Voltaic Stun Sweeper

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Self-propelled and self-guided, when thrown it will seek the closest unbearded skull and give it a good whack while delivering a stunning 100.000 volts. Shockingly, it even returns to its owner!
— Item Description

The Voltaic Stun Sweeper is an unlockable Throwable for the Scout.

Carried Amount 8
Damage per Hit 35 Electric
Max Number of Hits 9
Stun Chance 100%
Stun Duration 8.5s
Electrocute Chance ?%
Electrocute Duration 4s
Electrocute Damage per tick 1 Electric
Tick interval 0.25s
Movement speed x0 (100% speed reduction)

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Scout Level 15
Purchased for:
Credit.png 5600 Credits
Umanite 30 Umanite

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