Season 04: Critical Corruption

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Hello Miners,

Welcome to SEASON 04 - CRITICAL CORRUPTION! Though we have gained great ground against the rampaging Lithophage in the past months, it remains a constant threat- and to make matters worse, reports of alarming new mutations are starting to come in. Let's get right into it!

— With Love

The Ghost Ship Crew

Season04 Logo.png

Season 04: Critical Corruption was first teased with a series of teasers on Ghost Ship Games' Youtube account, of which the first released on the 19th April 2023. They were shown during live streams through 2 months, most of the time in the later segment. In one of the patch notes before the image reveal, one of the changes listed that the season countdown timer would be accurate to the release date, and the season would roll out on time. A partially obscured an edited image teasing Season 4 was shown in a later stream, and fully revealed soon after.

Season 4 was released on June 15th, 2023 (PC) and June 22nd, 2023 (Console).

Narrated Update Trailer:

Update Changes

Season Event: Rockpox Corruptor

The Plague Hearts you have encountered previously have evolved. They will now turn into Lithophage Corruptors-ravenous, fully mobile abominations that spread Rockpox wherever they go. They appear impervious to normal gunfire, so you will need to use the Cleansing Equipment to get through their exterior shells and expose their soft, inner core.

New Rockpox Enemies

Rockpox Breeder

A result of increased Rockpox infection of airborne fauna. The infection has changed the internal workings of its host to allow for Rockpox Larvae to sprout and thrive within its body.

Rockpox Bomber

As if the Goo Bomber wasn't bad enough already: The lithophage has spread to the volatile excretion this critter is so loved for, expanding the reach of the disease at a high rate.

Rockpox Spitter

The Rockpox Acid Spitter has turned its already impressive bio-projectiles into a highly infectious Rockpox vector, and with a suppressed pain response and high dose of combat pheromones the Rockpox Spitter poses a far greater threat than before!

Rockpox Exploder

The Rockpox Exploder has had profound mutations to its body, thickening its skin and reducing its volatility in turn of being filled to the brim with highly contagious Lithophage spores. Being caught in the blast zone will instantly infect any dwarves nearby, so stay clear of them at all costs!

New Enemies

Glyphid Stingtail

A powerful, heavily armored beast with a grasping tail, capable of pulling in any enemy and goring them against its massive horns. Take care around this one!

Glyphid Septic Spreader

The malicious cousin of our old friend, the Glyphid Spitter. This one fires heavy globules of rancid biomatter, which spread out in a wide area around impact. Mind your step and try to ignore the smell!

Jet Boots

You will now be able to recover crates of high powered jet modules in the caves. Attach these to your boots and turn them into fully functional jet boots, giving you a much- needed leg-up during any hardships you may encounter!

Space Rig Addition: Jetty Boot

Back home, a bit of redundant machinery has been cleared out, opening up the Space Rig a bit more- which handily allows plenty of space to install a training terminal for the coded locks you will encounter on the Jet Boot crates. It would appear some smart- aleck has even seen fit to build an arcade cabinet to fit it into. Bring lots of credits!

New Beer: Randoweisser

This potent ale reportedly instills a sense of adventure and lust for challenge in whoever drinks it, randomizing all equipment, perks and cosmetics for the duration of a mission. Drink it at your own leisure!

Equipment Terminal: Randomize Loadouts

At the Loadout Terminal, a new option to randomize all your gear and upgrades has also become available, enabling you to quickly set up challenges for yourself. Why would anyone do this? Well, never let it be said we do not wish to enable our employees!

Community Request: Copy/Paste Loadouts

Additionally, you can now copy and paste loadouts for a smoother experience when experimenting with new weapon and mod combinations, without the hassle of redoing everything from scratch!

Wardrobe: Sleeveless Armors

Some of your armors now come with a new option: Toggle between sleeveless versions of most of your owned sets! This does not count for DLC Armors or armors that are already sleeveless.

Weapon Input Buffer

Thanks to the hard work of the folks at R&D, all semi-automatic weapons now come with fancy input buffering. This will make it easier to consistently maintain a high rate of fire, especially on weapons like the Subata, M1000 and EPC.

Weapon Balance

Subata 120

  • The Subata has long been in need of an update. As always if you unlocked any of the removed upgrades their cost will be refunded.
  • Increased base weakpoint damage bonus (from 1.2 to 1.25)
  • Reduced base ammo (from 160 to 144)

Modification Tweaks

  • Reduced the bonus of the T1 High Capacity Magazine upgrade
  • Moved the T1 Reload Speed upgrade to T3
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 Ammo upgrade
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 Damage upgrade
  • Removed the T3 Damage upgrade
  • Added a new 2-Round Burst upgrade on T3
  • Moved the T3 Ammo upgrade to T4 and increased it's bonus
  • Increased the bonus of the T4 Hollow-Point Bullets upgrade
  • Removed T5 Acid Coated Bullets upgrade
  • Added the Neuro-Corrosive Catalyst upgrade to T5
  • Added a Blowthrough Rounds upgrade to T5

Tranquilizer Rounds OC

  • Added a "slow" effect to help with enemies that are immune to stun
  • Changed the rate of fire penalty from a flat value to a percentage

M1000 Classic
Hipster OC

  • Reduced the RoF bonus to compensate for the RoF boost from the input buffer.

Jury-Rigged Boomstick
Double Barrel OC

  • Replaced the small pellet damage bonus with a large bonus to Blast Wave damage
  • Added a shot spread penalty
  • Made both shots fire simultaneously and updated the weapon stats and ammo display to clarify this
  • Changed OC type from Clean to Unstable

Breach Cutter
Spinning Death OC

  • Reduced the ammo penalty

Cryo Cannon
Snowball OC

  • Reduced ammo cost
  • Affected targets cannot warm-up for a short time after getting hit

DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine
Shield Battery Booster OC

  • Removed overheat recovery time penalty
  • Added a significant shield regeneration bonus

"Hurricane" Guided Rocket System

  • Replaced the clean Manual Guidance Cutoff OC with the new unstable Rocket Barrage OC

Plasma Burster Missiles OC

  • Guidance system update prevents missiles from hitting the ground while swarming around a target
  • Increased the number of hits a single missile can deliver before expiring

"Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon
Carpet Bomber OC

  • Changed the explosion radius bonus from a flat to a percentage to significantly expand it when taken together with the AoE Range upgrade
  • Changed the damage bonus from a flat to a percentage for an increased maximum when taken together with the AoE Damage upgrade

Neurotoxin Payload OC

  • Reduced the AoE size bonus
  • Added an ammo penalty
  • Removed the direct damage penalty
  • Increased the AoE damage penalty slightly


  • Fixed E priorities to prioritize reviving a down dwarf over shield boosting him
  • Fixed an issue where the dwarf would talk about getting more canisters when inserting the 2nd fuel canister in the Drilldozer
  • Made Patrolbots stand still while you hack them
  • Centered a Rockbox particle that was unaligned in a M.U.L.E on the Spacerig
  • Made it so Exploders only explode once in missions with Volatile Guts, instead of twice
  • Fixed a bug with changing languages that made it so not everything changed when it should change
  • Fixed the wrong mission control progress shouts playing during the Lithophage Meteorite event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused scouts flare gun to not damage small enemies such as shredders, maggots and rockpox blisters
  • Fixed a bug that caused Breeders to become invisible when frozen
  • Fixed a bug that caused cave leeches to sometimes be silent for clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused leeches to not look frozen when frozen
  • Put the red light on the leeches back where it should be (not floating like a weird orb outside its mouth)
  • Mactera corpses now dissolve like other enemies instead of just popping out of existence
  • Fixed a terrain bug that caused swarmer hole debris to show up in rooms without any actual swarmer holes.
  • Tweaked the terrain generation around the caretaker to improve variety and allow biomes and cave generation to have a greater impact on the area
  • Made it so Rock Cracker pods can’t land inside each other
  • Fixed that drop pod would sometimes land inside the walls
  • Fixed that the grappling hook would sometimes cancel its shot and have to recharge when you shoot and sprint or land while sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rejoining clients to not be able to see the blast sphere on previously active and still active C4
  • Removed the little IFG label from the IFG that could be seen by other players but not the person throwing it
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Nishanka Boltshark X-80 Broadhead bolts to not apply the correct amount of radial damage
  • Fixed a crash caused by host getting grabbed while holding a grenade
  • Fixed a bug that caused sounds to loop when triggering ‘Today's special’ beer effect
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Show network stats’ option to reset
  • Fixed some incorrect visual stats for the Warthog Auto 210: Magnetic Pellet Alignment OC
  • Fixed a small skinning issue with the mk5 armor
  • Fixed a skinning issue with the Waster weapon framework
  • Fixed a bunch of typos
  • Bosco now makes a sound, and has improved visuals when vacuuming
  • Rockpox waves now have a small chance to spawn during normal missions
  • Increased the difficulty for spawned enemies near plague towers and during cleaning
  • Everyone can now be dead for 0.5 seconds longer before a mission fails
  • Mission control should no longer mention sending down drop pods on salvage missions
  • Sabotage missions can now have mutators - like they were supposed to
  • The core infuser now carves the terrain around it when you complete the machine event
  • The LithoVac and the LithoFoam now have a shiny hologram above them when dropped
  • Thrown objects will now carry some of the player's momentum
  • Changed the cleaning pod placement, now they can only be placed on terrain
  • Added some extra breach effects to Heartstone after the final break
  • Fixed Flying rocks appearing in phase 3 of the Heartstone fight
  • Improved streamer mode, and made ambient space rig music controlled by each client instead of the host
  • Barrels that do not go through the Hoop now explode instead of just popping out of existence
  • Added game version and mission seed numbers to cave HUD
  • Loadout UI in the escape menu now also shows armor and pickaxe modifications
  • Fixed an issue where the pop-up for Color Vision Deficiency options in the options menu would appear beneath other option UI bits
  • Fixed a bug that caused perk tooltips to sometimes not show in the equipment terminal
  • Updated the credit list to include new community translators
  • Changed driller monochrome armor paint job to yellow tones instead of blue
  • Changed the ordering of DLCs in the DLC menu. Now newest is first on the list.
  • Optimized the drop pod dice
  • Improved shadows on the space rig
  • Optimised weapons and devices when not in use
  • Added more newsticker messages on the trade terminal
  • Added a new fire sound for the Subata 120 when using the 2-round burst modification
  • Changed Armskore Coil Gun OC Hellfire description to make it reflect the fact that it increases charge time, not reduces it
  • Fixed the Boomstick T2 Rate of Fire upgrade also reducing the reload speed
  • Hexawing now dies instantly when frozen.
  • Fixed goo cannon only consuming 1 ammo every other full charged shots if done consecutively
  • Fix for bug where breaking one armor plate on some enemies, would make some other armor plate unbreakable
  • Fixed enemy armor sometimes still being breakable when it shouldn't be (ex. when frozen)
  • Made the praetorian(normal, ice, rockpox) spit particles better match the attack hitbox
  • Fixed Thermal exhaust feedback overclock for plasma carbine not staging damage upgrades correctly


Narrated Trailer
Cosmetic DLC - Decontaminator Pack
Cosmetic DLC - Decontaminator Pack

Post Update Hotfixes

Patch 1

June 20th, 2023

Hello Miners,

We hope you are enjoying the sticky gooey missions of Season 4! Patch 1 has a number of fixes, including a frequent crash and fixes to loadouts and enemies.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Added sound to randomize buttons
  • Flaregun flares will now fall to the ground when hitting the corrupter
  • Fixed usable bar sticking around after someone cancels reviving you
  • Menace and acid spitter now plays their stun animation
  • Septic spreader now plays strafe and stun animations correctly
  • Septic spreader now checks line of sight from its center
  • Fixed client side butt animation issue for the Septic Spreader
  • The septic spreader can no longer shoot behind itself
  • Septic spreader added attack tell scream+misc attenuation tweaks
  • Fixed crash related to foaming the Corruptor
  • Reverted some changes to wave manager that was causing problems
  • Adjusted engineer cable color on the DLC09 paintjob to red
  • Stingtail now only does its sting attack if its within 10m vertical distance of its target
  • Updated the icons of the Healthy armor upgrade so that they are not the same as the Shield upgrade
  • Corruptor no longer despawns if you move too far away from it
  • Fixed a bug that caused copying loadout changes loadout of other classes
  • Fixed Randoweisser picks from already existing player's loadouts
  • Fixed that Bet-C was targeting untargetable enemies
  • Steeve now has a white outline when pinged instead of the usual red
  • Fixed wave cooker not working for the remainder of a mission if you canceled firing right as you start firing it

DRAK-25 (Thermal Exhaust Feedback OC)

  • Increased the damage and heat bonus to compensate for the now properly working scaling


  • Fixed a bug that caused stingtails to sometimes pull players out of bounds
  • Fixed crash related to shot impact sound
  • Fixed issue that caused all building progress to reset when the player stopped building

Patch 2

June 26th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Just a couple of bug fixes to get your week started miners… Now get back to work!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Typo fixes
  • Fixed Incorrect mission control voiceline on salvage with lithophage warning
  • Fixed Driller Platinum paintjob inconsistent with other classes
  • Fixed Sandshark teleporting to mission start when it turns vulnerable
  • Fixed Septic Spreader not having arched line of sight checks
  • Fixed cases where double boss healthbar could appear
  • Fixed pickaxe copy/paste changed weapon loadout
  • Fixed issue with small beard and armours
  • Fixed mission control repeating the progress shouts for the meteor multiple times
  • Fixed Incorrect displaying rate of fire of minigun
  • Reverted some changes to wave manager that was causing problems
  • Fixed subata explosive rounds only working on caretaker vents when more than one of them were alive
  • Randoweisser will now correctly randomize pickaxe again

Patch 3

June 28th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Fixed several beer bugs and the barrel hoop game will now correctly murder you if you fall into it with jetboots - very important stuff…We also fixed the broken dreadnought armour, so no more easy Elimination missions!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed an issue that would make the lobber walk up to the player and boop them without trying to shoot at them
  • Attempt at fixing Randoweisser beer has problem with certain Overclocks
  • Fixed Players can pick up two beers at once from the bar
  • Fixed that you could Lose your beer when equipping Jetty Boots in Space Rig
  • The barrel hoop will now kill you when jet booting up through it
  • Fixed Glyphid Dreadnought (standard Dreadnought) armor broken
  • Fixed Retrievable crossbow bolts don't emit ANY light as client
  • Fixed Glyphid animation that raises forelegs overhead creates errant dirt particles mid-air
  • Fixed bubbles in small bio tank
  • Fixed Macteras missing dissolve animation on their corpse (this fix fixes the grabbers)
  • Fixed crash when copy-pasting boscos loadout
  • SMG now correctly tagged as Primary weapon in the weapon id
  • Typo fixes

Patch 4

July 4th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Another important patch, this time fixing sleeves in caves and beards clipping into armors.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Optimized septic spreader puddles
  • Fixed a bug that caused Subata 120 neuro-corrosive toxic catalyst exploders and lootbugs to briefly disappear before their own explosion
  • Fixed beard and armor clipping that was introduced in last patch
  • Fixed a bug that caused Corrupter boss music to keep playing
  • Attempted fix for the triple bedazzled beard to clip less with armor
  • Fixed a bug that caused Weapon stats to not update in Equipment Terminal when changing a non-selected class
  • Fixed MC voice line in refinery mission after the liquid morkite extraction is done, if there are contagion spikes in the level
  • Fixed a bug that caused shield sound to only play for host
  • Fixed randomization of pickaxe when previewing classes
  • Fixed that Corruptor worm pods did not spawn any worms
  • Fixed a bug that caused the version number UI to be enabled on restart if it was previously turned off
  • Fixed an issue where crossbow bolts would behave weirdly when shot at an elevator plant
  • Fixed incorrect voice line playing when laser pointing maggots while Bosco is there
  • Added 2 missing scrip by increasing plague challenges from 13 to 15
  • Added a prompt to follow the Ghost Ship Games steam page when exiting the game
  • Lowered the chances of MC, Bosco and others getting a highscore on the JettyBoot Arcade
  • Fixed that plasma burster missiles were not working properly as client
  • Fixed sleeveless using only hosts options in caves, should now handle local users settings

Patch 5

August 9th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Mission Control has been made aware of a short-circuit in the Drop Pod targeting computer, and it seems that some dwarves were using this glitch to clock out a little early. R&D has since fixed the problem, so all dwarves can enjoy the long walk home at the end of each shift. Besides that, several issues have been fixed with the summer event and fixing a bug that gave double mission payouts in certain situations. Mission Control is not made of credits...

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a crash that happened when leaving/disbanding team mid-steel drum concert
  • Reduced the size of the terrain scanner model of the Pool Float
  • Removed the extra pool float icon in the mission end screen
  • Added eyebrows inside the industrial visor headwear
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Shark hat to get the wrong material in some cases
  • Fixed the Shark hat's teeth so they now don’t clip through all the eyebrows - and when they do it looks better
  • Fixed French translation of the ‘launch bay/Baie de lancement’ text in the memorial hall.
  • Re-fixed bug that made platform-sealed holes register as generated rooms, causing drops to land in unintended places and in some cases trigger the Escape Pod failsafe position.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mission resources and XP to be granted double (stacking on top of the 2X Pool Float bonus) in some cases

Patch 6

August 10th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Turns out the Corruptor caused late-joining dwarves to see minerals and terrain that were no more - It is now back to only corrupting Hoxxes.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a bug that caused minerals and carved terrain to become desynced between host and late- joining clients, if the corruptor was present in the level.
  • Fixed a bug where the Stingtail would sometimes fling players way too high
  • Fixed a bug that caused the season countdown timer to be visible if the game is offline/lost connection to the backend

Patch 7

September 7th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Another round of fixes! this time for stuck enemies, things landing in places they shouldn't and preparing for some upcoming events.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Hid debug lines on specific corruptor attacks
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to sometimes become stuck after spawning
  • The amount of corruptors Plague puddles is now limited to a maximum of 30 active in a level.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the meteor warning sound to not be played for clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused ‘A Journeys End’ soundtrack to not be played on some systems
  • Fixed a bug that caused liquid morkite wells and machine events to sometimes spawn too close, blocking the well access
  • Fixed a bug that caused rock cracking pods to land inside each other
  • Fixed a bug that caused hacking pods to land too close to other entities and colliding with them
  • Prepared for upcoming events

Patch 8

September 8th, 2023

Hello Miners,

Just a small patch today, fixing irremovable plague puddles and some unintentionally free items in the forge that management had forgotten about.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed a bug that caused corruptors Plague puddles to not be removed when vacuumed
  • Added missing prices for season 03 forge items
  • Fixed a bug that caused the oppressor and bulk detonator to very rarely spawn in the tutorial
  • Fixed some typos

Patch 9

October 4th, 2023

Hello Miners,

This patch contains a small number of fixes, including a fix to Rejoin game, which would fail if a host had previously hosted a game. We also added a Merch tab for the board game expansions!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed issue where some weapons could do massive amounts of damage when shooting a puddle
  • Fixed that rejoin game would fail, if the host had previously hosted another game
  • Adjusted Large meteor carver to make rock cracker locations more accessible without mining
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Optimized contagion spikes a bit
  • Added a Merch tab to the menu, currently shows the DRG board game + expansion kickstarter

Patch 10 (November Maintenance Update)

November 16th, 2023

Hello Miners,

The November Maintenance Update is here! If you haven’t already seen the trailer, it’ll give you a good overview of everything that’s coming in this update (formally known as Patch S04.10). We’ll post that here, and you’ll find the full patch notes and all the details down below.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

Toggle option for seasonal content

We’ve added the ability to opt out of Season content, for those of you that want to put your game into a ‘season neutral’ state. To unlock this ability, you need to reach level 100 in the Performance Pass, and claim the level 100 reward. After you do that, a check box option will become available in the Season Terminal interface. If you uncheck that box, here’s what happens:

  • The Lithophage Corruption Zone will disappear from the map in your Mission Terminal.
  • The chance of encountering Lithophage Outbreak Warnings on the map will become equal to other mission Warnings (like Rival Presence or Elite Threat, for example)
  • Rockpox enemy waves will not spawn outside of Lithophage Warnings and Events
  • The chance of Meteor Strike & Lithophage Corruptor events will become equal to previous season events (like the Rival Prospector)

Put simply, this option makes all Lithophage-related content as common as the Rival content currently is in the game. Doing this will also make it harder to obtain Plague Hearts and complete some Season Challenges, as these depend on Lithophage enemies and infestations. Keep in mind that when joining a lobby, it’s the host’s own season toggle setting that will apply to the session. This function is completely optional, and you can always turn it on or off whenever you like. We plan on keeping this feature for all future seasons.

Weapon Maintenance reward system

You’ll find a new tab in your Season Terminal: the Weapon Maintenance section. This is a bit of new content, meant to track and reward proficiency with the weapons in the DRG arsenal. The Weapon Maintenance screen tracks your experience with each gun in the game. Once you earn enough XP with a specific weapon equipped (counting toward both your primary and secondary in any mission), you’ll unlock exclusive paint jobs for that gun! We’re starting with four paintjobs to unlock, one for each season we’ve done so far. These new Weapon Mastery color schemes are:

  • WM1 ‘Yellowjacket’
  • WM2 ‘Cobalt Crackle’
  • WM3 ‘Heroic’
  • WM4 ‘Grasshopper’

This is going to be a seasonal feature, so with every new season in the future, there’ll be a special paintjob you can earn for every weapon. And these are never going to be season-locked – so you can always earn them for every gun, even if you don’t manage it before the next season rolls around.

Reductions of Rockpox effects

Rockpox boils

  • Reduced the infection range when popping a boil
  • Fixed the infection not stacking properly when popping multiple boils at once
  • Reduced the amount of infection from popping a single boil

Rockpox infection buildup

  • Shortened the delay before infection levels begin to drop
  • Increased the infection reduction rate
  • Reduced the time it takes to break out when being held by Rockpox
  • Fixed the post-breakout infection immunity window not working properly
  • Made the player infection buildup stop faster when players leave the source
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rockpox buildup to never end
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rockpox Exploders to not be feared by Litho-Foam
  • Fixed players taking an extra tick of damage from the Rockpox immediately after breaking out

Rockpox Corruptor

  • Improved the visibility of the stomp attack ‘tell’ particles
  • Made it so that the spike attack 'tell' now shows the direction of attack
  • Reduced the max movement speed
  • Improved health bar damage feedback when hitting the vulnerable parts

Tweaks to enemy stats / behavior


  • Improved the Septic Spreader's shot prediction, so it hits ceilings and other obstructions less often
  • You can now shoot the Septic Spreader's projectiles out of the air
  • Converted some of the Mactera Frost Bomber’s snowball projectile damage to ice damage
  • Made the Glyphid Frost Praetorian do a little bit of damage with its ice breath attack


  • Increased the cooldown of the grab attack slightly
  • Added a significant cooldown after a successful grab attack
  • Reduced the range of the grab attack
  • Tweaked the base HP and added multiple damage weaknesses and resistances to improve breakpoints
  • Removed health scaling by player count
  • Fixed its horns not blocking damage
  • Improved the collision on the "mouth" weak point, making it easier to hit
  • Made the glowy armor bits glow more to improve visibility
  • Tweaked the spawn values to prevent too many of them at once

New electrocution mechanics
We updated the electrocution system to use the newer slowdown method, which allows enemies like the Dreadnoughts or Oppressor (who previously resisted electrocution completely) to instead partially resist and reduce the slowdown effect of electrocution while still taking damage from the DoT effect. In short, you can now electrocute these enemies. Zap!

Weapon tweaks

As always, any removed upgrades will have their cost automatically refunded. This also applies to the Necro-Thermal Catalyst upgrade for the Coil Gun, as we had to completely rebuild it.

Breach Cutter
High Voltage Crossover OC

  • Extended the duration of the electrocution effect from 4s to 5s

Roll Control OC

  • Significantly increased the spin rate
  • Added a lifetime bonus
  • Projectile can now be steered while holding down the trigger
  • Releasing the trigger no longer stops rotation, just releases steering control

Shaped Shells OC

  • Further tightened up the horizontal spread so now the grouping is symmetrical
  • The crosshair now changes with this OC to reflect the spread change

LOK-1 Smart Rifle

  • Fixed the input buffer not working properly when shooting manually
  • Reduced the manual rate of fire of the LOK-1 now that it has a functioning input buffer, as the original value was high to compensate for the inconsistent firing.

ArmsKore Coil Gun

  • Removed all randomness from the trail damage to get more consistency
  • Increased the bonus radius of the T5 Dilated Injector upgrade from +0.5 to +1
  • Made it so the base trail DoT effect can now stack
  • Increased the maximum damage bonus from Overcharger from 32 to 100
  • Added a damage bonus vs. burning targets on the T5 Necro Thermal Catalyst upgrade
  • Increased the explosion radius of the T5 Necro Thermal Catalyst upgrade from 400 to 600 while reducing the damage from 140 to 80, and changed it to pure fire damage to better set enemies on fire and chain the effect
  • Replaced the T2 reload speed upgrade with the T1 recharge speed upgrade, and moved some of the reload speed bonus to the base weapon
  • Replaced the T1 charge speed upgrade with a new trail duration upgrade

Hellfire OC

  • Removed the trail width bonus

Triple Tech OC

  • Increased the damage dealt by the secondary shots from 0.5 to 0.75 (did not increase shot cost)

Backfeeding Module OC

  • Replaced the damage penalty with a trail duration penalty

"Stubby" Voltaic SMG

  • Reduced the base recoil slightly
  • Reduced the bonus of the T2 recoil upgrade
  • Increased the bonuses of the two damage upgrades
  • Slightly reduced the bonus of the Hollow-Point Bullets upgrade
  • Slightly reduced the bonus of the Conductive Bullets upgrade
  • Added an armor breaking upgrade to T4
  • Added an accuracy upgrade to T5
  • Slightly reduced the accuracy penalty when walking and sprinting

Turret EM Discharge OC

  • Removed friendly damage entirely
  • Removed damage falloff
  • Added a range indicator (visible only to player with the OC) that appears around every turret when the SMG is equipped

Turret Arc OC

  • Significantly reduced the rate of friendly fire damage
  • Completely removed the friendly fire from the AoE electrocution effect around any turret affected by Turret Arc
  • Updated Turret Arc particles to better match the actual AoE radius
  • Slightly increased the trigger size for the electric arc
  • Added a short tail to the DoT to do a bit more damage to enemies that manage to quickly go through the arc
  • Added a visual arc range indicator when placing turrets (only if you have the OC equipped)


  • Added equipment loadout slot icons, so you can now use the mission type icons as a loadout icon
  • Added more light reflection to the walls of Azure Weald and Hollow Bough to make it a little easier to see what’s going on
  • Merch menu: New URL to the board game expansion entry (now links to the backer kit instead of the now-inactive Kickstarter page)
  • Info landing screen: removed link to board game merch
  • You can no longer activate the Jetty Boots Arcade in the Space Rig while holding an item
  • Added Bloom and Lens Flare settings in the graphics options (you're welcome, J.J. Abrams)
  • Added a Weapon Sway slider in the accessibility options
  • Added a “Hold to Breakout” toggle in the accessibility options, for simpler Rockpox escapes
  • Changed the trigger shape of all enemy-produced "puddles" (such as from Goo Bombers and Septic Spreaders) to better match the graphics and to make it easier to cover them with Engineer's platforms.
  • Fixed not being able to grab Gunk Seeds while in the air (this was 98% of the whole update)
  • Made it so the Full Fluffy beard no longer erases your sideburns
  • Fixed a bug that caused Proximity Mines to put the player into a different character state when they pick them up
  • Fixed that the +1 Satchel Charge upgrades did not work
  • Sentry Gun ammo count now rounds up when resupplied
  • Fixed issue with Driller not getting full Satchel Charges with resupplies
  • Fixed beers getting a refill if you enter 3rd person (company policy is no free refills)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rockpox immunity after being knocked out
  • Fixed a bug that caused a fizz sound to linger in empty beer mugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused clients to get the promotion voice line when the host reached level 25
  • Fixed incorrect Mission Control voicelines on Salvage Operations
  • Fixed throwable items on the Space Rig (like snowballs) getting stuck in the carry animation if you threw them right before you entered 3rd person
  • Fixed M1000 focus shot status effects not being applied to certain targets (e.g. Loot Bugs)
  • Fixed Gamma Contamination (Wave Cooker OC) not working if you hit armor
  • Fixed Mission Control shouting the wrong voice line when all pipelines are constructed
  • Fixed a visual bug that made it look like the Dreadnought Twins could twin-heal with the Unknown Horror
  • Fixed Q'ronar Shellback + Younglings briefly going into their reference pose (T-pose) when killed by fire, corrosive, Wave Cooker, or chemical explosion (from the Boltshark) before dying
  • Fixed Hiveguard continuing its behavior after death
  • Added a failsafe so that Fuel Cells dropping on top of the Uplink won't softlock the game
  • Fixed a bug that made it so Salvage Mission fuel lines and Rock Cracker cables could be “split” or broken, which caused a softlock of the mission
  • Fixed that the dwarves’ thick, magnificent necks were clipping through the Shock Trooper and Tech Trooper helmets
  • Added a safety timer that will force the Hiveguard to spawn the Sentinels after a certain time has passed
  • Fixed 5th Anniversary hat getting the color of the last hat you equipped
  • Potential fix for Boltshark's ammo being weird in Deep Dives (hopefully not weird now)
  • Potential fix for ammo not transferring between levels in Deep Dive (for turrets, shield, Satchel Charge and Boltshark bolts)
  • Also tried to fix the Boltshark getting stuck in a state where it can't reload on 2nd level of Deep Dives
  • Fixed Lederhosen first-person hands/gloves not looking right (now they’re Betterhosen)
  • Reduced the range a Rock Cracker pod needs from another one, and improved fail-safe if the pods can't spawn
  • Fixed Wave Cooker not properly gaining heat when spam-clicking
  • Flare Gun’s flare sound now properly fades away when the flare burns out
  • Clients now always see the same Mission Map as the host
  • Fixed lingering ambient audio after leaving Deep Dive Terminal
  • Fixed a bug where the Terrain Scanner would not get unequipped when the player stopped holding the button
  • Fixed an equivalent bug for the Laser Pointer
  • Fixed an issue for both the Laser Pointer and the Terrain Scanner when trying to use these items while holding something else
  • Fixed bug where Boltshark bolts would stick to player when having the Bodkin Points OC equipped
  • Added entry to Miner’s Manual for the Jetty Boot arcade game
  • Slightly reduced the chance of the smol meteor event
  • Fixed a bug where the Terrain Scanner would slide off the screen without the player releasing the button on high latency clients
  • Changed the Terrain Scanner slide-on-screen animation so it no longer resets every time the player releases and holds the button
  • Fixed an animation bug that caused the dwarf to move the weapon towards the center of the screen while walking, and view bobbing was not at maximum setting
  • Improved EMP discharge indicator flow
  • Fixed Cave Leeches’ hissing being too low quiet
  • Fixed issue where Boltshark bolts that are shot at other projectiles get stuck in midair
  • Sentry Turrets now turn off range indicators when dismantling themselves
  • Tweaked escape menu to better fit non-English languages
  • Fixed issue with perk equipper layout being weird in the Equipment Terminal
  • Fixed issue where accuracy penalties when moving and sprinting were not always being applied
  • Fixed some typos

Phew, that's everything! Hope you like it. :) Have fun out there, be safe, and Rock and Stone!


  • Fix for Corruptor crashing the game with it’s spike attack
  • Possible fix for a crash when drinking beers and doing various mysterious things
  • Fixed Hurricane Rocket Barrage OC not deactivating missile guidance


November Maintenance Update Trailer

Patch 11

November 21st, 2023

Hello Miners,

This patch fixes or attempts to fix a number of significant issues such as a render crash that happened to alot of players, a crash after drinking beers, and several gameplay issues like Machine events not spawning and Wardens not wardin’

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Potential fix for Unreal render crash that happened to many miners
  • Fixed Machine Events not spawning
  • Fix for a crash when using the Stubby
  • Fix for Wardens are no longer warding as well as korlokk healing pod
  • Potential crash fix for drinking certain beers and interacting with the spacerig (Management apologizes for the temporary lapse in morale)
  • Fixed Burning Hell OC having the wrong heat-up rate bonus
  • Fixed that Turret Arc has no effect on Shard Diffractor T5A upgrade

LMG Gun Platform

  • Fixed ammo counters clipping through sentry guns when firing.
  • Fixed potential crash and emp range indicator not turning on in specific cases.
  • Fixed potential crash and issue where the arc range indicator is not turned on, on first equip of sentry gun item.

Patch 12

December 18th, 2023

Hello Miners,

We did it! The last patch of 2023! Yay us - and yay you! Thanks for being awesome all year! See you in the next one.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Fixed that mission control was talking about summer when finishing ‘The fashion of yuletide past’ assignment.
  • Added an extra present, but don’t open it yet.
  • Fixed an issue that caused networking not network in some rare cases.

Hotfix 1

  • Attempt to fix Unreal render crash

Hotfix 2

  • Attempt to fix Unreal render crash

Hotfix 3

  • Attempt to fix Unreal render crash

Hotfix 4

  • Attempt to fix Unreal render crash

Hotfix 5

  • Attempt to fix Unreal render crash

Patch 13

January 4th, 2024

Hello Miners,

We have Identified our pre-xmas crash to be related to older gen Ryzen CPU’s. We have attempted some fixes, but adding additional logging, just in case the fixes do not work.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Attempt at fixes crash for older gen Ryzen CPU’s
  • Added additional logging

Changes from S04.12

  • Fixed a Steam Socket issue that caused networking not network in some rare cases.

Patch 14 (February Maintenance Update)

February 19th, 2024

Hello Miners,

Happy February Maintenance Update day! For this one, we’ve focused on the bugs and issues that got the most community upvotes in our PleaseFix portal. In case you haven’t heard of that, it’s the best way to report and document bugs you come across in the game.

Okay, enough chit-chat. Let’s dive into the patch notes.

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

Introducing Hidden Dwarf beer

Fun stuff first: We’ve got a brand new brew up in the Abyss Bar!

Next time you mosey on over to the bar, you’ll find that Lloyd is ready to pour up a round of delicious Hidden Dwarf Double IPA.

After teasing it last week, it's been fun to see everybody’s speculations on what this beer does.

Some people speculated that it gives you Barrel Armor. This is not the case. Others guessed that it transforms you into a barrel. This is partially correct. A few thought they’d heard the Hydengözik Brewery name before. They have. Sort of.

So how can we describe this tantalizing new beverage? Well, to best experience the transformative flavor of Hidden Dwarf, we recommend you gather a few pals and order a round together.

You’ll find that it starts a prop hunt mode on the Space Rig. :)

Weapon tweaks and fixes

  • Fixed Hyper Propellant OC working incorrectly with T4A Homebrew Explosive mod. This mod was only supposed to affect the actual explosion, therefore these changes have been made to make it more clear:
    • The ‘Homebrew Explosive‘ mode has been changed to only affect radial damage on the weapon’s projectile.
    • Therefore, it should no longer affect upgrades that do direct damage, such as the Spiky Grenade modification or the direct damage of the Hyper Propellant OC.
    • Prior to the change, Homebrew Explosive had no effect on neither direct nor area damage of Hyper Propellant.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cryo Cannon's T5A ‘Fragile’ mod, where shattered enemies didn’t die as expected on higher hazards
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shard Diffractor’s ‘Bio-Mass Converter’ mod to not work for clients
  • Fixed a bug with the Turret Arc OC where the electric damage bonus from Gemini turrets didn’t cause any additional damage when used with some other weapons
  • Fixed a bug causing Turret EM Discharge OC to not proc at certain angles
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Stubby’s ‘Upgraded Capacitors’ mod to roll two proc attempts with a 25% chance, instead of one roll with a 50% chance to proc. Basically, now there’s a higher chance to proc the electric effect

Armor and 'Armor Breaking' modifications

As discussed in the preview post, we’ve cooked up a few tweaks to make enemy armor behave more consistently, and give more incentive to pick the ‘Armor Breaking’ modification on your weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where projectiles for the Deepcore 40mm PGL, DRAK-25, and Hurricane could hit an enemy and break the armor, but not damage the enemy in the same hit. This is a big day for Hyper Propellant enjoyers
  • Fixed a longstanding bug where Heavy Armor (as found on the Praetorian) did not scale in accordance with Hazard level.
  • Fixed a bug where the Boomstick’s ‘Improved Blast Wave’ mod did not deal damage to armor. The shockwave now uses radial damage instead of custom damage, so it should work against armor now.

General bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Nayaka Trawlers (AKA sand sharks) to not target players unless damaged by players
  • Fixed a bug that let players spam-deposit the same Kursite chunk over and over again, cheesing the Kursite Grinder event
  • Fixed that Dreadnoughts were teleporting for clients in certain situations
  • Fixed that Molly’s escape button would not appear in Industrial Sabotage missions if you completed the Contagion Spike cleaning objective last
  • Fixed an issue where some AoE attacks themselves could be affected by status effects
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused sleeves to not match the player’s loadout when displayed in the mission end screen
  • Fixed a bug with doors on the Space Rig getting de-synced between players
  • Fixed a bug where Mission Control would repeat On-Site Refining objective voiceline
  • Fixed that the Grappling Hook would immediately pull Scout (ignoring the ‘casting’ time) when using Jet Boots
  • Fixed a bug with the server list that caused Hazard 5 missions to always appear even when they should be locked, leading to new players accidentally joining Hazard 5 (lol)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bosco skins and frameworks to appear in Cargo Crates instead of the Lost Packs as intended.

QoL features

  • Experience earned for Weapon Maintenance skin rewards now carries over to other unlock levels. Now you can earn everything without having to check in and ‘redeem’ stuff you’ve already unlocked. A more detailed description is available in the preview post
  • Reorganized the audio options, so there’s a stronger visual indicator that the ‘Character’ & ‘Mission Control’ volume sliders are both subject to the ‘Sound Effects’ volume slider
  • The menu’s Audio tab now has a ‘Steam settings’ button for easier access to Steam’s own audio settings
  • Remaned the Merch tab in the menu to “DRG Universe” and added a new module for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
  • Got the Miner Community terminal's Discord integration to work more consistently (still can be a bit wonky, but at least it's better)
  • Adding a small monitor near the Assignment Board that displays a countdown until a current seasonal event ends. This will first be visible during this year’s Anniversary Event. More on that real soon!

And fixed some typos, probably made some new ones


February Maintenance Update Teaser

Patch 15

February 20th, 2024

Hello Miners,

Due to demands from the Miners Union, Hunters can now Rock and Stone during prop hunt. We also fixed a pretty bad crash caused by losing a mission with bare arms, how humiliating!

— With Love,

The Ghost Ship Crew

  • Options: Added more space for percentage text for volume sliders
  • Fixed a bug that caused Boomstick mod ‘Improved Shockwave’ tooltip showing 0 damage.
  • Prop Hunt: Hunters can now rock & stone
  • Prop Hunt: Fixed a bug that caused the bio tank prop to hover above the floor
  • Removed a visible box surrounding Engineers Lure Grenade
  • Fixed a crash when failing a mission while wearing sleeveless armor