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Space Rig Interior
Today I’m gonna smile at a Praetorian and see if it smiles back!
— The Dwarves

Voice lines related to the Space Rig.

Icon MinersManual Spacerig Wardrope.png Communal Area

Personal Cabin
Wake Up Audio
Today is a new day with infinite possibilities!
Auuhhhh... Just 16 hours till I can go back to sleep!
Today I’m gonna smile at a Praetorian and see if it smiles back!
I can make this day as successful or as pointless as I’d like!
I'm gonna make this day special!
The sun's rose again today!
I have more power than I give myself credit for, and today I’m going to use it... in the bar!
Today I'm gonna set a new high score in Jetty Boot!
Time to make my ancestors proud!
Wakey-Wakey, Dwarf!
I wanna go back to sleeping!
Aw man, my back is borked.
Today, Management are gonna take note of me!
Bloody hell, I think I slept on my pickaxe!
My pick is sharp, my beard is groomed! Here I come!
This one's for you, Karl!
What a fabulous slab of beef I am.
Rinse, repeat!
Ugh, what a terrible nightmare! I dreamt I worked for a soulless mining corporation. Wait... ah crap.
C'mon ya fancy dwarf, this day is yours!
A light breakfast at the bar, and then I'm hittin' the caves!
Slept like a rock!
Slept like a stone!
Live to fight another day!
The mines! They're calling me!
The hunt for gold continues!
Work hard, party hard, and then sleep hard! That's my motto!
Duty calls!
Time to go dig some holes!
Up and at 'em!
My head...! Uggghhh...!
Wait, what day is it?
Bit of a pinch in my neck... ahh...
My arse is itchy.
Character Selection Terminal
Select Driller Audio
Just call me the drilldozer.
Drill 'em and grill 'em!
I'll drill through anything!
Ain't no obstacle I can't clear!
Let me handle the digging!
I eat rock for breakfast!
Diggings' my middle name!
Step aside, wimps!
Obstacle? More like a granite smoothie once I'm done!
If it ain't drillable, it's probably flammable.
Fueled up and raring to go!
Heavy duty excavation, ain't no finer thing!
Select Engineer
Infestation problems? Automated turret, mate.
Turrets and explosions! You've come to the right place, mate.
Let's play this smart for once, huh?
Cut 'em off, cut 'em down. That's the way!
It's all about securing the caves, ya know.
Identify targets and exterminate. That's how it's done.
Quotas and objectives to fulfill. Let's get 'er done, lads!
Time for a cold one once this is done.
All in a day's work.
Select Gunner
Just show me where to shoot!
I'll kill anything with more legs than two!
Lock and load!
Pumped up and ready to kill!
Two-thousand rounds of depleted uranium, aw yeah!
So what if I like really big guns?!
It ain't a gun if it don't weight at least one-hundred pounds!
Time to turn some aliens into thin, green paste!
Trigger finger is itchy again.
Born to kill, baby!
Select Scout
The truth is out there, so is the gold.
Let's move it.
Time to light this shit up.
Allow me to illuminate the situation! Hahahaha!
Darkness? Ain't nothing!
Darkness, here I come!
I can get anywhere, any time.
Keep them shites off me, I'll keep the team alive!
Afraid of the dark? No need! You've got me!
Yeah, I've got a grappling hook. What are you going to do about it?
Yeah, I don't so much scout as make this operation possible.
Key Performance Indicator Terminal
Claim Perk Points Audio
Milestone completed.
Like that!
Easy peasy!
Perk points claimed!
Hot potato!
More perk points for me.
Damn, I'm good at this.
Unlock Perk
Cool perk!
Perk unlocked!
New perk unlocked!
Perk obtained!
I got a perk!
Pure. Perk. Mania!
Another perk for me.
I really needed that perk.
Juuust the perk for me!
Wake Up Audio
Oh man...that went tits up fast.
Uggh...that went south fast.
That was maybe a little more than we could handle.
Oww...we got our asses kicked big time!
Next time...next time...
Team me up with a bunch of Greenbeards like that, crap's sakes...
Crap, do I still got all my limbs?
I feel...I feel like...I feel like shit!
Almost lost an arm there.
Aw man! My bloody armor! I just had it refurbished.
Ancestors, that was a bad fricking show!
When you don't stick to the plan, this is what happens, ya blaggards!
Did someone get the number of that glyphid that ran me over?
I'm fine! It was just a flesh wound!
Let's get back to work!
Well...sometimes you win, sometimes you end up at the sick bay.
Yeah, let's do better next time!
Well...at least my beard is still bloody magnificent!
It's what happens when you don't do as I say.
Hah, that ended as well as could be expected!
No kidding, that was a shitshow!
We could consider an easier mission next time?
Let's just get back into it and forget this as quickly as possible!
NEXT TIME, stick to the bloody plan!
I bloody told you! We need to stick together to survive!
Let's just never talk about this mission again.
Let's just forget this mission, and get on with a new one.
I think it was just bad luck.
Fortune was not with us.
Onwards and upwards!
Promotion Terminal
Quote Audio
I am ready!
I've worked hard for this!
Let's get it over with! I got work to do.
Yeah...yeah..yeah...get on with it!
If someone deserves a Promotion, it's gotta be me!
Promotion Time! Ohh yeah...!
<sniff>...this...<sniff>...I have...no words...just kidding, let's get it done!
I'm ready for my Promotion!
Sweet Promotion - here I come!
The fruits of my labour!
A dream come true!
I'm SO hitting the bar after this!
THIS...and a beer!? What more can you ask for!
This is fine, but bigger guns would be better!

Icon MinersManual Content Equipment.png Equipment Area

Equipment Terminal
Buy Weapon Mod* Audio
Just the mod I needed!
Can't wait to try this out!
Been working my ass off to get this.
This mod better be worth it.
Oh man, what an improvement!
Modification bought.
Mod acquired.
Just the mod for me!
Mod time is fun time!
Drone Modification Terminal
Buy Upgrade Audio
I have big plans for you, Bosco!
This drone will be a powerhouse!
This is gonna be gooood.
This is for you, Bosco!
Just what this drone needs.
Bosco needs this!
The drone is getting better!
Pickaxe Customization Terminal
Quotes Audio
That goes there!
Nahh...this one!
This is fitting!
Spot on!
Hmm...what Karl would choose?
How about...this!
Nope, this one!
This is getting better and better!
This is noice!
Aerodynamic, I like it!
I like the look of this one!
Let me try this!
Decisions, decisions!
Maybe this?
This fits well!
What about this one!
I like it when it looks perfect!
Oh...nice shape!
Lithophage Biotank
Knock Audio
Knock Knock! ...Who's there?
Hello there!
The blazes is this thing?
Good thing we got it contained!
Good thing we got it contained! HAHAHA!
Rockpox Lithophage CHX-4 in a can.
This crap's what's eating Hoxxes. Brrr.
We need to get rid of Rockpox!
And I thought those Rival bags of bolts were bad. Hrmpf!
Rockpox organism! You're not my friend.
Okay, guess this is not the water dispenser.
Wake up!
It almost looks kind of peaceful, don't it?
Oh, that reminds me! I should get a lava lamp for my cabin!

Icon MinersManual Mission Terminal.png Mission Area

Drop Pod
Shout (Space Rig) Audio
C'mon guys, we're leaving.
I ain't got all day. Let's leave.
Move it, guys! We're going planetside!
Let's get this mission rolling.
C'mon, you lazy bastards. We've got a job to do.
Hurry up! I ain't getting younger y'know!
Suit up. Let's roll.
Get on board! We're about to leave.
Could you please hurry up! We've leaving!
Before Landing (Scout) Audio
Does the pod always make that sound?
Can we go back, please...
My stomach can't take it.
If we die, I... I love you guys!
I feel very small right now.
I've got a bad feeling about this op.
Don't let the bugs get me!
I really don't wanna die down here!
This'll be the end of us...
Feel like we're digging our own grave!
Hope it'll be easier than the last time.
I'm too young to die!
I hate this damn planet!
We're all gonna die!
Only danger and darkness awaits.
This rock is gonna be the death of us.
I'm really not ready for this.
Damn, I forgot my lucky charm.
Before Landing (Driller)
I need to take a dump...
Has anyone seen my pick?
These seats could really need some suspension!
Onboard entertainment sucks!
Damn, I forgot my lunchbox!
This is gonna be a walk in the park!
I'm hungry!
C'mon you fat lards, are we elves or dwarves?
Get a hold of yourself!
C'mon, grow some balls!
Complaining ain't gonna keep you alive!
Stuff your whining. You're making my ears hurt...
We'll stand a better chance of survival if you stop your griping...
Shuddup, I'm trying to sleep!
I'm ready for a beer when this is over.
Here we go again!
Ever been mistaken for a human?
I hope this mission will pay off handsomely.
Wake me up when we land.
Just show me where to shoot.
I'll kill anything with more legs than two.
Pull yourself together, you weaklings!
After Landing
Get ready to rumble!
Remember! Leave no one behind.
Get ready!
Let's get the job done and get back in a hurry.
If we survive, next round is on me!
Here we goooo!
Let's go!
Lock and Load, lads.
Let's get the job done!
Check your gear and let's go!
Time to collect some gold.
Time to collect your paycheck.
Take-off (Dwarf Left Behind)
Get back here you bastards!
Okay, this is not happening!
Don't leave me!
Damn you, Deep Rock Galactic!
Damn you, Deep Rock Galactic...
I have lived like a dwarf and I'm gonna die like a dwarf!
Damn! That's unfortunate!
Well, sometimes you win, sometimes you die!
Game over, boys!
Game over, lads!
Oh shit!
This is it, boys!
This is it, lads!
We were so close! Damn it!
Slapping Dice
On a roll!
No more Mr. Dice Guy!
Snake eyes!
Daddy needs a new pair of steel-toed boots!
Life is like a dice, so watch the ones you're rolling with!
Time to toss the dice!
It is lost at dice, what ancient honour won!
The dice are loaded!
I'm on a roll!
The die has been cast!
For Karl!
For good luck!
High five!
Fortune be with us!
Let's shake, rattle and roll!
Roll deep, rise high!
Let the good times roll!
Time to play dice with death!
Let's roll!
Guys, we gotta roll!
Fuzzy dice!

Icon MinersManual Spacerig MineralTrade.png Trade Area

Mineral Trade Terminal
Take Daily Deal Audio
I took the deal!
This is a steal!
This daily deal is a steal!
What a bargain!
Daily deal? Yes please!
I wonder if I can make a living trading! Would miss the excitement of spelunking though.
This deal was too good to pass up!
Good deal!
That was a bargain!
Excellent trade.
Almost feels like winning the lottery.
Like stealing candy from a kid.
By the beard! A fine trade.
Who's got two thumbs and a fine deal? This guy.
Buy Minerals
Not the best deal, but I needed those minerals.
Auugh, expensive!
Whoever set those prices need to get their asses kicked!
Gravelly bastards! That was pricey.
By the BEARD, that was expensive!
This better be credits well spent.
Minerals bought!
Got what I wanted.
I really need those minerals.
Sell Minerals
Damn it! I need the credits
Wish I was paid more for that!
Had to sell to get some credits.
Good bye precious minerals.
Didn't really need those minerals!
Seasonal Terminal
Collect Scrip Audio
I like Scrip!
One Scrip for me!
Scrip, Scrip, Scrip! Lovely Scrip!
Scripply Scrip!
Yes! Another Scrip!
Collect Phazyonite
Ooo! Sweet, sweet, Phazyonite!
Phazyonite! Yes!
Fancy, Phazyonite!
Phazyonite! Me wants!
Time to upgrade my wardrobe!
I'm saving up for pants!
Phazyonite! Time to hit the store!
Collect Cosmetics
This looks noice!
Never knew how much I needed this!
Love it!
Very noice!
Not bad. Not bad!
Collect Rewards
This is noice!
Oh sweet!
I'll take it!
Not bad. Not bad.
Just what the doctor ordered!
More shinies!
Place Scrip in the Cosmetic Tree
I wanted this so bad!
This is gonna make me look so fancy!
I choose you!
I'll take this one!
Definitely, this one!
Oh, yeah!
Mmmm, that one!
I've been waiting to get this one
This looks noice!
Well HELLO Mr. Fancy Pants!

Icon MinersManual Spacerig Jukebox.png Leisure Area

Abyss Bar

Beer License
Craft Audio
New Beer License in the making!
Can't believe they made me care about collecting plants...!
Gimme, gimme, gimme!
Let me at it!
That's the one!
Gimme that SWEET BREW already!
Oooooh, I can almost taste it...!
This looks tasty!
Now that's what I call foam...!
Can't wait to try it out!
Oi, that's nice!
Achievement unlocked!
Fruits of my labour!
Corporate Issue Beer Orders
Oily Oaf Brew Audio
Bartender! I need a round of Oily Oafs - icecold and foamy!
A round of Oafs for me and my friends here!
Round of Oily Oafs, please!
Glyphid Slammer
Bartender! A round of Glyphid Slammers for my team!
Round of Glyphid Slammers, red sugar on top, please!
Glyphid Slammers for everyone! It's slammin' time, yaaarh!
Oi! Round of Glyphid Slammers, please!
Leaf Lover's Special
(whispering) Can I have a Leaf Lover's Special?
One Leaf Lover - and can I get it thinned with some water?
Could I get a Leaf Lover's Special!
Today's Special Orders
Backbreaker Stout Audio
Backbreaker Stout!
Bartender! A round of Backbreakers, please!
Round of Backbreakers, straight from the tap, please!
A set of Backbreakers for the thirst and some ice for my back, Lloyd!
My back hasn't acted up in a while. A round of Backbreaker Stout to celebrate!
Dark Morkite
Oi, round of Dark Morkite, on me!
Dark Morkite for everyone!
I'm flush, Dark Morkite for all!
Pots o' Gold
Pots o' Gold!
A round of Golden Pots, please.
Pots o' Gold, Lloyd!
You got to spend gold to get gold. Pots o' Gold for the crew, please.
A round of Pots o' Gold, barkeep! And hold the rainbows this time.
Red Rock Blaster
Red Rock Blasters for everyone, sharpish!
Bartender! Round of Red Rock Blasters!
Round of Red Rock Blasters, extra sugar around the rim, please!
Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountains for my team. And make it snappy!
Round of chilled Rocky Mountains for everyone!
Give me and my team some of that sweet Rocky Mountain brew!
Skullcrusher Ale
Skullcrushers for everyone! Raarh!
Skullcrusher Ale, please! We're going hunting!
Round of Skullcrushers for me and my chaps!
Skullcrushers for everyone! Just pour it up!
Slayer Stout
Mmmmh, need something hard hitting! Slayer Stout, please!
Sling me a Slayer, Lloyd!
Lloyd, old boy...a Slayer Stout, please!
Nothing says tradition like a classic Slayer Stout.
Slayer Stout now! Hit me hard, Lloyd!
A round of Slayers, please!
Tunnel Rat
Tunnel Rat!
Some Rats from the tap, Lloyd!
Round of Rodents, please!
Let's get down and dirty with some Tunnel Rats, barkeep!
We'll have a round of Tunnel Rats - and leave the tails in, Lloyd!
Craftable Beer Orders
Arkenstout Audio
Lloyd! A round of Arkenstout!
I'd like to order a round of Arkenstout!
Arkenstout for me and my mates!
Ordering Blacklock Lager
Blacklock Lager!
Blacklock Lager, please!
A round of Blacklocks, extra dark please!
Lloyd, I would like a round of Blacklock Lager!
Blackout Stout
Might as well skip straight to the hangover! Blackout Stout!
Blackout Stout, please! And dim the lights a bit... this is gonna be a tough one... eheheh!
Knock me out with some Blackout Stout!
Before I forget... a round of Blackout Stout, Lloyd!
Blackreach Blonde
Blackreach Blonde!
A round of that silky smooth Blackreach, please.
Bartender, line up some Blackreach Blondes!
This one reminds me of home. A set of Blackreach Blondes, Lloyd!
Round of Blackreach in dirty mugs, please!
Burning Love
Burning Love!
Give us a round of Burning Love, Lloyd!
Heat us up some mugs for a round of Burning Love, please!
Liquid heartbreak for me and the crew, Lloyd.
Some Burning Love, please. And make it sizzle!
Flintlocke's Delight
Flintlocke's Delight!
Flintlocke's Delight, please!
A round of Flintlocke's! Extra gunpowder in mine, please!
Drone, serve us some Flintlocke's! Please, we're mighty thirsty!
Drone, serve us up some Flintlocke's, please! We're mighty thirsty!
Gut Wrecker
Urgh...my lunch isn't agreeing with me, bartender. Gut Wrecker to fix it please!
Need to reboot my piping with some Gut Wrecker, barkeep.
Nothing clears a clog like a Gut Wrecker!
Wreck my guts, Lloyd! Chop, chop!
Mactera Brew
Mmh, Mactera Brew, that's the ticket. Rounds for everyone!
A round of Mactera Brew, please!
Mactera Brews for me and my team!
Malt Rockbearer
Malt Rockbearer!
Malt Rockbearer.
Barkeep! Rockbearers, please!
Some Rocky Malts for the table, please!
Fill up some tankards with gravel-filtered Rockbearers for us, bartender!
Some Rockbearers for the team, Lloyd!
Let's try my luck with a round of Randoweisser!
I'm feeling lucky today, Lloyd! Give me one of those Randoweissers.
Let's mix things up with a Randoweisser!
I'm feeling adventurous today, Lloyd! A Randoweisser, please!
A Randoweisser, please!
Lloyd, a round of Randoweissers!
A round of Randoweissers! My friends here don't know how to dress!
I want a new outfit, new equipment, and more beer! Randoweisser is what I need, Lloyd!
My dress is a mess! Randoweisser for me and my friends, Lloyd!
Yo, Lloyd! My friends dress so bad it hurts my eyes! Serve 'em up some Randoweisser!
Let's mix up our outfit and equipment! Randoweisser for everyone, Lloyd!
Drinking Randoweisser is such a quick way to become fashionable! Pour 'em up, Lloyd!
Lloyd, I wanna be more adventurous with my style! Randoweisser is what I need!
Hey, Lloyd! I don't really like the look of my teammates! Let's fix it with Randoweisser!
Seasoned Moonrider
Mmmh...Let's take a load off with a Moonrider, Lloyd.
I'm feeling mellow! Pass us a Moonrider, eh Lloyd?
I'm in the mood for something light. Line up some Seasoned Moonriders, please!
Take me to the moon, Lloyd!
Seasoned Moonrider for me...and don't skimp on the moonshine!
Smart Stout
Could I get a round of Smart Stout?
Round of Smart Stout, please! We're feeling extra wise today!
Smart Stout for everyone! It's on me!
Ordering Underhill Deluxe
Underhill Deluxe!
A round of Underhills, please!
Underhills, please! And make 'em Deluxe!
Underhill Deluxe for me and my pals, please!
Wormhole Special
Feeling adventurous today! Gimme a Wormhole Special!
Need to retrace my steps from last night, Lloyd. Another Wormhole Special, please!
I'm feeling lucky. Pour me some Wormhole Special!
Wormholes for me and the team!
Wormhole Special, please!
Holiday Beer Orders
Best Wurst Beer Audio
A round of the Wurst beer for me and my friends!
Hey Lloyd! Give us a round of the Oktoberfest special!
Wurst brew all around, Lloyd!
I'll have the Oktoberfest special, and don't skimp on the sausage!
A round of that sausage beer please! I'm feeling hungry!
Lloyd! Pour us a round of the Wurst Beer you got on tap! Hahaha!
Beer Effects
Any Beer* Audio
That's the stuff!
Cheers, mate!
I can taste it already.*
Get in my gut!
Oh yeah!
Oh, that's nice!
Mmh, I needed that!
Smart Stout Effects
It’s so simple! Bloody hell, why didn’t I realise this sooner! Wait, what am I talking about?
Whoa, I know everything about everything! Ask me something! Wait, wait, oh… it passed.
Wait a minute! If all truths are knowable, then all truths must in fact be known… but by whom?! Karl would know!
Did you know that a banana is really a berry, and that a tomato is a fruit! Well, it’s really quite interesting if you look into it.
Hang on, I’m starting to think Deep Rock is exploiting us common working folk! If we joined forces and founded our own Mining Company instead, we’d be RAKING in the dough! But… We could also just have another round of beer!
Did you know that the melting temperature of dry granite at ambient pressure is 1215-1260°C? However, that temperature is significantly reduced in the presence of water, putting it down to 650°C at just a few kilobars of pressure!
Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock. Granite can be predominantly white, pink, or gray in color, depending on their mineralogy!
Okay, let me just a spoil a secret for you! Drillers do not really eat rocks for breakfast! Yeah I know, crazy eh?!
Did you know that gold is insoluble in nitric acid?
Did you know that the color of gold is determined by the frequency of plasma oscillations among the metal’s valence electrons?
Although gold is the most noble of the noble metals, it still forms many diverse compounds - meaning, the oxidation state of gold in its compounds ranges from -1 to +5!
Imagine… hey… HEY… why don’t we put guns on Molly?!
Hang on, I just figured out how to up the velocity of tungsten rounds in a low-pressure environment… or… err no, it’s gone.
The beer is working! Listen! I know precisely how to make the Drop Pod land at our exact position every time we call for it! This is gonna make our lives so much easier! …NOOOO …I lost it!
This Smart Stout works! I just figured out what the Error Cubes are for... you take 5 Error Cubes and you insert them into the… in… arrhh… it’s gone!
I… I... I know where Karl is! It’s so bloody obvious! Wait… ummm… anyone up for playing the hoop game?
GUYS! I just figured out how to make the Power Drills drill through minerals… Take notes before I forget… Damn… I lost it!
I… I see EVERYTHING so clear! The meaning of a dwarfs life is to... wait... dauuugh... Let’s just get some more brew!
You ever heard about the Barber Paradox? Well it goes like this: A barber shaves only those who do not shave themselves. So… does he shave himself?
Blacklock Lager Effects
The horror...the horror...!
It's getting darker!
I'm getting all sleepy!
My eyes...my eyes! What's happening?!
They're calling me from the other side! See yaaaaah...!
Oooh, this is spooky!
K...Karl? Is...is that you?
Whooo, scary!
Maybe this was one too many...!
I'm getting in the spirit of this beer!
This gives me the heebie jeebies!
Wormhole Special Effects
Where am I?
I'm never gonna get used to this!
This is so weird!
Faster than lightning!
Here and there and everywhere!
If only we could get to Hoxxes drinking Wormholes!
You know...Wormhole Specials could be really useful if R&D put a bit of work in it!
Wait, what just happened?!
Bobblehead Dwarf
Slap Audio
Haha! Take that!
Why is this so fun!
This never gets old!
What is this, a bloody leprechaun?
I wanna punch whoever designed this thing!
Who bloody thinks we look like that?
Look at him go!
Fun times!
This is the most fun I have had today!
Go, little man, go!
Rock on!
Craft Audio
Yeah, that's nice!
Ohh, I like that!
Not that...
Hidden gems my ass!
Now that is real music!
That reminds me of my first love..
I feel like dancing!
Can't stand still to this!
Nice tune!
That sucks!
Let's dance!
Bang your head to this!
Dance, monkeys!
That's sweet!

Arcade Cabinet

Behind the Abyss Bar is an arcade cabinet known as Jetty Boot

Insert Credit
Quote Audio
Let's go!
I think of it as simulator training!
Here we go!
If only my real job was as easy as playing a video game.
Real gamer hours.
I'll beat my own record this time!
Let's do this!
A game? Don't mind if I do!
I'mma wreck it!
Jetty Boot! Let's fly!
This better be good!
DRG is always finding ways to drain our wallets!
Time for some Jetty Boot!
Graphics: Next Gen!
Watch my back, Karl!
Ready Player Dwarf!
Okay, this time I'll make it!
Action time!
I'm ready!
I'm BOOT...ing up the game! Hahaha...
Guns AND games! R&D treat us so good.
Hard earned credit, hear my prayer: let me be the highest scoring player!
I'm using my lucky credit for this one!
New High Score
Quote Audio
And that's how you do it!
Easy peasy, Glyphid squeezy!
Do you see that, right there? That's a winner!
That's a personal best!
Seeing my name up there is the biggest achievement in my career!
The game doesn't matter, I'm good at all of them!
YES! I dare anyone to try to best me!
I'm number one!
Damn, I'm good!
Perfect! If I have to say so myself.
This could be my real job at some point!
I wish I could earn money doing this!
10 out of 10, would play again!
Lost Life
Quote Audio
Lemme try that again.
So close!
So unfair!
These controls are clearly busted!
One more time!
Stupid boot!
Almost had it!
I can't believe it!
Who frakkin' coded this mess!
Damn obstacles!
Not again...!
That wall!
That's so unfair!
Argh, it got me!
Game Over
Quote Audio
Argh, I was so close!
That's it... back to work!
Not too shabby.
One more round? Just one more round!
The only way to win is not to play.
How much have I spent on this thing!
Win some, ya lose some.
Jetty Boot! Hrmm... more like Shitty Boot!
Tough luck.
I had a good run this time.
Best. Game. Ever!
Maybe I should take a break. Wouldn't want to turn square-eyed.
Credits well spent!
Damn, I want my credits back!
Worth every credit.
Game over? Already?
Time flies when you're having fun!
I can't wait for the sequel!
I want my credits back!
What will they think of next!
What a credit sink.
Game over, man! Game over!
It's highly addictive!
Reset High Score
Quote Audio
If I can't have it, nobody can!
It's time for a do-over.
Time to flush the high scores down the crapper.
A blank slate is just what I need.
Let's start over.
Let's reset the high score!
Resetting the high score!

Icon MinersManual Spacerig Forge.png Deep Dive Area

Deep Dive Terminal
Unlock Deep Dive Audio
I'm so ready for this!
Let's see what this Tritilyte Key can do!
The Forge
Forge Cosmetic Overclock Audio
I'm gonna wear this in honour of Karl!
I'm gonna look dope in this!
Can't wait to show off my new look!
I'll be the belle of the ball!
This will go great with my other stuff!
Time to make space in the closet!
Dress up time!
I hope it's my size.
Can't wait to try it out!
Does it come in black?
Does it come in red?
Forge Weapon Overclock
If Deep Rock Galactic can't provide the goods, I'll forge them myself!
Want something done right, you do it yourself!
Oowee, the bugs won't like this one!
I wonder if I could make it go over 9000?
This is neat! Unsafe, but neat!
If this doesn't bring the pain, I'm retiring. Just kidding, it will!
Point away from face. My face or theirs?
This Overclock is gonna be amazing!
Weapon Overclock in the making!
I almost feel bad putting this on a weapon...almost!
Welcome to Overlock City, Population: ME!
Forging Weapon Overclock!
Time to FORGE!
Gravity Recalibration Button
Press Audio
This is gonna be fun!
Let the good times roll!
Hold on to your beard!
Gravity needs fixing!
Here we go!
Gravity is for suckers!

PP icon.png Seasonal Events

Ghost Decoration
Slap Audio
Ghosts! Go wash your hair in sham-boo! HAHAHA!
I can't unlock my locker! Have you seen my spoooo-KEY! HAHA!
This is fun! I feel my spirit rising!
I got some advice for you, Ghost! Only spook when spoken to. AHAHAHA!
Ohh, I see you are into soccer! Mr. GHOUL-keeper!
I prefer my eggs TERRI-FRIED! BOO! HAHAHAHA!
So! For scaring people...do you need a haunting license?
HEY GHOST! You look fit! You must be EXORCISING everyday! HAHAHA!
Buckle your SHEET belt, I'm taking you for a ride!
You don't scare me!
Take a swing!
DANCE, GHOST! Or maybe you can't without your GHOUL-FRIEND! DAHAHA!
Hey? Wait a minute! Is that my sheets!
Are you sad little ghost? BOO-HOO!
What's your Zodiac?! I want to check your HORROR-scope!
This sheet needs cleaning! Someone get the sham-BOO! HHHAHAHAHA!