster cooldown and a voided warranty"
Credit.png 1100 Credits
Magnite 24 Magnite
Enor Pearl 18 Enor Pearl

Unique Modifications

Safety First

Safety First grants the Scout an extra 25% of Fall Damage Resistance after using the Grappling Hook. Although it was probably intended to be a temporary buff (perhaps only for 3 seconds, or until fall damage is taken?), it's currently bugged out and becomes a semi-permanent buff for the rest of the mission. The only way to have this Status Effect removed is to be downed, but after getting revived just using the Grappling Hook again will restore the semi-permanent 25% Fall Damage Resistance.


Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed.png
Momentum gives the scout a 50% movement speed increase for 2.5 seconds after the Grappling Hook fire button is released. The Grappling Hook does not need to connect with a surface or move the scout to activate this bonus, but it does have to be aimed at a surface in range in order to be fired. The Scout does not have to have the tool out to keep the speed bonus in effect. The speed bonus effect can't be refreshed nor stacked with the similar effects of the following equipment items: Deepcore GK2's "Battle Frenzy" upgrade, Nishanka Boltshark X-80's "Battle Frenzy" upgrade, Zhukov NUK17's "Get in, Get out" upgrade, DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine's "Hot Feet" upgrade and Dash perk.


  • In real life, a grappling gun such as this one would be extremely dangerous to use. The sudden jolt of kinetic energy from being stationary to moving would likely rip the user's arm off, however this does assume it's a human using the grapple. Dwarf physiology as it's shown in-game could allow for such changes in speed if it was translated into the real world.

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