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Like riding a rollercoaster!
— The Dwarves
The team racing out the Drop Pod

Voice lines related to the various structures and events that can be present during a mission.

Icon Map Biome SandBlastedCorridors.png General

Mission Completion Screen
Image Victory Audio
We did it!
I'm the best!*
Watch the guns!
Bring out the guns!
Great team effort!
Eh? What's this?!
What do we have here?
Job done!
We're awesome!
This is the right stuff!
Oh yeeaaah!

Icon Salvage Uplink.png Missions

On-site Refining

Mobile Refinery
Image Ping Audio
Mobile Refinery here!
This is where we refine the Liquid Morkite!
The Refinery is here!
This is the Mobile Refinery!
Launch Cargo Rocket
Cargo Rocket launched!
I have launched the Cargo Rocket!
And there is goes! Back to orbit with yah!
Fly, baby, fly!
Liquid Morkite Well
Image Ping Audio
I found a Liquid Morkite well!
There's a well here!
Liquid Morkite here!
The Liquid Morkite is here!
Image Ping Audio
This is a Pumpjack!
Yeah, it's a Pumpjack!
Pumpjack here!
We need a Pumpjack here!
Ordering Pumpjack!
Let's get the Morkite flowing!
Need a Pumpjack here!
Requesting Pumpjack!
Send a Pumpjack please!
Alright, let's get the Pumpjacks hooked up to the Refinery!
Connect the pipelines to the Pumpjack!
Connect the pipelines to the Pumpjack, and let's get the extraction started!
Pumpjack's here! Let's get it hooked up to the Refinery!
Let's get the Pumpjack connected and pumping!
Image Ping (Pipeline) Audio
Pipeline here!
The pipeline is here!
The pipeline is used to transport Liquid Morkite!
That was hard work putting up!
Pipes here!
Pipe construction here!
Right here!
Pipeline placed!
Pipes up!
Pipe plonked down!
Pipelines in place!
Pipe segment up!
Pipe placed!
Pipe placed, could use a hand building it!
Pipe goes here!
Pipe's up! If only someone would help me build it.
I'll be dreaming of pipes tonight!
Pipe framework set!
This goes here!
This should work!
It'll be a beauty once it's complete!
One down, more to go!
This never gets old!
Ping (Pipeline Connectors)
Pipeline connector!
This unit connects the pipe segments!
This is a connector!
This is connecting the pipes!
Surfing underground!
Like riding a rollercoaster!
Surfing Hoxxes!
So much better than walking!
R&D did good with the pipe riding!
I'm the king of pipes!
Here I come!
Look at me! I'm Stoney Rock!
We need these in the Space Rig!
Look at the sparks!
Ramming speed!
Why do we even bother walking!
Does this lead back to the Space Rig?
How do I get off?
Minecarts are so last year!
Gooo with the flooow!
This is fun!
Fun ride!
Maybe I can do a 360!
Smoooth operator!
I love grinding!
It's a matter of balance!
Try to keep up.
Pipe surfing is the best!
Watch me go!
Here I go!
Time to grind!
I'm off!
If you want something done, you better do it yourself!
Ah, pretty as a picture!
The Morkite must flow!
Pipe segment built!
Another pipe segment ready!
Like that!
This is hard work!
If only Deep Rock Galactic can develop a way to automate this process.
Clonk, clonk, clonky donk!
Pipe segment completed!
It's reeaaady!
Aaand...segment done!
I just love building stuff!
Another one is ready!
I just love manual labor
Plumber at work!
And another one.
I feel like a plumber! I just need a big bushy mustache!
Bolts and gears!
The gears are turning!
I don't get paid enough for this!
Done, diddlely done!
Pipe segment done!
As good as it gets.
Work hard. Party hard.
This is greasy work!
Let's work harder!
I guess Mission Control wouldn't know a monkey wrench from a glyphid's arse!
Put up a few pipes they said, it'll be easy they said...raaargh!
Good enough.
Hello! Why does it feel like I'm the only one building the pipelines?
Ping (Leaky Pipeline)*
Let's fix the Pipeline!
We need to fix up the Pipeline!
This needs fixing!
This could use some love!
Monkey wrenches out! We got work to do!
Pipe is fixed and operational again!*
Pipe operational again!*
Pipe fixed! Yeesh, it could be a bit more reliable!
Fixed! Here's hoping it holds this time.
Whoever put this up did a shitty job! Now it's holding.
It's barely holding together, but good enough.
Pipe repaired!
Pipe segment repaired!
Pipe fixed and operational!
Damage repaired!
No more leaks!
Pipe fixed!
Piiipe fiiixed!

Escort Duty

Fuel Cannister
Image Ping Audio
Fuel cannister here!
Grab the fuel cannister!
We need to fill it with Oil Shale.
I got a fuel cannister here!
Fire at Invalid Target
We need oil, not soil!
That ain't Oil Shale...!
No, that's not Oil Shale.
It needs to be Oil Shale!
We can't fuel the Dozer with this crap...
The fuel cannister will only work on Oil Shale.
It gets clogged up by anything that ain't Oil Shale!
Gotta find some Oil Shale!
Gotta locate some Oil Shale!
It only works on Oil Shale!
Cannister full!
This cannister is full! Gotta get it plugged back in!
Cannister fueled and ready!
Fuel cannister loaded!
Cannister topped off!
Cannister ready for refuel!
Place in Drilldozer
Fuel cannister loaded back into the Dozer.
One fuel cannister plugged in!
Ha, the Dozer goes through Oil Shale like a grunt through a chicken coup!
Fuel cannister in place!
Fuel cannister in place! Just need one more, lads!
Cannister in! Just one more!
Whoever's got the last cannister get a move on!
Cannister placed! We will have Doretta up and running again soon.
Ommoran Shell
Image Ping Audio
Only Doretta can drill through the shell!
Heartstone is hard to get!
We got the Ommoran here!
Ommoran Heartstone is inside!
Ommoran here!
We need to get to the core of this!
Ommoran Beamers
Ping* Audio
Wear them down with a pickaxe!
Pickaxe the Ommoran Beamers!
Axes out! We gotta deal with the Beamers!
Destroy the Beamers with your picks!
Destroy the laser crystals!
The crystals are damaging Doretta!
They're going for the Drilldozer! Smash them!
Stop the Beamers before they beam!
We need to take out the Beamers!
All eyes on the Beamers!
Focus on the crystal beamers!
The Ommoran is attacking Doretta with beamers!
Protect Doretta from the Beamers!


Image Wave Spawned Audio
Well, I might as well get used to this.
Baptism by fire, I guess.
Time to show what I'm made of.
Perfect timing! I was getting a bit bored.
Time to show which kind of rock I'm made of.
Reacting to Mission Control
Alone in the dark! Good thing I brought my flares!
GOLD MINE! Now we're talking!
Dirt! Gotta be some dirt around here!
Right...looking for a gold vein! Where are you?!
Okay! I gotta locate some brown dirt and dig through it!
Where is that damn dirt patch that needs digging?
That Mission Control guy better bloody lay off me once I earn my place!
Finally, a chance to learn the ins and outs of this job in my own pace!
This job better be worth it!
What is this crap they've equipped me with.
No wonder casualties are so high around here, bloody hell!
Ehahahah...mining is fun!
Could do this all day!
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
Now this is a job I was born to do!
Mine the Morkite, deposit it in the M.U.L.E.! I got this!

Icons Resources Detailed Outline cleanUp Pod.png Support Pods

Drop Pod
Image Shout (Space Rig) Audio
C'mon guys, we're leaving.
I ain't got all day. Let's leave.
Move it, guys! We're going planetside!
Let's get this mission rolling.
C'mon, you lazy bastards. We've got a job to do.
Hurry up! I ain't getting younger y'know!
Suit up. Let's roll.
Get on board! We're about to leave.
Could you please hurry up! We've leaving!
Before Landing (Scout) Audio
Does the pod always make that sound?
Can we go back, please...
My stomach can't take it.
If we die, I... I love you guys!
I feel very small right now.
I've got a bad feeling about this op.
Don't let the bugs get me!
I really don't wanna die down here!
This'll be the end of us...
Feel like we're digging our own grave!
Hope it'll be easier than the last time.
I'm too young to die!
I hate this damn planet!
We're all gonna die!
Only danger and darkness awaits.
This rock is gonna be the death of us.
I'm really not ready for this.
Damn, I forgot my lucky charm.
Before Landing (Driller)
I need to take a dump...
Has anyone seen my pick?
These seats could really need some suspension!
Onboard entertainment sucks!
Damn, I forgot my lunchbox!
This is gonna be a walk in the park!
I'm hungry!
C'mon you fat lards, are we elves or dwarves?
Get a hold of yourself!
C'mon, grow some balls!
Complaining ain't gonna keep you alive!
Stuff your whining. You're making my ears hurt...
We'll stand a better chance of survival if you stop your griping...
Shuddup, I'm trying to sleep!
I'm ready for a beer when this is over.
Here we go again!
Ever been mistaken for a human?
I hope this mission will pay off handsomely.
Wake me up when we land.
Just show me where to shoot.
I'll kill anything with more legs than two.
Pull yourself together, you weaklings!
After Landing
Get ready to rumble!
Remember! Leave no one behind.
Get ready!
Let's get the job done and get back in a hurry.
If we survive, next round is on me!
Here we goooo!
Let's go!
Lock and Load, lads.
Let's get the job done!
Check your gear and let's go!
Time to collect some gold.
Time to collect your paycheck.
Take-off (Dwarf Left Behind)
Get back here you bastards!
Okay, this is not happening!
Don't leave me!
Damn you, Deep Rock Galactic!
Damn you, Deep Rock Galactic...
I have lived like a dwarf and I'm gonna die like a dwarf!
Damn! That's unfortunate!
Well, sometimes you win, sometimes you die!
Game over, boys!
Game over, lads!
Oh shit!
This is it, boys!
This is it, lads!
We were so close! Damn it!
Slapping Dice
On a roll!
No more Mr. Dice Guy!
Snake eyes!
Daddy needs a new pair of steel-toed boots!
Life is like a dice, so watch the ones you're rolling with!
Time to toss the dice!
It is lost at dice, what ancient honour won!
The dice are loaded!
I'm on a roll!
The die has been cast!
For Karl!
For good luck!
High five!
Fortune be with us!
Let's shake, rattle and roll!
Roll deep, rise high!
Let the good times roll!
Time to play dice with death!
Let's roll!
Guys, we gotta roll!
Fuzzy dice!
Resupply Pod
Image Order Audio
Resupply Pod beacon.png
Resupply ordered!
I ordered a resupply!
More ammo is on the way!
Resupply arrived! Go restock!
The resupply is here.
Time to restock!
Resupply pod is here! Everybody collect ammunition.
Take Resupply
Getting more ammo.
Getting supplies.
I'm taking some of the ammo.
Grabbing ammo.
Ammo taken.
Ready to kill some more creeps.
Ping (Broken Resupply Pod)
Broken Supply Pod here! Let's fix it!
Hey, there's a borked Pod here! Probably still got some ammo and stuff in it!
Well, well, well...what do we have here? An abandoned Supply Pod!
We can fix it!
Tools out, lads! This needs fixing!
Personal Drop Pod
Image Welcoming New Teammate Audio
Welcome to the team!
Looking forward to be working with you!
Hi mate, have I seen you before?
Hey, I think I've seen you before. Maybe at the bar last night?
Well hello there, I thought you were dead.
Hi there!
Nice to see you.
Nice to meet you.
I've got a good feeling about this team!
It's awesome that you're joining our team!
Glad to be working with you!
So glad you're joining the team!
Hello and welcome.
Great to have you onboard!
Nice beard!

Icon Matrix Core Simplified.png Machine Events

General Machine Events
Image Activating Audio
Let's get this party started!
Booting up the machinery!
Machine booting...get ready!
Get ready! I've activated the machine.
Things are about to heat up, lads!
This should get things started!
Purring like a kitten!
Look at it GO!
Be ready for anything.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
If this doesn't start it, whack it with a pickaxe!
It's on!
Successfully Completing
We did it!
Done! Time for some Core Infusion!
We did it! Let's infuse some Cores!
Machine challenge completed! Booyah!
That's a wrap!
Payday, lads!
Time to collect!
Like well-oiled machinery.
Phew! Let's not do that again for a while.
Still got all my...one, two, thr...yup, got all my fingers!
Let's see if the payout matches the effort!
Huh, I could do this in my sleep!
Interacting with the Core Infuser
This better be good!
I know exactly what I want!
Bring me the goods!
Matrix Core inserted!
Core placed!
Time to reap the rewards!
Now, let's see.
Core infusion commencing!
Matrix Core Infuser activated!
Core Infuser activated!
Come on, Lady Luck! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!
Luck be a lady tonight!
Don't jinx it!
Come on! I need some new gear!
Failing (on Time)
Too slow, you snails!
We failed! Gotta be faster next time!
Didn't make it, lads! Too bloody slow!
We failed! Gotta keep an eye on that timer!
We did everything we could or at least I did!
Out of time! Damn it!
Nooooo! Out of time!
Pickaxe Overcharge Sprinkler
Image Ping Audio
Pickaxe overcharges! Get those sparklies!
Overcharge Sprinkler here!
See them things on the ground? Get 'em, they overcharge your pickaxe!
The charges spawned by this machine will give you a fast Power Attack recharge!
This is a Pickaxe Overcharge Sprinkler!
Kursite Grinder
Image Ping Audio
Hey! Kursite Grinder here!
Brilliant, there's a Kursite grinder here! Let's find some Kursite!
Kursite Grinder!
This machine grinds the Kursite from the infected enemies!
Kursite Grinder! That's gotta mean we're about to get rushed!
Omen Modular Exterminator
Image Ping Audio
Omen Modular Exterminator!
Modular Exterminator here!
It's an Omen Modular Exterminator!
We gotta destroy this Modular Exterminator!
Gun tower! Take that bloody thing out!
It's an Omen! Blow that bloody thing up before it kills us all!
Exterminator tower! Destroy it!
Tritilyte Deposit
Image Ping Audio
Tritilyte deposit!
Oi, lads! We need to destroy the Tritilyte deposit!
We got a Tritilyte deposit here!
Bloody hell, it's a Tritilyte cluster! Quick, get those lasers online!
By the beard, Tritilyte deposit here! We gotta crack that thing!
Barrel Dispenser
Image Ping Audio
Barrel Dispenser here!
Oi, get those barrels - we can crack the Tritilyte with 'em!
The Barrel Dispenser is over here!

Icon MachineEvent Battery.png Random Events

Cargo Crates

Cargo Crate
Image Ping Audio
Cargo crate here!
YES! A cargo crate!
We've got a cargo crate here!
Cargo crate here! Let's open it!
Let's get this cargo crate opened!
Let's pop the seal on that crate!
Did we find the batteries?
Cargo Crate Battery Pack
Image Ping Audio
Battery pack here!
These battery packs will open the cargo crate!
Cargo crate battery pack here!
A battery for the cargo crate!
Cargo crate battery!

Lost Pack

Lost Pack Helmet
Image Ping Audio
Hey, we got some lost equipment here!
Hey, someone dropped their gear here!
Hang on, is that a helmet?
Lost helmet here! Let's check it out!
Someone lost a helmet!
I found a helmet!
There is a helmet here!
Coordinates downloaded to Scanner.
I've got the location of the rest of this equipment.
Terrain Scanner just got updated with a new location.
Coordinates transferred! Gotta check my Terrain Scanner!
Transfer done! New point of interest added to the Terrain Scanner!
Coordinates transferred to the Terrain Scanner! Let's locate the rest of the equipment!
Transfer done! Terrain Scanner has been updated!
Lost Pack Cave
Image Entering Audio
Got the feeling something bad happened here...!
Looks like the bloody bugs got to him...!
Rest in peace, Whalepiper. We'll get your gear home.
Bloody Greenbeard met his end here...!
Either something horrific happened or a naked dwarf is running around somewhere!
Wonder what happened here...
Someone lost their gear!
Lost Pack
Image Ping Audio
Lost equipment here!
Found some lost gear!
Gear here!
I found an abandoned backpack!
Backpack here!
I found some remains!


  • "Look at me, I'm Stoney Rock!" is a reference to professional skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk.
  • "I feel like a plumber! I just need a big bushy mustache!" is a reference to Mario from the Super Mario franchise.
  • "It is lost at dice, what ancient honour won!" is a quote from William Shakespeare.