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Molly carries minerals and we shoot bugs and mine! Dwarf life in a nutshell.
— Depositing minerals into the M.U.L.E.
Bosco Tattoo (Roughneck DLC)

Voice lines related to the company robots and drones supplied by Deep Rock Galactic.

Bosco.png APD-B317 "Bosco"

Quote Audio
Bosco buddy!
A friend in need!
My reliable drone, Bosco!
My all-purpose drone!
Quote Audio
Mine it!
Help me with the minerals here.
Bosco, mine it!
Help me mine this!
Drone, get to work!
Go fetch!
Quote Audio
Bosco, what is that?
Light there!
Give me some light right here.
Light it up.
Look there!
Bosco! Light!
Give me some light!
Right there...!
Go Bosco!
Carry Item
Quote Audio
Go fetch!
Pick it up, Drone!
Bosco! Time to haul ass!
Oi, carry support here!
Grab it!
Bosco, help me carry this!
Transport support! Now!
Quote Audio
Follow me, Bosco!
Follow me!
Stay by my side, Bosco!
I need you here!
Bosco! Come here!
Come here!
Light for me please.
Come here, you flying tin-can.
Quote Audio
Focus fire here!
Attack here!
Take care of this.
I need support!
Fire! File:DroneCallBack 9.ogg
Fire Rocket
Quote Audio
Rocket, please!
Rocket, HERE!
Rocket here, Bosco!
I need a rocket here!
Boom boom! Right here, Bosco!
Bosco! Here!
Support rocket!
Make it go BOOM!
Show 'em some PAIN, Bosco!
Calling for Revive Audio
Bosco, I need support!!
I could use a drone here!
Bosco, help!!
Thanking for Revive Audio
Thanks, Bosco!
Saved by a machine...how humiliating
Bosco, you're the best!
Protect Doretta
Quote Audio
Bosco! Defend the Dozer!
Drone! Guard the Drilldozer!
Keep them away from the Drilldozer, Bosco!
Drone! Escort the Drilldozer!
Protect the Drilldozer, Bosco!
Defend Doretta!
Bosco! Protect Doretta!
Clear out the bugs, Bosco!
Drone! Escort Doretta!
Build Pipelines
Quote Audio
Build it!
Build it, Bosco!
Bosco! Activate Construction Mode!
Help me build it, please!
Bosco! Build here!
Drone! Help me build!
Repair Pipelines
Quote Audio
Repair it!
Bosco! Fix this for me!
Drone! Fix it!
Repair it, Bosco!
Bosco! Activate Repair Mode.
Help me fix this.
Bosco! Fix that!
Quote Audio
Bosco, time to clean up!
Vacuum up that foam!
Hey, Bosco! Rockpox infection! Ready for removal.
Vacuum here.
Clean here, please!
Vacuum that up!
Drone! Suck up that foam!

Molly 05.png M.U.L.E. "Molly"

Quote Audio
The M.U.L.E. is for depositing minerals!
This is where you empty your canister when you're fully loaded!
The M.U.L.E. is here!
I found the M.U.L.E.!
Molly! My most trustiest of M.U.L.E.s!
Quote Audio
Where is that damn tin can?!
Molly! Come here!
I called for Molly!
I called for the mule!
Molly is on the way!
Where is that damn mule!
I need the mule - Right here! Right now!
Come here!
I need the damn minecart on legs! Where is it!
Donkey! Come here!
I got to deposit!
Molly! Over here!
Move your tin ass over here and hurry please!
Just take your sweet time old lady! I've got all day!
Deep Rock seriously need to invest in some better equipment!
Quote Audio
What kind of fiendish technology makes Molly constantly get in the way?
I wanna punch the guy in R&D who programmed Molly!
My grandpa told me they used real mules back in the day! Keepin' up the tradition!
It's a mystery to me how all these minerals fit inside...!
You carry a load well, Molly!
At least we don't have to haul all these minerals around ourselves!
Get this home safely, will yah Molly?
Where do all these minerals go?
It's like she's bigger on the inside!
I was made for mining! Molly was meant for hauling what I mine!
Molly carries mineral and we shoot bugs and mine! Dwarf life in a nutshell.
I'm glad we have someone to carry our rocks and stones!
Can't believe how green I was when I started here!
When I'm done working for DRG, I'm starting my own bloody mine... show 'em how it's done!
When the damn bugs start to feel like family, you know it's time to quit!
I'm getting too old for this crap...!
After this, longest shower ever! Feel I got glyphid gunk in every single crevice!
This is becoming routine!
If I had a credit for every time I deposited - I would be a rich dwarf!
Ey you lot, how about a nice break? Sit down, rest a bit, and maybe play some dice?
You want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!
If only this bloody bucket was bigger! A lot bigger!
Could need a new canister! Getting tired of this old rust bucket!
Music to my ears!
Can do this in my sleep at this point!
Lift with your legs!
Like feeding a bottomless pit!
Glad I ain't the one to sort this stuff later!
Oh gobblesnarks, think I dropped me bloody keys in there.
I hear Management's been trying to get a shipment of knee pads in, fancy that!
If we discover a new mineral, ya think we get to name it?
Y'know, I think I've seen some spare pipe rails laying around the station... just saying!
I've got a bad feeling about this... but not as bad as usual.
Whoof, glad to finally deposit! Felt like I was carrying a Dreadnought on my back.
All good things come to those who wait! ...like dual flamethrowers and beer!
I'm doing my part!
Wait... What is the difference between rock and stone?
Consider this, legally speaking... rocking is more legal than stoning. Eh? Eh?
"Rocks and Stones may break my bones, but beer will never hurt me!" Gee, I'm feeling poetic today!
Down it goes!
Depositing minerals!
You're a good mule, Molly!
The tin can is surely hungry today!
Making a deposit!
Another day at the office!
Getting closer to our quota!
Down the hatch!
Whoopsie doopsie!
<Short Whistling>
<Long Whistling>
Bum bum bum!
Mmm... Could really go for a cold brew right now!
This is thirsty work!
<Yawn> I could need a good rest!
<Grunt> Air's kinda heavy down here today!
When we get back... It's sandwich time!
Sometimes I wonder if mining is all there is to life... Then I punch myself in the nose!
Mining is hard work, good thing we're dwarves!
Need to get my pickaxe sharpened when we get back!
Wait... What IS the difference between rock and stone?
Attach Item
Ommoran Heartstone Audio
Heartstone fastened to Molly!
Heartstone secured! Let's go home and hit the bar.
Heartstone secured! Let's head home!
Heartstone attached! Time to leave!
Heartstone secured!
Ommoran Heartstone secured!
Data Rack
Data Rack strapped down!
This'll look good on our performance review!
I wonder what's even stored on this thing!*
I don't care what kind of information is on that Data Rack, so long as we get our hazard pay!
If this data had left the planet, Hoxxes would be swarming in other mining companies in no time!
Data Rack secured!
That's a wrap! First round's on me when we get back!*
Call (Absent)
Quote Audio
We didn't bring a M.U.L.E.! Well, that was stupid!
I don't think Molly can hear me from here.
The M.U.L.E. is missing! I gotta deposit elsewhere!
Where's the M.U.L.E.? Oh right, we didn't bring it with us this time.
Buggers! We don't have a M.U.L.E. with us!
Molly! I miss you, girl!
No M.U.L.E. available! Gotta find another place to dump the minerals!
When Molly is around she's a pain in the butt. When she's not - I really miss her!
Molly is on the Space Rig! Maybe R&D is finally fixing that glitch in her noggin?
The old lady is resting her legs at the Space Rig! Wish I was too!
There is no M.U.L.E. available on this mission!
No M.U.L.E. means I have to do more walking! I hate it!
Tell me again - why didn't we bring a M.U.L.E. on this mission?
It's not cool - when we don't have an M.U.L.E.!... Hey it rhymed!
MOOOLLLLYYY!... Oh... right... we didn't bring her for this one.
Call (Extraction)
Quote Audio
Molly's headed for the Drop Pod! Let's follow her!
Let's race Molly back to the Drop Pod!
The tin can's on the way to the Drop Pod! Let's keep up!
Let's follow the M.U.L.E. to the Drop Pod!
Where's that damn Drop Pod?!
Molly's on the move for the Drop Pod!
The M.U.L.E.'s been called back! Good thing we stuck those deposit slots on the side of the Drop Pod!
Guys! Remember you can deposit on the sides of the Drop Pod!
I can't wait to get back in orbit!
Stay sharp lads! We're not out yet!
Let's follow the mule, it's heading for the drop pod!
Follow the mule!
Follow Molly!
The mule has been called back to the drop pod!

Icon Drilldozer Simplified.png Drilldozer "Doretta"

Ping (Drilldozer)
Quote Audio
A marvelous piece of engineering!
Where's the seatbelt!
How much would it set me back to get one of these!
Does it come in black?
This bad boy can drill so many tunnels!
It's our job to keep the Drilldozer running!
Drilldozer here!
I've located the Drilldozer!
We need to protect Doretta!
It's our job to keep little Dotty here safe!
Protect and maintain the Drilldozer!
This is a Drilldozer! It drills!
The Drilldozer!
This is Doretta!
Anybody knows why it's called Doretta?
If only I could afford one for myself!
One day, I'm gonna get my own Drilldozer.
Doretta is a beauty!
Starting Speak
Quote Audio
You heard the man! Let's stay close to Doretta and keep the bugs away from her!
On your toes, guys! Escort duty is on!
Lock and load, lads! Doretta needs our protection!
Doretta is our prime objective. Let's do our best to keep her running!
Doretta leads the way. Stay alert and guard her like she's your momma.
Quote Audio
Oi! Protect the Dozer!
Guys! Keep those bloody bugs off the Drilldozer!
Keep Doretta safe!
Guys, get to work! There are bugs all over the Dozer!
Doretta is under attack!
Quick! Someone debug the Dozer!
The bugs are swarming Doretta!
Anyone guarding the Drilldozer!
We gotta protect Doretta!
Protect Doretta
Help me protect the Dozer!
Quote Audio
You're as good as new, Doretta!
Drilldozer fixed!
Doretta repaired!
Damage fixed!
Dotty fixed!
Little Dotty fixed!
Doretta is purring like a kitten!
Hope the bandage says on!
Doretta healed!
Doretta could really use an armor upgrade.
Damage repaired!
Dozer repaired!
Not Repaired
Quote Audio
We need to repair Doretta!
Repair the Drilldozer before it takes permanent damage!
We need to fix it!
Repair the Drilldozer!
We are losing the Drilldozer! Protect and repair!
Oi! We're forgetting the Dozer!
Doretta won't make it like this!
We gotta fix Dotty!
Doretta needs maintenance
We need to fix Doretta!
Second Fuel Cannister
Quote Audio
Doretta's ready to go!
Second canister plugged in!
That's that! Both canisters are full and plugged in!
Last fuel canister in place.
Second canister in place! We're good to go!
Canister in, let's roll!
The Dozer is fueled and ready!
Drilldozer fuel at 100 percent! She's ready to go!
Done! Ommoran Heartstone, here we come!
Ping (Head)
Quote Audio
Oh, little Dotty! Look what's happened to you.
You can't leave Doretta behind, right?
Doretta lost her head.
Let's save Doretta!
Who is gonna carry Doretta back to the Drop Pod?
Doretta has seen better days.
Management might consider Doretta expendable, but not us!
Doretta deserves better!
Quote Audio
You're coming with us, Dotty!
We're NOT leaving Doretta behind!
WE SAVED DORETTA! We're heroes!
YES! Doretta is saved!

Reward Vanity BeerRecipe Outline.png Lloyd

Quote Audio
This is for you, Lloyd!
Don't spent it all at once.
Keep it coming, Lloyd!
Cheers, Lloyd!
Best bartender ever!
Well served, well deserved!
Lloyd, you're my kind of drone.
Best server ever!
You're tip-top, Lloyd!
You serve the best brew in the galaxy!
Easily the best beer I've had since coming out here!
No one pours 'em like you, Lloyd!
I'm a sucker for the wee drawings in the foam!
Keep it up, Lloyd!
You know just how to treat a dwarf, Lloyd!
Here's a tip!
Don't spent it all on gears and oil! Hahahah!
They oughta pay you more!
You're worth your weight in gold!
For my best friend on the rig!
Here's a tip for yah! You have the second most cozy job here!
You're one piece of equipment I wouldn't want replaced!
Here's a little something for an upgrade!
We need more drones like you, Lloyd!
I always feel bad when I forget to tip you, Lloyd!
You're worth it!
They don't pay you enough, Lloyd!
You deserve a tip for filling our mugs!
Lloyd, you're the king of draft beer!
Ordering Corporate Issue Beers
Oily Oaf Brew Audio
Bartender! I need a round of Oily Oafs - icecold and foamy!
A round of Oafs for me and my friends here!
Round of Oily Oafs, please!
Glyphid Slammer
Bartender! A round of Glyphid Slammers for my team!
Round of Glyphid Slammers, red sugar on top, please!
Glyphid Slammers for everyone! It's slammin' time, yaaarh!
Oi! Round of Glyphid Slammers, please!
Leaf Lover's Special
(whispering) Can I have a Leaf Lover's Special?
One Leaf Lover - and can I get it thinned with some water?
Could I get a Leaf Lover's Special!
Ordering Today's Special
Backbreaker Stout Audio
Backbreaker Stout!
Bartender! A round of Backbreakers, please!
Round of Backbreakers, straight from the tap, please!
A set of Backbreakers for the thirst and some ice for my back, Lloyd!
My back hasn't acted up in a while. A round of Backbreaker Stout to celebrate!
Dark Morkite
Oi, round of Dark Morkite, on me!
Dark Morkite for everyone!
I'm flush, Dark Morkite for all!
Pots o' Gold
Pots o' Gold!
A round of Golden Pots, please.
Pots o' Gold, Lloyd!
You got to spend gold to get gold. Pots o' Gold for the crew, please.
A round of Pots o' Gold, barkeep! And hold the rainbows this time.
Red Rock Blaster
Red Rock Blasters for everyone, sharpish!
Bartender! Round of Red Rock Blasters!
Round of Red Rock Blasters, extra sugar around the rim, please!
Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountains for my team. And make it snappy!
Round of chilled Rocky Mountains for everyone!
Give me and my team some of that sweet Rocky Mountain brew!
Skullcrusher Ale
Skullcrushers for everyone! Raarh!
Skullcrusher Ale, please! We're going hunting!
Round of Skullcrushers for me and my chaps!
Skullcrushers for everyone! Just pour it up!
Slayer Stout
Mmmmh, need something hard hitting! Slayer Stout, please!
Sling me a Slayer, Lloyd!
Lloyd, old boy...a Slayer Stout, please!
Nothing says tradition like a classic Slayer Stout.
Slayer Stout now! Hit me hard, Lloyd!
A round of Slayers, please!
Tunnel Rat
Tunnel Rat!
Some Rats from the tap, Lloyd!
Round of Rodents, please!
Let's get down and dirty with some Tunnel Rats, barkeep!
We'll have a round of Tunnel Rats - and leave the tails in, Lloyd!
Ordering Craft(able) Beers
Arkenstout Audio
Lloyd! A round of Arkenstout!
I'd like to order a round of Arkenstout!
Arkenstout for me and my mates!
Blacklock Lager
Blacklock Lager!
Blacklock Lager, please!
A round of Blacklocks, extra dark please!
Lloyd, I would like a round of Blacklock Lager!
Blackout Stout
Might as well skip straight to the hangover! Blackout Stout!
Blackout Stout, please! And dim the lights a bit... this is gonna be a tough one... eheheh!
Knock me out with some Blackout Stout!
Before I forget... a round of Blackout Stout, Lloyd!
Blackreach Blonde
Blackreach Blonde!
A round of that silky smooth Blackreach, please.
Bartender, line up some Blackreach Blondes!
This one reminds me of home. A set of Blackreach Blondes, Lloyd!
Round of Blackreach in dirty mugs, please!
Burning Love
Burning Love!
Give us a round of Burning Love, Lloyd!
Heat us up some mugs for a round of Burning Love, please!
Liquid heartbreak for me and the crew, Lloyd.
Some Burning Love, please. And make it sizzle!
Flintlocke's Delight
Flintlocke's Delight!
Flintlocke's Delight, please!
A round of Flintlocke's! Extra gunpowder in mine, please!
Drone, serve us some Flintlocke's! Please, we're mighty thirsty!
Drone, serve us up some Flintlocke's, please! We're mighty thirsty!
Gut Wrecker
Urgh...my lunch isn't agreeing with me, bartender. Gut Wrecker to fix it please!
Need to reboot my piping with some Gut Wrecker, barkeep.
Nothing clears a clog like a Gut Wrecker!
Wreck my guts, Lloyd! Chop, chop!
Mactera Brew
Mmh, Mactera Brew, that's the ticket. Rounds for everyone!
A round of Mactera Brew, please!
Mactera Brews for me and my team!
Malt Rockbearer
Malt Rockbearer!
Malt Rockbearer.
Barkeep! Rockbearers, please!
Some Rocky Malts for the table, please!
Fill up some tankards with gravel-filtered Rockbearers for us, bartender!
Some Rockbearers for the team, Lloyd!
Let's try my luck with a round of Randoweisser!
I'm feeling lucky today, Lloyd! Give me one of those Randoweissers.
Let's mix things up with a Randoweisser!
I'm feeling adventurous today, Lloyd! A Randoweisser, please!
A Randoweisser, please!
Lloyd, a round of Randoweissers!
A round of Randoweissers! My friends here don't know how to dress!
I want a new outfit, new equipment, and more beer! Randoweisser is what I need, Lloyd!
My dress is a mess! Randoweisser for me and my friends, Lloyd!
Yo, Lloyd! My friends dress so bad it hurts my eyes! Serve 'em up some Randoweisser!
Let's mix up our outfit and equipment! Randoweisser for everyone, Lloyd!
Drinking Randoweisser is such a quick way to become fashionable! Pour 'em up, Lloyd!
Lloyd, I wanna be more adventurous with my style! Randoweisser is what I need!
Hey, Lloyd! I don't really like the look of my teammates! Let's fix it with Randoweisser!
Seasoned Moonrider
Mmmh...Let's take a load off with a Moonrider, Lloyd.
I'm feeling mellow! Pass us a Moonrider, eh Lloyd?
I'm in the mood for something light. Line up some Seasoned Moonriders, please!
Take me to the moon, Lloyd!
Seasoned Moonrider for me...and don't skimp on the moonshine!
Smart Stout
Could I get a round of Smart Stout?
Round of Smart Stout, please! We're feeling extra wise today!
Smart Stout for everyone! It's on me!
Underhill Deluxe
Underhill Deluxe!
A round of Underhills, please!
Underhills, please! And make 'em Deluxe!
Underhill Deluxe for me and my pals, please!
Wormhole Special
Feeling adventurous today! Gimme a Wormhole Special!
Need to retrace my steps from last night, Lloyd. Another Wormhole Special, please!
I'm feeling lucky. Pour me some Wormhole Special!
Wormholes for me and the team!
Wormhole Special, please!
Ordering Holiday Beers
Best Wurst Beer Audio
A round of the Wurst beer for me and my friends!
Hey Lloyd! Give us a round of the Oktoberfest special!
Wurst brew all around, Lloyd!
I'll have the Oktoberfest special, and don't skimp on the sausage!
A round of that sausage beer please! I'm feeling hungry!
Lloyd! Pour us a round of the Wurst Beer you got on tap! Hahaha!

Icon Facility HackingPod02.png Hack-C Bot "Hacksy"

Quote Audio
Hacking Pod here!
The Hacking Pod landed here!
Let's get the Hacking Pod set up so Hacksy can get to work on the Power Station.
A Hacking Pod...that's how they want us to take out a Power Station?
Hacking Pod here!
Quote Audio
I'm activating Hacksy!
The hack bot is up and running!
Hack away, Hack-C bot!
Time to hack that Power Station to pieces!
I'm activating the hacking drone!
Hack Bot! Get to work!
Hacksy! Let's take down that Power Station.
Start hacking, hacking drone!
Work your magic, Hacksy!
Activating the Hack bot.
Get to work, you noisy hacking drone!
Hacksy, you're up!
Hacksy, start hacking like there's no tomorrow!
Hacker bot is online!
Get to work, neeerd!
You're like a digital pickaxe, Hacksy!
Quote Audio
We gotta restart Hacksy!
Hacksy's buggered off inside his shell.
Gotta restart the Hacking Drone A.S.A.P.!
We're not gonna hack that Power Station without the hacker bot!
Quote Audio
Rebooting Hacksy.
Reactivating hacking drone.
Hacking drone up and running again!
Hack bot, get out of hiding! Get back to smashing that keyboard!
Hacksy, time to get back to work!
Hack bot! Get your arse back to work!
It's safe to start hacking again.
Reactivating the hack bot.
Hacker bot is back online.
Off...and then on! Yes, that should do it.


Quote Audio
What a chonker!
BET-C scares me a little bit.
A combat M.U.L.E.? What will R&D think of next?
Watch the BET-C! It's dangerous!
We got a BET-C here!

MiniMule.png Mini M.U.L.E.

Quote Audio
I found a Mini M.U.L.E.!
Mini M.U.L.E. located!
There's a Mini M.U.L.E. here!
Mini M.U.L.E. here has seen better days!
Over here! This Mini M.U.L.E. needs a repair!
Hahaha! Look! It's tiny!
Look! A baby Molly!
Mini M.U.L.E. here!
I found a Mini M.U.L.E.!
Ping (Leg)
Quote Audio
I've got a part for the Mini M.U.L.E. here!
I've got a Mini M.U.L.E. leg here!
Looks like someone lost a leg!
I found a Mini M.U.L.E. leg!


  • "My grandpa told me they used real mules back in the day! Keepin' up the tradition!" is a reference to an early iteration of Deep Rock Galactic, Project Dwarka, where it featured an actual donkey at the mineral deposit site.