Hazard Bonus

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Hazard Bonuses

Hazard Bonus is a factor that Gold, Crafting Minerals, and Experience collected in a mission are multiplied by to reward the player for a more difficult mission.

Hazard Bonus is calculated based on the Hazard Level of a mission, the Hazard 5+ modifiers, Cave Complexity and Length, both of which are shown during mission selection, and any Warnings the mission has, up to two. The sum of all the elements will be the final Hazard Bonus.

The maximum possible bonus is +265%, attainable on a Hazard 5+, with all modifiers at maximum level, length 3, complexity 3 mission (+133% +20% +20%) with any two Warnings worth +30%. The Lithophage Outbreak does not feature in any double-Warning missions.

Hazard Level

Haz 1.png +25% Hazard 1 — Low Risk
Haz 2.png +50% Hazard 2 — Challenging
Haz 3.png +75% Hazard 3 — Dangerous
Haz 4.png +100% Hazard 4 — Extreme
Haz 5.png +133% Hazard 5 — Lethal

Hazard 5+ modifiers

Icons Difficulty AggressiveEnemies.png +3% (per level) Aggressive Enemies (2 levels)
Icons Difficulty MoreEnemies.png +3% (per level) More Enemies (2 levels)
Icons Difficulty PlayerVulnerability.png +5% (per level) Player Vulnerability (2 levels)
Icons Difficulty ToughEnemies.png +5% (per level) Tough Enemies (2 levels)


Icons complexity 1.png +0% Complexity 1
Icons complexity 2.png +10% Complexity 2
Icons complexity 3.png +20% Complexity 3


Icons length 1.png +0% Length 1
Icons length 2.png +10% Length 2
Icons length 3.png +20% Length 3


Warning cave leech cluster icon.png +15% Cave Leech Cluster
Warning parasites icon.png +15% Parasites
Warning regenerative bugs icon.png +15% Regenerative Bugs
Warning exploder infestation! icon.png +20% Exploder Infestation!
Warning low oxygen icon.png +20% Low Oxygen
Warning mactera plague icon.png +20% Mactera Plague
Warning swarmageddon icon.png +20% Swarmageddon
Warning rockinfestation icon.png +20% Ebonite Outbreak
Warning lethal enemies icon.png +25% Lethal Enemies
Warning elite threat icon.png +30% Elite Threat
Warning haunted cave icon.png +30% Haunted Cave
Warning rival presence icon.png +30% Rival Presence
Warning shield disruption icon.png +30% Shield Disruption
Warning duckandcover icon.png +30% Duck and Cover
Warning lithophage outbreak icon.png +50% Lithophage Outbreak