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Croppa is a Crafting Mineral that can be acquired through mining and stored in the inventory and team depository. It can also be obtained via Huuli Hoarders, Cargo Crates, and Lost Packs. Alternatively, it is sold at the Mineral Trade Terminal for Credit.png 150 Credits.

When the mission is concluded, the Hazard Bonus will dictate how many units the player will get. It is sometimes required to buy equipment, modifications, vanity items, and Overclocks. Unneeded Croppa can be sold for Credit.png 50 Credits at the Mineral Trade Terminal.


As it appears in-game

Croppa is a pale-green metallic ore vein, dotted by deep purple crystals jutting from its surface. It bulges out from the walls, similar to Nitra. It is usually located high up, making it a challenge to mine.

Croppa pieces use the same model as Bismor, Nitra, Enor Pearl, Jadiz, Umanite, and Hollomite.


Croppa is common in Fungus Bogs and Azure Weald, and scarce in Magma Core. It cannot be located anywhere else.


  • Based on the color and name of the mineral, it is most likely based off of real-life minerals containing copper, or the element itself, as it oxidizes to a ruddy green in the open air.
  • Early in development, Croppa was called "Cropanite".[1]