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Deep Rock Galactic Company Logo
At DEEP ROCK GALACTIC, we pride ourselves on having established practical dominance of some the most lucrative systems in the OUTER RIM. While our foolish and cowardly competitors generally regard these as too volatile or high-risk, DEEP ROCK GALACTIC calls them home.
— Management

Deep Rock Galactic is a space mining corporation operating within the Outer Rim. With 88 Orbital Space Rigs in operation with 16 more currently under construction.¹

The Dwarves hired by Deep Rock Galactic are given boarding on the Space Rig, a vast arsenal of weapons and grenades, a leisure area for entertainment, food, and alcoholic beverages courtesy of Management.


    • Manages the Various Departments
    • Provided clearance for the construction of the Abyss Bar on the Space Rig
      • MC Voice line - "If this continues, Management has the power and will to close the Abyss Bar! Is that what you want?"

    • Alerting Mining Crew of Incoming Swarms
      • Voice lines pertaining to "our scanners", possibly a team of individuals tasked with inferring the missions surroundings with a representative "Mission Control" reporting it

    • Operating Space Rig Forcefields (possibly the entirety of the rigs)
    • Responsible for the Navigation of Drop Pods, Supply Drops, and Personal Pods

    • Investigating the Lithophage Outbreak
    • Manufacturing Weapons, Equipment, Machinery, and Miscellaneous
      • Arcade Voice Line - "Guns AND games! R&D treat us so good"
      • Armor Cosmetic Description for MK5 Drill Suit - "Another breakthrough from R&D. The MK5 Drill Suit is a masterpiece of engineering"
      • Constructed the Tutorial Defense Barriers? - MC Voice line "Alert! Defense barriers have been breached, we have a horde of enemies heading in your direction"

  • SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (R&D Sub-Division?)
    • Researching Biomes
      • Miner's Manual Description of Hollow Dough - "Hollow Bough is a biological oddity that has the Science Department scratching their heads"
      • Miner's Manual Description of Glacial Strata - "At least one of our xenogeologists quit in a rage when research started on this region"

    • Employs the Clumsy Shuttle Pilot
    • Delivers Resources for the Miners and Transports Mineral Quotas to Desired Destinations
      • Resources such as food for the cantine (noodles, omelets) and drinks (beer and soda cans)
      • Information Channel - "PSA: Breakfast is cancelled. The bacon-shuttle is delayed"

    • Janitorial Responsibilities
      • Information Channel - "PSA: Maintenance urges employees to not attempt entering the exhaust port at the top of the hangar"
      • "PSA: The L4 bathrooms remain closed for extensive maintenance. The Clog is not yet cleared"