Rockpox Exploder

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The Rockpox has had a profound influence on the internal workings of the Glyphid Exploder. The usual production of volatile bio-napalm has been twisted into something more like organic concrete, hardening its outer carapace significantly, but likely causing the creature significant pain as its joints seize up and its tendons crystalize. In spite of these drastic changes to its physiognomy, the Rockpox Exploder still explodes - a layer of newly formed pustules cover it almost entirely, and release highly concentrated clouds of infectious Lithophage spores upon rupture. Anything caught in the blast will be instantly infected - take them out from a safe distance and do not allow them to get close.
— Miner's Manual Description


Health and Armor


Health Scaling

Hazard Level
Normal Mission Icons Difficulty ToughEnemies.png DD EDD
1 2 3 4 5 TE 1

TE 2

3 3.5 4.5 5 5.5
Player Count Dwarfcount1.png to Dwarfcount4.png 70 100 110 120 120 120 159.6 110 110 120 120 120


The Rockpox Exploder has 2 blisters. Destroying a blister deals 50 damage to the Rockpox Exploder. Destroying all blisters kills the target.