Tactical Leadburster

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Attaches to a surface and provides deadly supressing fire. Deploying this device causes indiscriminate radial volleys of gunfire in all directions, so R&D do encourage the user to duck and cover upon activation.
— Item Description

The Tactical Leadburster is an unlockable Throwable for the Gunner.

Initial Stats
Carried Amount 4
Aiming Time 0.4s
Damage Stats
Damage per bullet
(1.8m or closer)
2 Piercing
Damage per bullet
(1.8m - 7m)
20 Piercing
Damage per bullet
(7m or farther)
50 Pierce
Armor Breaking 30%
Friendly Fire 50%
Bullets Fired Stats
Bullets per Volley 12
Volleys per Burst 16
Bursts per Leadburster 3
Status Effect
Status Chance 100%
Damage per Tick 50 Piercing
Tick interval 2s
Duration 0.7s

Level Unlocked through a level cap.
Requires Gunner Level 15
Purchased for:
Credit.png 5600 Credits
Enor Pearl 30 Enor Pearl

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