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My beard's gonna get frizzy from this crappy weather!
— The Dwarves
Official artwork of the team on Crystalline Caverns

Voicelines related to the environment, resources, and plants on Hoxxes IV.

Icon Enemy Type Ground.png General

Voicelines related to Electrocrystals and Hot Rocks.

General Warning
Image Mark Audio
It is dangerous!
Watch out!
Take precaution!
DANGER! Don't get too close!
This is dangerous!
This is a hostile!
Keep your distance!
Stay away from here!

Icon Enemy Types Lithophage.png Environmental

Glyphid Swarmer Egg
Mark Audio
Careful! We don't want to wake up what's in that egg!
These eggs give me the creeps!
Watch out! Glyphid Swarmer eggs!
I don't ever wanna meet whatever laid these eggs...
Swarmer Tunnel
Mark Audio
Watch the Swarmer Tunnel.
We got a Swarmer Tunnel here!
Take care of the Swarmer Tunnel!
Glyphid Swarmers! They're in the bloody walls!
Stand clear, I hear Swarmers.
Someone torch this to be sure!
Swarmer Tunnels!
Watch it! Don't get close to the Swarmer Tunnels!
Swarmer Tunnels here! Watch your step!
Image React Audio
Did anyone think to bring an umbrella?
Gah, I'm soaked to the bone!
Really hope my armor is rust protected...!
I hate water.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!
Aw man!
My beard's gonna get frizzy from this crappy weather!
Dammit, just when my undersuit had gotten dry again...!
Hope I don't catch a cold.
Keep your powder dry, lads!
Oh! How refreshing!
Just what we bloody needed!
I hate showers!
Image React Audio
Can't see anything!
Let's stay close!
Can't see a thing!
Impossible to see.
Yikes! I just swallowed some sand!
Keep your mouth closed.
I got sand in my eyes!
I have experienced worse!
Help. I got sand in my beard!
It's just a breeze!
I'm blind!
Hot Rocks
Image Mark Audio
The ground is dangerous!
Watch the floor!
Watch where you step.
Danger ahead!
Don't step there!
Not a good idea to walk through there.
I recommend not to walk here!
Walking on
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Owwww ooooh aargh!
I smell bacon!
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
My feet!
My boots! My poor boots!
It burns! It burns!
Sticky Goo
Mark Audio
Bah, I hate this sticky crap.
Goo all over the floor here. What a sticky mess.
Stay out of the goo!
There's goo on the floor!
Watch the goo!
Goo, fellas! Don't get stuck during extraction!
Why did the floor have to be so sticky!
This is slowing me down!
It's slowing me down!
I'm stuck!
Damn, sticky goo...!
This is so sticky!
Arggh, it's hard to move!
Can't move!
Bloody sod it, and here I just polished my boots!
Arrrh...arrhh, it's getting into all me nooks and crannies!
Aw man, this ain't what I signed up for...
Bloody disgusting stuff this is...!

Compressed gold icon.png Resources

Primary Objectives

Alien Egg
Image Mark Audio
There's an egg here!
Egg! I found an egg!
Egg found!
Egg here!
Found an egg here!
Egg here. Wonder what Deep Rock is using them for.
I found an egg!
Image Mark Audio
Aquarq here!
Found an Aquarq!
There's an Aquarq here!
Mark Audio
I found some Morkite!
There is Morkite here!
Morkite found!
Oil Shale
Mark Audio
Oil Shale here.
Oil Shale will keep the Dozer running!
I found some Oil Shale!
Fuel for the Drilldozer here!
Oil Shale!
There is Oil Shale here!
Let's fill the fuel cannisters with Oil Shale!
Let's get the Oil Shale!
Ommoran Heartstone
Mark Audio
The glow is strangely alluring!
Ommoran Heartstone!
Let's tie the Heartstone to Molly!
Heartstone here!
We got the Heartstone!
If only it would fit in my pocket...!
The Heartstone could really spiff up my cabin!
Must be worth a fortune since DRG is wasting a Drilldozer just to get it.

Secondary Objectives

Alien Fossil
Mark Audio
Fossil here!
Oi, there's a Fossil!
I found a Fossil!
Look! A Fossil!
There, in the rock! It's a fossil!
Hey, it's one of those snail-lookin' fossils!
Apoca Bloom
Mark Audio
Apoca Bloom here!
Found an Apoca Bloom!
There's an Apoca Bloom here!
Boolo Cap
Mark Audio
Boolo Cap here!
Found a Boolo Cap.
There's a Boolo Cap here.
Mark Audio
I found some Dystrum!
There's Dystrum here!
Dystrum found!
Mark Audio
Ebonut here!
Found an Ebonut!
Damn Ebonuts can only be cracked open with the pickaxe!
Look! An Ebonut!
Ebonut here, gotta use the pickaxe on it!
Gunk Seed
Mark Audio
Gunk Seed.
Gunk Seed!
Gunk Seed here!
Ooo! There's a Gunk Seed!
Up there! It's a Gunk Seed!
In the ceiling, Gunk Seed!
Gunk Seed, I want it!
Ooo! Gunk Seed, pop it!
Dangly Gunk Seed up there!
Image Mark Audio
Hollomite here!
Found some Hollomite!
Here! Hollomite! Let's get it!

Crafting Minerals

Image Mark Audio
We got Bismor here!
Bismor! It feels so good to say it!
I'm so glad to announce that I found some Bismor!
Bismor here!
Bismor, Bismor, Bismor!
A bit more Bismor! Over here!
I found some Bismor!
Image Mark Audio
Croppa here!
Found some Croppa!
Here. Croppa vein, let's get it.
Enor Pearl
Image Mark Audio
Found an Enor Pearl!
Enor Pearl here!
There's an Enor Pearl here!
Image Mark Audio
Jadiz here!
Found a Jadiz!
There's a Jadiz here!
Image Mark Audio
Magnite here!
Found some Magnite!
Image Mark Audio
Umanite here!
Found some Umanite!
Mark Audio
Phazyonite here!
Found some Phazyonite!
Let's get the Phazyonite!
Pants mineral here!
Got some of that fancy fashion crystal here!


Barley Bulb
Image Mark Audio
Look! A Barley Bulb!
Barley here!
I found some Barley Bulbs!
Barley Bulb! Over here!
Barley Bulb!
Malt Star
Image Mark Audio
Malt Star!
We need the Malt Star!
I found a Malt Star!
Malt Star here!
Starch Nut
Image Mark Audio
Starch Nut!
Collect the Starch Nut!
I found a Starch Nut!
Starch Nut here!
Yeast Cone
Image Mark Audio
Yeast Cone here!
Found a Yeast Cone!
Look! Yeast Cone!


Image Mark Audio
There is Nitra over here!
Found some Nitra!
Anyone needs ammo? There's Nitra here!
Mine the Nitra for ammo!
Image Mark Audio
There is gold here!
There is gold!
I found a gold vein!
Compact Dirt
Image Mark* Audio
The tunnel is blocked.
The way ahead is blocked.
It's blocked.
Dig here.
We need to dig here.
Loose dirt over here.
I think we need to dig here.
Compressed Gold & Bittergem
We're rich We're rich We're rich
We're rich!
Red Sugar
Mark Audio
Red Sugar...
Red Sugar!
Red sugar.
I found some Red Sugar!
There is Red Sugar over here!
Red Sugar will make yah feel better!
Red Sugar here, but watch it. It's highly addictive!
Oh yeah.
I needed that!
Never felt better.
Oh, never felt better.
Much better.
Feel much better now.
Feeling much better now!*
Feeling much better now.
Red sugar!
Yeah, gimmie some sugar!
I feel vitalized.
Just what the doctor ordered.
Aw, that hit the spot.
(sniff) Yeah!
Worthless Crystal
Mark Audio
This is useless.
This has no value.
This is worthless.
Mining Audio
Worthless, but fun to destroy!
This is fun!
Die, worthless crystal!
I like the sound of that!
Good times!
I really can't use this for anything!
Image Mark Audio
What is this...
This looks weird...
Strange thing...
What the heck is this...
I wonder if it's edible!

Seasonal Collectibles

Pool Float (Summer)
Mark Audio
Pool float here! And it's inflated like Mission Control's ego! Hahaha!
The inflatable animal is here!
Inflatable found!
Pool float spotted! Damn, I wish we had a pool at the space rig.
Inflatable animal located! What a pity we don't have a pool to use it in!

BF Xenofungus Puffball.png Plants

Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom
Goo Sack
Image Mark Audio
Goo sack!
It's a Goo sack!
There is Goo in the sack!
Mark (Residue)
Bah, I hate this sticky crap.
Goo all over the floor here. What a sticky mess.
Stay out of the goo!
There's goo on the floor!
Watch the goo!
Goo, fellas! Don't get stuck during extraction!
Why did the floor have to be so sticky!