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The Scout and Gunner
Teamwork and beer will keep us together!
— The Dwarves

Voice lines of the dwarves communicating their thoughts and expressions.

Vanity Icons PickAxe General.png Salute

Quote Audio
Rock and Stone.
Rock and Stone!
Rock and Stone!!
Rock and... Stone!
For Karl!
Rock on!
Rock and Stone... Yeeaaahhh!
Rock and Stone forever!
For Rock and Stone!
We are unbreakable!
Rock and roll!
Rock and roll and stone!
That's it lads! Rock and Stone!
Like that! Rock and Stone!
Yeaahhh! Rock and Stone!
None can stand before us!
Rock... Solid!
Rock solid!
Stone and Rock! No wait...
Come on guys! Rock and Stone!
If you don't Rock and Stone, you ain't comin' home!
We fight for Rock and Stone!
We rock!
Rock and Stone everyone!
Yeah, yeah, Rock and Stone.
Rock and Stone in the Heart!
For Teamwork!
Did I hear a Rock and Stone?
Rock and Stone, Brother!
Rock and Stone to the Bone!
Leave No Dwarf Behind!
By the Beard!
Let's Rock and Stone!
Last one to Rock and Stone pays for the first round!
Rock and Stone! It never gets old.
Rock me like a Stone!
If you Rock and Stone, you're never alone!
Gimmie a Rock... and Stone!
Rock and Stone, the pretty sound of teamwork!
Rock and Stone like there's no tomorrow!
If I had a credit for every Rock and Stone.
We're the best!
Gimmie an R! Gimmie an S! Gimmie a Rock. And. Stone!
Rockitty Rock and Stone!
Rock and Stone you beautiful dwarf!
For those about to Rock and Stone, we salute you!
Rock! (burp) And! (burp) Stone! (burp)
Galaxy's finest!
Salute With Beer
Cheer Audio
For Karl!
Rock and Stone!
Rock and Stone to the bone!
Bottoms up, friends!
Fortune and glory!
To a successful mission.
To our continued survival ... yeah right! Hahaha!
Long live the Dwarves!
To the fallen!
To the fallen.
For gold!
For teamwork!
To Karl!
To darkness!
To the empires of old!
To danger.
To mates, to darkness, and to making it back alive!
To those we lost!
Teamwork and beer will keep us together!
Last one to finish is a pointy-eared Leaf Lover.
To Rock and Stone!
Nothing will stop us now!
Darkness is our friend!
Hello darkness, my old friend!
Miners - the lowest, and the highest.
Cheers, everyone!
Karl would approve of this.
May your beards be thick and your gold satchels heavy!

Icon Upgrade Fear.png Shout

Shout on Space Rig
Quote Audio
<Dwarf flatulence>
<Dwarf burp>
Shout with Beer
Drunk Audio
Hiccup! <sighs>
Arrrgh, I need another one...yeah...I do...
Yer all soooo pretty!
Ohh, my head is spinning!
I'm...ready...for combat! Lemme at 'em!
Anyone wanna dance?!
Ish the gravity thingamajig onna fritz again...?
Ish it jush me or ish the space rig tilting...?
I have definitely NOT had enough!
Arrrgh, there's something in my beard...!
You...you guys are awesome!
Aw man, you guys are my best friends ever, I ever tell ya that?
I love you all!
Shout on Hoxxes
General Audio
Over here!
With me!
Follow me!
I know the way!
Move out!
This way!
Come here!
Urrgh...Unkarr's balls, this is heavy!
Augh, could use a hand here!
Could someone give me a bloody hand here!
Need help with this!
Support please!
I feel like a M.U.L.E.!
Now I know how Molly must feel!
Keep me covered! Got my hands full here!
Gimmie a hand, guys!
How come I feel like it's me carrying all the load!
Save me!
I can't feel my beard, help!
Please, rescue me!
I'm down!
Bastards got me!
Help! They've got me!
I'm hurt! I need help!
Help! Please hury!
I could use a hand!
Somebody help!
Come and rescue me!
Need a hand here!
Need a hand here?!
Somebody patch me up!

Icon Upgrade Stun.png Interjections

Launched into the Air
Quote Audio
Low Oxygen
Quote Audio
<Gasping for air>
<Slowly gasping for air>
<Quickly gasping for air>
<Single gasp of air>
Quote Audio
I fell!
Oops, I slipped!
Downed During Mission
Quote Audio
HAUH! <grunting>
HUH! <sighs>
HOAH! <grunting>
HAH?! <chokes>

Icon Upgrade Ammo.png Comments

Said on Hoxxes
Generic Audio
I think we actually have a chance to make it out alive!
Maybe we are not gonna die after all!
I actually think we're gonna make it!
I will beat your record this time, just watch me!
Wonder what sludge they are serving in the cantine tonight!
This place is almost nice compared to last time!
This is a friggin' hellhole!
God Damn it! There is a pebble in my boot!
I think we're actually doing alright so far!
That guy in mission control - he really has a cozy job!
I'm having the best time in my life right now!
Next time, let's go somewhere nice!
Low Oxygen
I need fresh air.
I need O2.
The air in this cave is toxic!
Can't breathe. Toxic air.
Give me fresh air!
I'm gonna choke.
I'm gonna die... Can't breathe.
The air is getting heavy.
Air! I need air!
I really wish DRG was supporting us with better breathing equipment.
O2... Now!
I'm out of air.

Icon Upgrade Heat.png Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire
Quote Audio
Ouch! Watch it!
Trigger discipline, you whale piper!
It's ME, you arsewipe!
Friendlies! FRIENDLIES!
Friendly fire!
Watch it, you blindsided pig!
Hey! I'm not the enemy!
Watch where you are shooting! Moron!
Stop shooting me!
I'm your friend! Let's keep it that way!
I hope that wasn't on purpose!
Don't shoot me!
Watch your fire, moron!
Watch it!
Stop shooting you pointy-eared leaf lover!
Shoot THEM, not ME!
Owww! That hurt!
I'm with YOU, you beardless blunderbuss!
Hold your fire, you addle-brained lump of lard!
I'm not one of them, you knobhead!
You interplanetary goat! Why are you shooting at me!
Why are you shooting me, you slackjawed dimwit?!
Don't shoot me!
Stop attacking me!

Icon Upgrade MovementSpeed.png Perks

Active Perks

Beast Master
Charm Audio
Who's a good Glyphid now?
Look into my eyes!
Obey your master!
Let's be friends!
You're my new best friend!
Follow my lead!
Believe in Steeve!
Follow me, Steeve!
I'm the beast master!
Steevie...I wonder?
I'm gonna call you Steeve!
Obey me!
Who's a good bug, yeeeeah, who's a good bug?!
Good bug!
Steeve! You are my bestest friend!
Huh, for a bug, I guess you're kinda cute!
If only bugs were allowed on the Space Rig!
Good bug, Steeve!
Yeah! You like that!
Wonder if I could teach you some tricks?
And think... we almost killed you!
Naaauw... so cute!
You are a good bug, Steeve!
No! They killed my bug!
Steeve died! I'll never get over this!
Steeve died honourably!
Steeve's gone! He fought well!
Steeve is dead! Long live Steeve!
Steeve gave his life for me! Thank you Steeve!
And Steeve's off to bug heaven!
Steeve fought well and died like a hero!
Steeve is gone! He was a good bug!
This Steeve was something special I feel.
Steeve is down!
Steeve's gone.
Field Medic
Quote Audio
Rise and shine!
Get up!
Back on your feet, rockfondler!
What are you, a bloody leaf lover?
You think this is nap time?!
We ain't done killin' yet, mate!
Oi, leave no dwarf behind!
Up and at 'em, buddy!
This ain't no place to die, beard-bungler!
No time for a lie-down!
Up you go!
The fight goes on!
Get up, soldier!
Power nap is over!
Back up you go!
Never surrender!
Heighten Senses
Quote Audio
My beard sense is tingling!
Incoming body snatcher!
Something's up!
Gotta look UP!
Watch the ceiling!
Attack from above!
I sense danger!
Ceiling alert!
Look up!
Heightened Sense!
Hover Boots
Quote Audio
Hover Boots!
Hover on!
HB on!
Start Hover!
Hover Boots - ON!
Iron Will
Quote Audio
Nothing can keep me down!
You think dwarves die so easy!?
Medics are for pansies!
Gotta keep it together!
And the fight goes on!
It was just a knee wound!
I'm back and brutal!
Is that all ya got?!
See You In Hell
Quote Audio
See You In Hell!
I'm taking you with me!
Payback time!
Go to hell!
Eye for an eye!
Die, bugs!
It's curtains for you, bugs!
I will DESTROY you!
Shield Link
Quote Audio
Shield boosting.
Shield boosting!
Shield boost!
Stay strong, brother!
This'll keep you safe, mate!
You got shielded, my friend!
Shield boosting - ON!
You got shield boosted!

Passive Perks

Born Ready
Quote Audio
Weapon ready!
I was born ready!
Ready for action!
Lock and loaded!
Born ready!

Icon Upgrade Aim.png General

General Mark
Quote Audio
Look there!
Everyone! Can I get some attention.
See here.
Look over here!
Guys, are you blind? Look over here!
Over here by the marker point!
Marker up!
General Excitement
Quote Audio
Watch this!
Watch me now!
Oh yeah!
Like that!
Well, look at this!
I am awesome!
Look at that!
Watch and learn!
Oh yeah! Let's do this!*


  • "Steevie... I wonder?" is a reference to iconic singer-songwriter, Stevie Wonder.
  • "It was just a knee wound!" is a reference to Monty Python and The Holy Grail where the Black Knight remarks "It's just a flesh wound".