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Be on the lookout for lost Cargo Crates in the caves of normal missions - they are known to contain copious amounts of minerals and weapon skins!
Update 25 Patch notes

A Cargo Crate can spawn inside of normal missions with a chance dependent on mission length (Cave length 1 15%, Cave length 2 20%, Cave length 3 35%). Along with it, two batteries will spawn within 30 meters of the Cargo Crate (in any direction, so not necessarily in the same cave) that need to be found and inserted into the crate. The batteries themselves emit a pulsating sound that allows them to be found more easily. When a player holds a battery, it emits a different pulsating sound that increases in frequency as the player gets closer to the Cargo Crate, which will cease once inserted. The crate then needs to be manually repaired after inserting both batteries, very much like repairing a broken Mini-M.U.L.E.


Seasons Referencing: [1] [2]

After completing the repair, the Cargo Crate will offer a special Framework, Victory Move or a APD-B317 "Bosco" cosmetic which can be claimed by each dwarf that is present. If all cosmetic rewards have been obtained, a pop-up informing that all possible rewards have been collected when interacting.

Each player will receive a reward based off of the first person who opens the crate; however, if the next player to claim already owns it, they will be rewarded with a different one. The received reward is not linked to the class of the player opening the box, it’ll simply be a cosmetic that the player doesn’t have.

 •  There are 192 possible Frameworks that will be chosen at random as reward from 8 sets:

Icon Skin Mesh Builder's Choice.png Builder's Choice [2]
Icon Skin Mesh Custom Engineered.png Custom Engineered
Icon Skin Mesh Fourth Relic.png Fourth Relic
Icon Skin Mesh Glyphid Trophy Hunter.png Glyphid Trophy Hunter

Icon Skin Mesh Mechanized.png Mechanized
Icon Skin Mesh Neon.png Neonband
Icon Skin Mesh Scale Brigade.png Scale Brigade
Icon Skin Mesh Waster.png Waster [1]

 •  There are 60 possible Victory Moves that will be chosen at random as reward from 15 sets:

  • Beer Toss
  • Boxer [1]
  • Chest Thumper [2]
  • Classic Flex
  • Confetti Cannon [2]
  • Handstand
  • Knight [2]
  • Lootbug Lover [1]
  • Pickaxe Throw [1]
  • Praise Me
  • Sharp Salute
  • Smug Pushups
  • Swarmer Infestation
  • Swarmer Kick
  • Three Point Landing

 •  There are 2 possible APD-B317 "Bosco" Framework that will be chosen at random as reward.

Bosco Barbaric.png Barbaric [2] Bosco SurplusBarrel.png Surplus Barrel [1]

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Additionally, the Cargo Crate will dispense rewards of GoldGold and chunks of the Crafting Materials based on the region.

Croppa Umanite Azure Weald
Jadiz Bismor Crystalline Caverns
Bismor Umanite Dense Biozone
Croppa Jadiz Fungus Bogs
Magnite Umanite Glacial Strata

Jadiz Bismor Hollow Bough
Magnite Bismor Magma Core
Bismor Enor Pearl Radioactive Exclusion Zone
Enor Pearl Bismor Salt Pits
Enor Pearl Magnite Sandblasted Corridors

Note: The cosmetics obtained from Cargo Crates cannot be obtained by any other means.


CargoCrateBattery.png CargoCrateStart.png CargoCrateMed.png CargoCrateDone.png CargoCrateReward.png
A Cargo Crate Battery Starting state With both Batteries inserted Fully repaired Dispensing reward


  • Similar encounter as Lost Pack.
    • Lost Packs and Cargo Crates spawn independently of each other, and can sometimes both be in the map.
  • Frameworks used to be called Mesh with an unique Paintjob and model modification prior to Update 28.
  • The Neonband Mesh variation was accidentally leaked during Experimental and removed only to be re-added in Update 26.
  • Cargo Crates used to be able to reward duplicate skins to the players who did not open the crate first, because the skin rewarded is based on the first player to claim the crate. Now, a player will always be rewarded a skin, given they do not already own every possible reward from the crate.
  • The developers at one point intended beer licenses for the Craft(able) Beers to be gained from Cargo Crates.
  • Cargo Crates used to only give mineable crafting materials as a reward but as off Update 27 it can now give JadizJadiz & Enor Pearl Enor Pearl.
  • For a very long time the length-dependent mechanic wasn't actually used, and until the Season 1 update Cargo Crates used to have a static 1/6 chance to spawn regardless of any factors.
  • Since Season 01, there are 156 cargo crate skins due to the increased number of primary weapons.
  • Using Binomial distribution, one can assume that it will take on average 936 Missions to obtain all 156 skins and Victory Poses.
    • Keep in mind this number is an estimate and may not reflect real outcomes - While it is statistically improbable to flip a coin 100 times and get 100 heads, that doesn't mean it's impossible. One may get all the Cargo Crates in 156 missions, or a player may never encounter one at all.