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Plaguehearts are a bonus item introduced with the Season 03: Plaguefall update. For every 6 Plaguehearts collected 1 ScripScrip can be claimed at the Season Terminal on the Space Rig, up to a maximum of 15 ScripScrip, so long as seasons 3 or 4 were active when collected. When deposited, they will give 300 Performance Points (Performance Points) to the team upon mission completion (85 Performance Points if the mission is failed) regardless of which season is active, also rewarded with 250 Experience Points per heart, which is multiplied by the Hazard Bonus.

If a mission is failed, as long as the Plaguehearts were deposited, players will still be able to claim their Scrip progression, as well as some of the experience and credits they grant.


Three types of events can randomly happen during missions: meteor impacts, rockpox corruptors and meteor showers. The game rolls for them in two ways. It will roll once for a meteor impact or a corruptor with 25% to 33% chance depending on missions length. If succesful, it will choose one or the other with a 50% chance. It will also try for a meteor showerwith 25% to 33% chance depending on missions length, making those possible in conjunction with the other events.[1]
Impacts can open Dreadnought eggs during Elimination, or damage the Drilldozer during Escort Duty.

Meteor Impact

Heads up, team! A meteor is about to impact your area! Clear the impact zone, immediately!
— Mission Control

Impact of a Lithophage meteorite

The Meteor Impact event can randomly happen once to twice in any mission, barring those with the Lithophage Outbreak warning. It will kill anything in the impact zone with diminished damage to the dwarves the further of the center and turn the surface around it into hot rock.

After the crash, two Rock Cracker pods can be called down and connected to the meteorite. Once started, the machines will deplete the meteorite's integrity (shown as a bar along the top of the screen) and will need maintenance and protection as they attract waves of creatures. Note that it is slightly more efficient to fix the pods before they fall to 0% "health" than to fix them up from a broken state[2].

Upon completion, 3 to 4 Plaguehearts can be found inside the meteor. Mission Control will give off a response when all Plaguehearts from the meteorite were deposited.

 •  The objective is to crack the Lithophage meteorite.

Meteor Shower

Lithophage meteorite fragments are about to impact in your vicinity! Stay alert!
— Mission Control

Impact of Lithophage meteorite fragments

The Meteor Shower event can randomly happen once to twice in any mission. 4 to 7 fragments will arrive, killing everything in the impact zone and turning the surface around them into hot rock.

After the crash, they can be cracked open with 5 pickaxe hits. One of the fragments is guaranteed to have 1 Plagueheart inside; the rest of them have a 2% chance of having one[3].

Unlike the larger impact event, meteor showers can happen in missions with the Lithophage Outbreak warning.

 •  The objective is to crack the Lithophage meteorite fragments.

Rockpox Corruptor

Cleansing Pod is on-site! Direct all of your focus to the Lithophage Corruptor, Team!
— Dwarf Shout

A Rockpox Corruptor being cleansed

The Rockpox Corruptor has a 50% chance to replace a Meteor Impact whenever one happens[4][5]. It's a hostile roaming creature that will attack if disturbed or close by, but otherwise follows a pattern.

When located, a Cleansing Pod can be called by interacting with it. Similar to the Lithophage Outbreak mutator, it will be required to apply foam on the creature and then vacuum it to destroy the heavy armor before being able to damage it. Multiple Plaguehearts will be available to collect when eliminated.

 •  The objective is to eliminate the Rockpox Corruptor.