Season 04: Critical Corruption

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Season 4 was first teased with a series of teasers on Ghost Ship Games' Youtube account, of which the first released on the 19th April 2023. They were shown during live streams through 2 months, most of the time in the later segment. In one of the patch notes before the image reveal, one of the changes listed that the season countdown timer would be accurate to the release date, and the season would roll out on time. A partially obscured an edited image teasing Season 4 was shown in a later stream, and fully revealed soon after.

The obscured Season 4 image.
The image shown on stream, partially edited and fogged. It was also on the DRG Twitter, with the caption 'Synchronise your time pieces, miners!'
The unobscured image, showing the release dates of June 15 on PC and June 22 on Console.
The unobscured image, now showing release dates, the fog removed, and further detail.

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