Cryo Grenade

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Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Scout Level 5
Purchased for:
Credit.png 1200 Credits
Magnite 10 Magnite
Instantly lowers the ambient temperature of everything in a medium-sized area. Will flash-freeze most Hoxxes wildlife - as well as any hapless DRG employees caught in the blast zone.
— Item Description

The Cryo Grenade is an unlockable throwable for the Scout. It is a large white canister which glows blue in certain highlights. The Grenade produces a large white cloud of mist when it detonates successfully.

The Cryo Grenade produces a large icy explosion, capable of instantly freezing enemies in place upon contact with a foe. This grenade will roll and explode on a fuse timer, but will instantly detonate the moment it hits a target. Frozen enemies will receive triple (x2.5 for Dreadnoughts) damage (but lose any weak-points they had before) and are completely immobilized. Being frozen also prevents several enemies from performing unique abilities; for example frozen Glyphid Exploders and Glyphid Bulk Detonators cannot detonate. Flying enemies like Mactera will drop to the floor and shatter instantly when frozen. More information about the frozen status here.


Cryo Grenade Demonstration

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