Fungus Bogs

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We're almost sorry to send employees in here, but the rewards are too great to ignore. So therefore: Welcome to the Fungus Bogs! A truly awful region, built mostly from slime, mold, stinging insects, fungus, stinking mud, and corrosive lichen.
— Ingame description

Fungus Bogs is one of the biomes of Hoxxes IV. It is made up of large caverns filled with different kinds of Xenofungi, which range in size from small to extremely large. Larger Xenofungi are big enough to be used as platforms. The dirt making up the caves is durable, taking two hits for it to give way.


The biome-specific hazards for Fungus Bogs are Poison Spores Fungus, medium-sized mushrooms that release poisonous vapors, damaging dwarves who get too close, and Sticky Goo, a deep-green bubbly goo which can cover large areas of the floor, dramatically slowing movement of any Dwarf or Glyphid walking across it.

Similar to other biomes, Fungus Bogs has Explosive Plants, which explode violently when sufficiently damaged. The explosions are able to trigger other nearby explosive plants, which may then cause a deadly chain-reaction.


Most Glyphids can be encountered in Fungus Bogs, including Spitball Infectors, Cave Leeches, and Glyphid Dreadnoughts.

Biome Features

Item Description Statistics
BF Glow Tree.png
Glow Tree
A tree with five bioluminescent bulbs at the ends of its branches. The bulbs will emit a purple light for a time if shot or hit with a pickaxe. Hitting all five bulbs will make the tree light up permanently. Health: 2 500
BF Steam Geyser.png
Steam Geyser
Rocky geysers which periodically spray hot gas and steam, propelling dwarves in the direction of the stream (usually upwards). If destroyed, they explode violently, dealing large amounts of damage to any enemy or dwarf nearby. Hardness: 2

Damage: 200
Radius: 3m

BF ExplodingPlant Red.png
Exploding Plant
Glowing plants of varying size that explode violently when damaged. The largest plant needs less damage to detonate, and larger plants have bigger and more damaging explosions.
Also found in Dense Biozone and Magma Core.
Health: 20/30

Damage: 150/200/400 Radius: 3m/4.5m/6m

BF StickyGoo.png
Sticky Goo
Thick bubbly green gunk. Slows down any dwarves or glyphids attempting to pass through it. It also reduces fall damage if landed on. x0.3 Movement Speed
BF Poison Fungus Spores.png
Poison Spores Fungus
Sickly yellow fungi that release harmful green lingering vapors when a dwarf gets too close, causing poison damage over time. They also release vapors when destroyed. The vapors are flammable. Health: 50

Damage: 3

BF GlyphidEggs.png
Glyphid Eggs
Glyphid Swarmers burst out if an egg is damaged. When an egg pops open, there is a random chance all nearby eggs will burst as well. Health: 20
BF Xenofungus FlatBlue.png
Blue Plateau Xenofungus
Large, flat, plate-shaped fungus that grows out of the walls and can support a dwarf's weight indefinitely. Hardness: 2
BF giant mushroom.png
Giant Xenofungus
Giant fungal formation with an abundance of purple spots on its cap. Hardness: 2
BF Xenofungus ThinTurtle.png
Tall Helmet Xenofungus
Tall fungi with an irregular texture that are often surrounded by smaller fungi of the same kind. Health: 50
BF Xenofungus BellGrey.png
Grey Bell Xenofungus
Tall fungi that are grey and black and are often surrounded by smaller fungi of the same kind. Health: 30
BF Xenofungus Puffball.png
Brown Puffball Fungus
Tall and chunky fungi that are brown with purple gasses emitting from the largest in the family. Health: 70
BF Grassy Vines.png
Hanging Grassy Vines
Masses of grassy material that hang down from the roof and obstruct vision. N/A
BF hollow mushroom.png
Hollow Xenofungus
Hollowed out fungus greatly resembling a cage, comes with striking colors making it stand out. Health: ?
BF Rare Xenofungus.png
Rare Glowing Xenofungus
Rare xenofungus. Glows blue in the darkness, making it easy to spot. Health: 90


As with every biome, some of the Ores that can be found in the Fungus Bogs are determined by the mission type, such as Morkite Morkite and Aquarq Aquarq. The crafting materials found in the Fungus Bogs are Croppa Croppa and Jadiz Jadiz, with Croppa being abundant and Jadiz being scarce.

Deep Dive Sentences

When Fungus Bogs is selected as the biome for a Deep Dive, one of those sentences can be seen in the terminal:

  • "Give it time and the Fungus grows on you."
  • "More dwarves have gone to the bogs to never be seen again than anyone would like to admit."
  • "It was a paradise for fungus, but a green hell for dwarves!"
  • "The sticky ground caused many failed expeditions."
  • "It grows on anything!"
  • "I still haven't gotten rid of my last fungal infection."
  • "I heard this was Karl's favorite biome. He was such a fun guy. Get it?"
  • "Watch where you sit! Last time I got a rash that lasted for days."


  • Added during the Early Access period with Update 7: Alpha Launch on the 28th February 2018.
  • When pinging a specific variation of the Brown Puffball Fungus, for no explicable reason, dwarves will give the unique voice response "Mushroom" despite all other variations prompting generic ping voice lines. Although this voice line was likely going to be one of several other voice lines unique for mushrooms that GSG hadn't gotten around to adding during Early Access, it has remained in it's current state due to the community's attachment to the mundane yet bizarre nature of the voice line. This has also prompted GSG to introduce custom Mission Control responses for pinging it repeatedly.