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Mission control portrait.png Supply pod requisitioned. Launching now.
— Mission Control


Resupply Pod beacon

Resupply Pods are used to refill Equipment ammunition. All classes are able to order a resupply using 80 Nitra Nitra.

Once the Resupply tool has been equipped, a hologram of the Resupply Drop will appear in front of the player. Once ordered, a glowing beacon will appear on the ground, and the pod will begin drilling downwards towards the beacon. It's important to note that if you're standing underneath the Resupply Pod as it lands, it will instantly down you.

After a Resupply Pod has been ordered, there is a short delay before any player can order another.

After the Resupply Pod lands at the beacon, four racks will extend from the pod's sides. Each rack can be interacted with to refill 50% of a player's ammunition (rounded up), and half of their overall health. Magazine size is included in this calculation. For example, the M1000 Classic with no upgrades has 96 Max Ammo and 8 Clip Size, for a total of 104. A resupply will therefore restore 52 of its ammo. Each piece of equipment is refilled separately. Health and ammunition cannot be refilled higher than the amount the player starts the mission with. Any excess is simply wasted, and cannot be stored or transferred.

The player must interact with a resupply rack for 4 seconds before receiving the ammunition and health. If the interaction is interrupted, it starts over. The Resupplier perk reduces the time needed, instantly reloads all equipment, and increases the amount of health gained.

If a Resupply Pod still contains ammunition, it will be visible to players holding the Laser Pointer.

In missions with the Low Oxygen Warning, the Resupply Pod will also provide oxygen just like the M.U.L.E. does.


The Resupply Pod can damage bugs or dwarves when landing.

Broken Resupply Pods

A buried Broken Resupply Pod
The vertical tunnel found above a Broken Resupply Pod

Broken Resupply Pods can generate in Salvage Operations. They appear almost completely buried in the ground, with a small portion of the top of the pod sticking out of the ground. Directly above them is a vertical tunnel created by the resupply originally dropping in. They are very similar to a normal resupply tunnel, although the tunnel is smaller and smoother, most likely to give the effect of the resupply having been there for quite some time. Broken Resupply Pods have a 60% chance to give a single resupply rack, 15% to give two resupply racks, and 25% to give no resupply racks. It takes 20 seconds to repair the broken resupply pod with one player.


Old Resupply Pod beacon
  • The Resupply Pod used to cost 100 Gold instead of Nitra. This was changed after Nitra was implemented in Update 4.
  • During closed alpha, health and ammunition were separated into two health packs and two ammo racks on the pod. Each of them would refill 100% of either health or ammo.
  • If the Drop Pod lands on top of a Resupply Pod, the Resupply Pod will fall down below the Drop Pod, intersecting with the Drop Pod's drill. This may cause some remaining supply racks to no longer be obtainable, if they become unreachable due to the Drop Pod's collision. Supply racks sticking out of the Drop Pod can still be obtained.
    • The Drop Pod and Resupply Pod do not collide with each other, so calling in a Resupply Pod in the area where the Drop Pod is about to land will cause the Resupply Pod to pass through the Drop Pod. This results in the same situation as described above.


  • The Dwarves will sometimes say a Red Sugar voice line upon healing from a supply rack. A possible explanation is that the rack contains Red Sugar, which the Dwarves use to heal themselves.