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Hey, Stingtail! If you need a new one, maybe visit the re-tail store! AHAHAHAHAHA!
— The Dwarves

Voicelines related to the creatures that inhabit Hoxxes IV.

Not to be confused with creature sound effects.

Glyphid grunt.png General

General Marks
Quote Audio
Take it out!
Focus fire!
Destroy it!
Vaporize it!
Shoot it!
Kill it before somebody gets hurt!
We got company!
Attack this enemy!
Kill it!
Focus fire!
Focus your fire on this enemy!
Bug Alert!
We've got company!
General Kill Cries
Quote Audio
Die, monsters!
Swallow this!
Take that!
That will teach you!
Die like your mother did!
This one's for Karl!
That's all you got, you slippery shit?!
You want some more?!
Meet your maker, creep!
Suck on this, you freak of nature!
Bloody hell, you're hard to kill!
Die, creep!
Think you could kill me? Well, think again!
One down!
I got it!
You ugly son of a bitch!
Dwarves don't die easily!
I'm gonna kill you all!
Hello and goodbye!
Your time is up, creep!
Let's show them some pain!
Got it right between the eyes!
You're history!
Here! Have a bullet to the face!
Alien scum!
Crawl back to hell!
Come and get me, you disgusting bug!
I'm not scared of you!
Shoot to kill!
Preserve your bullets!
Don't waste your ammunition!
Make every bullet count!
Let's clear them out!
You're a stain on the floor!
These bugs don't stand a chance against us!
Feel my wraith!
Don't let 'em flank you!
Bullet in the head!*
Stand your ground! Give no quarter!
Pesticide coming up!
Stop 'em dead!
Squash 'em!
Covering fire!
Kill or be killed!
Die, you double-jointed freaks! DIE!
Here! Have some extinction!
I hate nature.
It's past your expiration date!
Out of my way, peck!
Go lie down forever!
General Pets
Quotes Audio
Aww, look at you, you like that!
You're a cutie!
Achoo! Augh...damn allergies.
What even are you?!
Eheehee, this feels funny!
Yeah, yeah, now leave me alone!
Moshi, moshi!
Y'know, it's kind of nice when they ain't tryna take your face off!
Weewoo weewoo, the cute police just got alerted!
So adorable!
I like you!
You're my bestest friend!
Wish I could take you with me!
What's a sweet thing like you doing in this hellhole?
You're too cute for these caves.
Can I keep it?
Friendly wildlife? Must be a trap.
I should give you a name!
General Dreadnought Marks
Quote Audio
By the beard, what is this abomination?!
This horror thinks it can kill us? Let's prove it wrong!
Kill the giant monster!*
Let's take that thing out!
Watch out! It's big and it's dangerous!
It thinks it's big time? It's gonna freakin' die big time!*
General Dreadnought Kill Cries
Quote Audio
We got it!
It's down!
Dreadnought down!
We finally got it!
That's it! We got it!
It's finally dead!
Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!
Hah, that was a tough one!
The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
It's down! We got it!
Night-night, you bastard! You ain't gonna be missed!
That thing ate bullets, like Karl drank beers!
We got it! Karl would be proud!
It's down! Good job, mates!

Glyphid Grunt Guard.png Glyphid

Glyphid Guard
Mark Audio
That one is a tough bastard!
Glyphid Guard!
We got a Guard here!
Shoot the Glyphid Guard!
Glyphid Slasher
Mark Audio
Watch the sharp blades!
Glyphid Slasher!
We got a slasher here! I hate these things...!
Kill that Glyphid Slasher!
Glyphid Warden
Mark Audio
Take out that Warden! It's protecting the pack!
Shoot the Glyphid Warden first!
Take down that Glyphid Warden!
Warden! Shoot that glowing thing on the back of it!
Warden! Take it out! Bastard is buffing its friends!
Kill Cry
Warden down! Now kill the rest of them!
Hah, who's gonna protect you now, wee crawlies? COME AND GET SOME!
Glyphid Warden down!
Glyphid Warden is history!
Glyphid Stingtail
Mark Audio
Stingtail spotted!
Stingtail! Don't let it getcha!
Glyphid Stingtail!
Stingtail! Evasive, evasive!
Stingtail! Mind that grabber tail!
Kill Cry
Glyphid Stingtail down!
Took the sting out of the Stingtail!
Like peeling a shrimp!
Stingtail's dead! Go ahead and unwedge your undies.
Stingtail down!
Hey, Stingtail! If you need a new one, maybe visit the re-tail store! AHAHAHAHAHA!
Stingtail, your wagging days are over.
No more Stingtail!
The Stingtail's dead!
Glyphid Praetorian
Kill Cry Audio
Praetorian down!
I got the Praetorian! Watch the gas!
I got the Praetorian!
Glyphid Praetorian eliminated!
I got the Glyphid Praetorian!
Watch the death fart of the Praetorian!
I'm doing my part!
Popped a big one!
Bigger they are...!
Farty one down!
I'll never get the smell out of my armor.
The smell. It lingers!
Should've left my nose on the bloody Space Rig!
And STAY down, stinky!
Like these things weren't bad enough alive!
Hold your breath, gas butt is leaking!
What's that smell? Oh, right.
Glyphid Oppressor
Mark Audio
Oppressor here! Slow, but tough! Just like me mum!
We've got company! Oppressor here!
Oppressor on the move!
Glyphid Oppressor! And what do we say to oppression, lads?
Kill the Oppressor!
Focus on the Oppressor!
Kill Cry
We got the Oppressor!
Oppressor down!
No more oppression!
Glyphid Oppressor down!
Oppress this!
We are free from the Oppresor!
Glyphid Dreadnought Cocoon
Mark Audio
Now which monstrosity is hiding inside this time?
Aight, let's pop this thing!
Watch it, Dreadnought cocoon here!
I don't want to see what comes out when it's done cooking!
I found a Dreadnought cocoon!
Dreadnought cocoon here, I wonder what's inside this time?
Mind your fire, Dreadnought cocoon here!
Cocoon here! Is everyone locked and loaded?
There's a Dreadnought cocoon here!
Reaction to the Glyphid Dreadnought's Emergence Audio
Oh my beard!
This is a big one...!
Watch out! Dreadnought incoming!
The back! It's the weakpoint!
We've got a Dreadnought!
Glyphid Dreadnought!
Let's try to flank the ugly bugger!
By my beard, it's ugly!
Glyphid Dreadnought
Mark Audio
It's a Glyphid Dreadnought!
It's a Glyphid Dreadnought! Find its weakpoint!
Glyphid Dreadnought!
Glyphid Dreadnought Hiveguard
Mark Audio
Dreadnought Hiveguard!
It's like a fortress with legs!
Don't bother shooting the Hiveguard before it reveals its weakpoints!
Don't shoot the heavy armor, just aim for the pink spots where you see them!
That ugly bastard is practically invulnerable! We need to make it reveal its weakspots!
Kill Cry
Let's hope there's not more of these.
The bigger they are, the more damn ammo they take!
Finally! My trigger finger was getting tired.
Hiveguard down!
Nice try, yah tub of lard!
Down you go!
The Hiveguard is dead!
Dreadnought Hiveguard eliminated!
You lose, big boy!
Glyphid Sentinel
Mark Audio
Glyphid Sentinel!
Kill the Sentinels!
It's soft and ugly!
Don't want to see the next stage of that ugliness!
Focus on the Sentinels!
Kill Cry
One less obstacle to eliminate!
Easy as pish!
I could do this all day!
Crawl back to hell, beast!
Like stepping on a slug!
Burst just like an overripe tomato!
Sentinel down!
Sentinel eliminated!
Glyphid Sentinel eradicated!
Glyphid Dreadnought Twins
Mark (Lacerator) Audio
Dreadnought Lacerator!
Watch out! This one likes to get up close and personal!
Keep your distance! The Lacerator is exteremly dangerous up close!
Don't let the Lacerator get too close!
Gotta keep moving! This one is fast!
At least we can shoot these in the face!
Kill Cry (Lacerator)
See yah later, Lacerator!
The Lacerator is dead!
Dreadnought Lacerator down!
Lacerator eliminated!
Here comes trouble!
Lacerate this!
Welp, that was that! Lacerator eliminated!
Mark (Arbalest)
Dreadnought Arbalest!
It's an Arbalest, seek cover!
Watch your sightlines! This one likes to shoot from a distance.
Dreadnought Arbalest! Don't let it flank us!
Dreadnought! Arbalest Dreadnought!
Kill Cry (Arbalest)
Arbalest eliminated!
Arbalest is dead! Dead, dead, dead!
Arbalest down!
The Dreadnought Arbalest is dead.
And stay down, yah freak!
The Arba-lest is arba-dead! Hehe!
Glyphid Septic Spreader
Mark Audio
Septic Spreader! Right there!
Bullram's beard, Septic Spreader!
Take out that Septic Spreader!
Glyphid Septic Spreader!
Look at the butt on that thing!
Kill the Spreader before it covers the ground in septic goo!
Kill Cry
Watch it, that thing made a right proper mess.
It died the way it lived... spewing disgusting mush all over the place.
Spreader down! Stay clear of the spillage.
Spreader dead!
Glyphid Septic Spreader down!
Spread is dead, baby!
I got the Spreader, what a mess!
Spreader did his last dump!
Popped that Spreader like an overripe tomato!
Mark (Biomatter)
Septic puddle! Stay clear!
Ew, don't touch the septic puddles!
Watch the Glyphid goop!
Stay clear of the septic mess!
Watch out! Septic mess!
Septic puddle, don't step in it!
Watch the septic spread! It's highly corrosive!
Taken Damage
Ah, bloody goop is melting my armor!
Augh, I'm covered in septic crap!
Argh! It stings worse than it smells!
I got Glyphid poop on me!
Mauloch's beard, disgusting!
I'm dissolving!
Glyphid Menace
Mark Audio
Menace! Kill it before it hides!
Glyphid Menace! Seek cover!
Damn! It's a Menace! Kill it!
Kill Cry
Ain't no hiding from me, bug!
You're fast, bug - but I'm faster!
Glyphid Menace down!
Menace eliminated!
We got the Menace!
Glyphid Bulk Detonator
Mark Audio
Great Ancestors! Stay back from that thing! It's unstable!
Detonator! Get back, mates! It's gonna BLOW!
Bulk Detonator! Shoot those bags on its back before it gets close!
Bulk Detonator, lads! Keep away, it's a friggin' killer!
Shoot the sacks! Take it out before it gets close!
Silt and blowbugs! Detonator! Get back! GET BACK!
Kill Cry
See you later, Detonator!
Whew, we got it! Nice work, team!
Bulk Detonator eliminated!
One more explosive popcorn monster for my belt!
Bulk Detonator down!
Glyphid Crassus Detonator
Mark Audio
It's a Crassus Detonator! We're rich!
We got a Crassus Detonator here!
Oi, let's kill this Crassus Detonator and get rich!
Focus on the Crassus Detonator!
Crassus Detonator here - keep your distance!
Kill Cry
Whooo, Crassus down! Look at all that gold!
Crassus Detonator down! Time to get rich!
Golden meltdown! Time to get rich!
Crassus Detonator down - let's get busy diggin', team!
By Karl! Look at all that pretty sparkly!
Crassus Detonator down!
Unknown Horror
Mark Audio
This horror thinks it can kill us? Let's prove it wrong!
Danger! Don't get too close!
Watch out! It's big and it's dangerous!
Keep your distance.
By the beard, what is this abomination?!
Glyphid Brood Nexus
Mark Audio
There is a Brood Nexus over here!
Destroy the Brood Nexus!
Shoot the Nexus.
Destroy the Spawner
Shoot the Nexus!
We need to destroy this!
Take out that Brood Nexus!
Brood Nexus! Take that thing out!
Glyphid Spawn
Mark Audio
Glyphid Spawns! Let's find and destroy the Brood Nexus hatching them!
Glyphid Spawns here! There must be a Brood Nexus nearby!
We gotta locate and destroy the Brood Nexus or we will have Glyphid Spawns on our tails forever!

Mactera spawn.png Mactera

Mactera Spawn
Mark Audio
Mactera Spawn!
Take down that Mactera Spawn!
Look up! Mactera Spawn!
Look out! We got Mactera Spawn!
Mactera Tri-Jaw
Mark Audio
Mactera Tri-Jaw!
Kill the Tri-Jaw!
Stop the Tri-Jaw!
Mactera Tri-Jaw! Take it out!
Kill Cry
Tri-Jaw down!
I got the Tri-Jaw!
Mactera Tri-Jaw eliminated!
What a jaw-dropping experience!
Mactera Brundle
Mark Audio
Mactera Brundle!
Take out that Mactera Brundle!
Focus on the Brundle!
Kill Cry
Die, Brundle Fly!
Die, fly!
Brundle down!
Mactera Brundle down!
I got the Mactera Brundle!
I got the Brundle Fly!
Mactera Goo Bomber
Mark Audio
Goo Bomber incoming!
We gotta deal with that Goo Bomber!
Mactera Goo Bomber!
Mactera Grabber
Mark Audio
Watch the Grabber!
Take out the Mactera Grabber!
Grabber! We got a Grabber here!
Help, it took me!
Let me go!
Let me go, Creep!
It took me!
Put me down!
I'm afraid of heights!
Stupid bug! Put me down!

Naedocyte Breeder.png Naedocyte

Naedocyte Breeder
Mark Audio
Great Krakuul, Naedocyte Breeder! And it's spewing out eggs!
Breeder! Smash those eggs before they hatch!
Got a Naedocyte Breeder here! Friggin' awful!
Shoot that Breeder!
Naedocyte Breeder!
Kill Cry
Naedocyte Breeder down!
Naedocyte Breeder eliminated!
Ain't no more breedin' for this mama!
Naedocyte Roe
Mark Audio
Destroy the egg sack before the jellies hatch!
Destroy the Naedocyte roe!
That roe is full of Naedocyte jellies!

Q'ronar Shellback.png Q’ronar

Q'ronar Shellback
Mark Audio
Crack the shell of that Shellback!
Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside!
Q'ronar Shellback!
Kill the Shellback!
Watch out! Q'ronar Shellback!
Kill Cry
Let's NOT keep the ball rolling!
Go roll on the highway, you freak!
Rock and roll!
I got the Shellback!
Shellback down!
Worst pinball game ever!
I hate everything ball-shaped!
Not rolling so much now, are you?!
I put some shells in the Shellback!
Goodbye, spacelobster!

Trawler.png Nayaka

Nayaka Trawler
Mark Audio
Take out that sandshark!
Nayaka Trawler!
Trawler! Kill it before it grabs someone!
Nayaka Trawler here!
Kill Cry
Got the sand shark!
Trawler down!
You can all relax, ya sissies...I took out the Trawler!
Got 'em! Nayaka Trawler down!

Deeptora honeycomb.png Deeptora

Deeptora Honeycomb
Mark Audio
Watch the swarm.
Don't get too close! It'll swarm you!
Deeptora Swarm
Attacked Audio
Get away!

Korlok Tyrant-Weed Open.png Korlok

Korlok Tyrant-Weed
Mark Audio
We got a Korlok Tyrant-Weed here!
Watch out! Korlok Tyrant-Weed here!
If we destroy the Korlok Tyrant-Weed, we can harvest the valuable tyrant shards!
Korlok Sprout
Mark Audio
If we destroy enough of these sprouts, the Tyrant-Weed will become vulnerable!
Korlok Sprouts! Let's cut them down!
Destroy all the Korlok Sprouts!
Korlok Healing Pod
Mark Audio
Destroy the Korlok Healing Pod! It's regenerating the Tyrant-Weed!
Stop the Healing Pod from regenerating the Tyrant-Weed!
We need to destroy this Healing Pod A.S.A.P.!
Smash the Korlok Healing Pod!

Cave leech.png Other

Cave Leech
Mark Audio
Watch out, Cave Leech in the ceiling!
Ten credits say it was one of them tentacly things that got Karl...
Careful, nasties up above!
Keep your heads! I spotted a Cave Leech!
Look up! Cave leeeeech!
Cave Leech in the ceiling!!
Grabbed Audio
Help! I'm stuck in the ceiling!
The tentacle got me!
I'm paralyzed!
Can't... move!
Help! I'm stuck!
It got me!
I'm trapped!
Please, shoot it!
Get me free!
Kill Cry
Yikes! That thing almost took my beard off!
Cripes! That thing almost ate my pickaxe!
Found you, you greasy meatball!
No more leeching off me!
Damn those ceiling bugs!
Leech down!
I got the Cave Leech!
Relax! I took out the Cave Leech!
Spitball Infector
Mark Audio
It's a Spitballer!
Watch the Spitballer!
Destroy the Spitballer!
Flying Rock
Mark Audio
That stone is throwing rocks at us!
Shoot the floating rocks!
Floating rocks incoming!
The Ommoran is throwing rocks at Doretta!
Shoot the rocks!
Incoming Rock Strike!
Watch the floating rocks!
The rocks are attacking us!
Focus on the floating rocks!
Protect Doretta from the floating rocks!
We got an Ommoran Rock Attack!
Stabber Vine
Mark Audio
Stabber Vine!
Don't get too close, it'll stab you in the freakin' face!
Kill it before someone gets hurt!
Keep your distance!
Watch the Stabber Vine!
Kill Cry
Nice, but you gotta keep your eyes peeled. There may be more.
Stupid Stabber Vine.
Stabber Vine threat eliminated.
Just call me the weed whacker.
Stab aside, Stabber Vine!

LootBug.png Passive

Loot Bug
Mark Audio
I found a Lootbug!
Kill the Lootbug!
Lootbug here!
Pop that Lootbug!
Kill Cry
I die a little inside every time I have to take out a Lootbug...
You're cute, but you're dead!
You shouldn't eat precious minerals! It will get you killed!
Lootbug down!
Took out a Lootbug!
I killed a Lootbug, and I'm not so proud about it!
Sorry little bug, your own fault for being full of goodies!
Lootbug eliminated!
I popped a Lootbug, let's get the minerals!
Lootbug popped!
Lootbug looted!
Lootbug opened!
Golden Loot Bug
Mark Audio
Golden Lootbug! We're rich!
Golden Lootbug here!
We got a Golden Lootbug here!
Golden Lootbug! Squish it!
Kill Cry*
I die a little inside every time I have to take out a Lootbug...
You're cute, but you're dead!
You shouldn't eat precious minerals! It will get you killed!
Lootbug down!
Took out a Lootbug!
I killed a Lootbug, and I'm not so proud about it!
Sorry little bug, your own fault for being full of goodies!
Lootbug eliminated!
I popped a Lootbug, let's get the minerals!
Lootbug popped!
Lootbug looted!
Lootbug opened!
Huuli Hoarder
Mark Audio
Oooh! Hoarder! Kill it! Kill it before it gets away!
Lads, take out that Hoarder before it gets away!
Mineral Hoarder! Let's kill it fast, before it escapes!
Mineral Hoarder!
Mineral Hoarder here!
Squish that Mineral Hoarder! Double time!
Oi, I see a juicy Mineral Hoarder! Pump that thing full of lead!
Kill Cry
YES! We got the Hoarder!
Hoarder down!
Trying to escape a dwarf who wants your precious minerals?! Ain't gonna happen, bug!
We got it! Huzzah!
We got the Hoarder!
Minerals secured!
Mark Audio
There's a maggot!
Ugh. Gross.
I found a maggot! Don't step on it!
Looks like a poop! Smells like a poop!
Watch the moving turd!
Fester Flea
Mark Audio
Fester Flea!
Eww, it's a Fester Flea! Smoosh it!
Fester Flea! Hate those things, get it!
Ugh, get it! Fester Flea!
It's a Fester Flea! Turn that bloody thing inside out!
Fester Flea! Don't let it get away!
Smell that? Urgh, Fester Flea, I knew it!
Kill Cry
Fester Flea down!
I shot a Fester Flea!
Fester stopped fleeing!
Flea down!
Exterminator at work, Fester Flea down!
Another Fester Flea killed!
I got one of the annoying bugs!
Die flea!
Here comes the Pest Control!
If only Deep Rock would invest in some pesticide.
Squashed one!
That buzzing was getting on my nerves!
Mobula Cave Angel
Mark Audio
Mobula Cave Angel!
We've got a Mobula Cave Angel here!
There's a Cave Angel here!
Let's catch the Cave Angel!
If that's a Cave Angel, I don't wanna see a Cave demon.
Jumping onto
I'm flying!
Air Force Dwarf.
Can't touch this!
Fly me to the moon!
Where's the rudder on this thing?
How do you control this thing!
Up, Up, and Away!
Hitching a ride!
Sorry pretty lady, but I need a ride!
Take off!
Here we gooo!
Fly, baby! Fly!
Is this safe?
Gotta hold on!
I got it!
Let's fly!
Watch me, lads! I'm flying!
Seatbelt. Where's the seatbelt!
Hands don't fail me down!
Gonna wing it!
Lift off!
Take me to some treasure!
They're only dangerous if you let them drop you!
What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen Cave Angel?
Something's fishy here!
Jumping off
This is my stop.
I'm off.
Touch down!
I need soil under my boots!
Flying dwarves? Hmm, never thought I'd live to experience that.
Thanks for the ride!
I'm off here.
I need ground control.
Not staying for a round trip.
If I wanted to fly, I'd sprout wings!
That's enough excitement for one day.
It's not the fall that kills yah, it's the sudden stop at the end.
Enough flying for now.
Kill Cry
Ahh, that felt good!
Angel down!
Nah, why did I do that!
Yes! I took out the Cave Angel for no good reason.
No more flying around, I'd say.
Yeah... I shot the Cave Angel! Sue me.
Whoops, Angel down.
Damn thing would've just gotten in the way.
I don't trust things with wings.
Don't want these things to breed with a Mactera.
To cave hell you go, and tell them I sent yah.
Almost makes me sad killing something so pretty, almost...!
Hexawing Gniffer
Mark Audio
This is a Hexawing Gniffer!
Hexawing Gniffer here!
Awww lookit, it's just chilling!
Hexawing Gniffer is just minding its own business.
Nobody gniffs the Gniffer
A Hexawing Gniffer! Pretty wee thing, innit?
Kill Cry
Hexawing down!
Why am I killing the wildlife?
I killed the Hexawing Gniffer! I'm such a bad guy.
Bah, Hexawings annoy me.

Burst Turret.png Rival Tech

Rival Shredder
Mark Audio
Ah, take out the damn Shredders!
Focus on the Shredders!
Shredders incoming!
Destroy the Shredders!
Sharp edges on these!
Kill Cry
Shredder shredded!
Got one of the annoying Shredder drones!
Took out a swarmer drone!
Shredder drone down!
Shredders! Don't get 'em in your beards!
Shred this!
Shredder destroyed!
Annoying little buggers!
Buzz off, shredder!
Next time, try shredding some treehouses instead!
Rival Burst Turret
Mark Audio
Burst Turret!
We got a Burst Turret here!
Focus fire on the Burst Turret!
Watch out, Burst Turret right there!
Burst Turret. Keep your distance!
Aim for the top!
Got one of them bursters here!
Kill Cry
Burst Turret disabled!
Burst Turret destroyed!
Another one bites the dust!
To the scrapheap with you!
Busted a Burst Turret!
Bursting makes me feel good!
Rival Repulsion Turret
Mark Audio
Someone deal with that Repulsion Turret!
Focus on the Repulsion Turret!
We need to stop the Repulsion Turret!
The Repulsion Turret is killing us!
Don't let it push you around!
These things are repulsive in more than one way!
Kill Cry
Repulsion Turret destroyed!
Repulsion Turret eliminated!
I feel less on edge without these things around.
Too pushy for your own good.
That's what you get for being territorial!
You push me too far!
Rival Sniper Turret
Mark Audio
Watch the Sniper Turret!
Sniper! Don't get spotted.
Watch the lasers!
Sniper Turret here!
Take out the Sniper Turret!
Step carefully, there's a Sniper Turret here!
Sniper Turret! Stay in cover!
Let's blast that Sniper Turret!
These turrets can singe your beard from afar!
Kill Cry
Sniper Turret disabled!
Sniper Turret destroyed!
You have sniped your last dwarf, turret!
Snipe this!
Not so accurate now, are yah!
Go ruin someone else's picnic!
Accurate, but dead!
Rival Patrol Bot
Mark (Enemy) Audio
Patrol Bot!
Take down the Patrol Bot!
Focus on the Patrol Bot!
Watch the Patroller!*
Patroller! Aim for the gun... head... thing?*
Let's end that patrol...!*
Kill Cry
Damn robots! This is our turf!
Who's a mean, lean, killin' machine now!
Die, bolt sack!
Go patrol a scrapyard, you toaster!
You scrapheap pile of crap!
Die, you piece of scrap!
Go patrol in hell!
One more for the scrapyard!
Die, infernal machine!
Off to the junkyard with you!
They haven't yet invented a machine that can best a dwarf!
Mark (Downed)
Patrol Bot pacified! We can hack it now!
Patrol Bot down and hackable!
Stop shooting! We can hack the Patrol Bot now!
This Patroller is hackable!
I'd like to see a dwarf getting hacked, hah!*
Your move, creep.
Can't patrol if you're offline, you piece of junk!
Successfully Hacked
This bot is hacked for support!
This Patrol Bot is now our friend.
Control unit hacked. The Patrol Bot is now aggressive towards its own kind!
Hack successful! This Patroller will protect us!
Guys, did you see! I hacked it!
Hacksy's not the only one who knows his way around a positronic matrix!
I'm in!
I'm hacker man!
And hacked! Takes years of practice to get this good, lads.
Hack complete! I knew all those hours playing video games would pay off!
Mark (Friendly)
Hacked Patrol Bot!
This Patrol Bot is on our side, for now...
That thing gives me the creeps! But at least it's fighting for us now.
I won't trust that thing farther than I can throw it!
Hacked or not, I'm not turning my back to that Patrol Bot.
Rival Nemesis
Mark Audio
Keep your distance! The Nemesis is lethal up close!
Nemesis! Don't let it grab you!
Rival Nemesis! Keep at range and keep moving!
Rival Nemesis!
Nemesis spotted!
It's one of those nimi... numa... uh, big things that hurt!
Bloody hell, it's a Nemesis! Stay at range, you lot!
Kill Cry
Better be a robot hell for you to burn in!
Not so tough now, are yah? Ya piece of junk!
Nemesis eliminated.
Aw yeah! One creepy robot tentacle dead!
I got the Rival Nemesis.
The Nemesis is no more.
You met your nemesis! Nemesis!
Nemesis! More like, uhhh no more-uh-sis... uhhhhh... that sounded better in my head.
Rival Prospector Drone
Mark Audio
Take down the Prospector before it gets away!
Prospector! Shoot out its engines!
Prospector! It's taking our jobs!
We got a Prospector here!
Let's get the data cell from the Prospector!
Don't let the Prospector get away! There's a data cell inside!
Your data cell is ours, Prospector!
Destroy the Prospector! Deep Rock pays well for what's inside!
Get the can opener! I smell valuable data inside that Prospector!
Kill Cry
Prospector eliminated!
Get off our turf, robot!
This planet's too small for the both of us!
The Prospector is scrap!
Mining done right is mining done by dwarves!
Prospect this!
Prospector destroyed! Let's grab its data cell!
Your data is ours, Prospector!
Let's have a look at your bits and bobs!
Rival Caretaker
Mark Audio
Take care of the Caretaker!
Aiiie! Watch where you stick those tentacles, you blasted sack of bolts!
Shoot it in the eye!
Aim for the eye, it's the only way to hurt the Caretaker!
Blow that thing to bits! Shoot it in the eye!
Mark (During Vents)*
Destroy the vents!
Shoot the open vents!
Shoot the glowing bits!
The Caretaker is opening up! Shoot the exposed parts!
Focus fire on the Caretaker's glowing bits!
Mark (During Open Eye)*
Focus fire on the Caretaker's eye!
Find the open eye and shoot it!
Shoot the Caretaker's big glowing eye!
The Caretaker is opening its eye thing... Shoot it!
Ah, I'm allergic to shock!
Need insulated boots when walking on this thing!
Looks like I overstayed my welcome!
Aiiee, you shocked me!
I can't stay on this platform without getting zapped!
Augh! The floor's freakin' electric!
Ow, ooh, ahhh! Shouldn't dilly-dally on this platform!
Ouch! This thing needs to be grounded!
Releasing Turrets
By the beard, the Caretaker is launching turrets!
The Caretaker is releasing turrets! We need to deal with them A.S.A.P.!
Great... now freakin' turrets are coming out of the Caretaker.
The Caretaker is expanding its defenses with turrets!
Launching Shredders
Heads up! The Caretaker is launching shredders!
Shredders are coming out of the Caretaker! Step lively, lads!
Shredders! The Caretaker is launching shredders!
The Caretaker is releasing a bunch of shredders!
Shredders! A lot of them! Coming out of the Caretaker!
By Karl, that is a lot of shredders coming out of the Caretaker!
Spawning Phase Bombs
Phase bombs, watch out!
Stay sharp! The Caretaker can teleport these phase bombs anywhere!
Don't stay in one place too long! The Caretaker is launching phase bombs everywhere!
The Caretaker is launching phase bombs! Those teleporting bastards can reach you anywhere!
Kill Cry
Yeeaaah! The Caretaker is down!
We got him! We bloody got him!
Rest in pieces, Caretaker.
Well, that's that taken care of us.
Caretaker destroyed!
Dwarfs one. Evil Pyramid ZERO!
Guess he didn't care enough!
Got careless in the end.
Not even fancy geometry can best me!
Yes! The Caretaker's down, the data rack is ours!
We got the Caretaker! The data rack is ours!
That is that! Now let's get the data.
Well, that's that taken care of. Time to grab the data rack!
Caretaker destroyed, the data is ours!
Time for us to care about securing the data!
Grab the data for the nerds back home!

Rockpox Grunt.png Lithophage

Rockpox Larvae
Mark Audio
Kill those little gobshites!
I hear these are the things infecting the Glyphids!
Plague worm!
Smush that disgusting turd.
Rockpox Larvae!
Kill Cry
Die, you pox-noodle!
Plague worm neutralized!
Rockpox Larvae splattered!
Killed a Rockpox Larvae!
Every Larva killed is one less infected Glyphid!
Not sure if you were truly alive, but now you're most certainly dead!
Mark (Rockpox Larvae Egg)
Kill it before the Rockpox Larvae get out!
Destroy it before more plague worms hatch!
Worm egg here!
It's full of worms! Destroy it!
That thing is full of Rockpox Larvae!
Rockpox Grunt
Mark Audio
Shoot the plague blisters to kill it quickly!
Even the Glyphids don't deserve this.
Shoot the yellow glowing bits!
Kill the Rockpox infected bug!
That bug is infected with Rockpox!
Rockpox Glyphid! Pop all the blisters to kill it.
Rockpox infected Glyphid!
Kill Cry
Die, you plague-infested abomination!
Another Rockpox Glyphid down!
Damn Rockpox infected Glyphids!
I almost feel bad for these Rockpox infected bugs.
The Rockpox really did a number on the Glyphids!
Rockpox Glyphid eliminated!
Damn Rockpox... eating our planet.
This space plague is the worst!
I hate Rockpox.
Rockpox Praetorian
Mark Audio
Rockpox Praetorian!
Don't waste your ammo! Aim for the yellow boils!
Rockpox Praetorian here!
Rockpox Praetorian! Shoot the blisters!
Rockpox Goo Bomber
Mark Audio
Rockpox Goo Bomber!
Augh, it's spreading plague goo everywhere! Take it down!
Kill the Rockpox infected Bomber!
Aargh, that's an infected Goo Bomber! Kill it, kill it!
Rockpox Goo Bomber! Pop all the blisters to kill it!
Kill Cry
The Rockpox Goo Bomber is no more!
Rockpox Goo Bomber down!
The Rockpox Goo Bomber has been eliminated!
I can't believe the Rockpox has become airborne!
Mark (Biomatter)
Infectious goo all over the floor here!
Stay clear of the goo! It gets into every crevice.
Infectious Rockpox goo over here!
Stay clear of the Rockpox goo!
Rockpox Naedocyte Breeder
Mark Audio
It's a plague infected Naedocyte Breeder!
We gotta take the Rockpox Breeder down! Shoot the plague blisters!
That Breeder's full of plague larvae! Kill it, quick!
The Roxkpox Breeder is spreading plague worms! Take it down!
Kill Cry
Rockpox Breeder has been exterminated!
Rockpox Breeder down!
I put a stop to the Rockpox Breeder!
I got the infested Breeder!
Lithophage Corruptor
Mark Audio
Getcha cleaning tools, fellas! We're on cleaning duty!
Bloody Lithophage Corruptors don't care about our guns!? Foam the boils and tear them off with the LithoVac!
Stop the Corruptor! The bloody Rockpox is moving about!
Sud-suckin' Lithophage Corruptor here!
Lithophage Corruptor! Let's take it out!
Peel that thing with the cleaning tools and blast the core!
Mark (Infestation)
Blargh, the Corruptor is infecting the ground!
Ugh, let's get this crap cleaned up before it seeps into the rock!
We should probably clear this mess up before something sprouts from it!
Watch out! Rockpox slime!
Clean up on Aisle 6!
Oh gods, I'm gonna lose my lunch!
Cleansing Pod Requested
Requesting Cleansing Pod to fight the Corruptor.
Lithophage Corruptor located! Gimmie a Cleansing Pod, A.S.A.P.
Ordering Cleansing Pod! There's a Corruptor to deal with here.
One of them Corruptor's here. We're gonna need a Cleansing Pod!
Walking talking pile of Rockpox here! Send in one of them Cleansing Pods!
Shell Broken
We cracked it a bit! Stay clear of the barf!
We cracked it a bit!
Layer stripped!
Keep cleaning!
Ugh, you're disgusting!
Aw gross, it's spraying blood and pus all over!
Weak points Exposed
Core's exposed! Bring out yer guns and blast that thing to kingdom come!
We're through the Corruptor's armor! Splatter it!
It's open! Blast him to bits!
Armor layer's gone, the Corruptor's vulnerable!
Rockpox Corruptor is open! Focus fire on the weakpoint!
Kill Cry
Corruptor disrupted! Let's get the Plaguehearts!
We got the Corruptor! Let's reap the Plaguehearts!
Lithophage Corruptor down, cave sanitized! Let's get the Plaguehearts!
Corruptor neutralized! Plaguehearts up for grabs!
Don't be scared. We got a nice, cozy containment unit with your name written all over it!
Rockpox Mutation down! It'll corrupt these caves no more.

Kursite Glyphid Acidspitter.png Special

Ebonite-infected Enemies
Mark Audio
Ebonites! Get those craggy mutant scum!
Bloody hell, put those blasted things out of their misery!
Chop 'em up, boys! Ebonites!
Chop these things up before they bite you, lads! I ain't getting infected with this crap!
Ebonite mutated baddies!
Ebonites can only be harmed with your pickaxe!
Smash these mutants!
Focus on the Ebonites!
Only pickaxes can harm the Ebonite bugs!
Pickaxes only, lads! No use shooting these bastards!
Kursite-infected Enemies
Mark Audio
Kill those bugs, they're infected with Kursite!
Smoosh those bugs, they're dropping Kursite for the grinder!
Take down those Kursite infected bugs!
Yeeaah, Kursite, gimme gimme gimme!
We got Kursite infected tangos here!
Kill for Kursite!


  • "Fly me to the moon!" is a reference to Frank Sintara's rendition of the song "Fly Me to the Moon" (originally composed by Bart Howard).