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Gimme an R! Gimme an S! Gimme a Rock. And. Stone!
— The Dwarves

Voicelines remarked by the dwarves of Deep Rock Galactic.

The lines are announced when certain activities and events have occurred, marking the dwarf's reaction to the matter. All four dwarves share the same dialogue with the exception to any class-specific lines. Interesting to note, the voices of the four dwarves are all performed solely by voice actor Javier O'Neill. The vocal differences are due to unique changes in pitch and speed specifically designated for each class.

The Engineer's voice is pitched by 105%, the Scout's is pitched by 115%, the Gunner's by 90%, and the Driller's by 80%.

The content of the voicelines, apart from being reactionary, are sprinkled with various hints and facts that give insight into the working conditions of Deep Rock Galactic, the personality of the dwarves, and the overall universe that these characters inhabit.

Voiceline Pages

Dwarves Salutes, Shouts, Friendly Fire, Perks, etc.
Space Rig Arcade, Beers, Various Terminals, Seasonal Decorations, etc.
Hoxxes Minerals, Plants, Environmental Effects, Objective Resources
Creatures Glyphid, Mactera, Loot Bug, Steeve, Corruptor, etc.
Missions Drop Pod, Support Pods, Machine Events, Mission related Structures
Company Robots Bosco, Molly, Doretta, Lloyd, Hacksy, BET-C, etc.
Equipment Weapons, Pickaxe, Flares, Jet Boots
Removed Voicelines All lines removed from the base game


  • Voicelines are written by Ghost Ship Games founders Mikkel Pedersen and Robert Friis.
  • The most iconic line in the game, "Rock and Stone", has received many variations over the years. The phrase was envisioned to be a war cry that would unite the dwarves; capturing the spirit of cooperation.
  • Karl is a recurring topic for the dwarves in many situations. The idea for Karl was created by Robert Friis, who is the voice of Mission Control.
  • By 2022, the dwarves had 3669 unique voicelines.