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To-Do List

Season 05: Drilling Deeper‎‎: To-Do List
    • Improve the DEEP SCAN page
    • add DEEP SCAN to "Missions" page
    • add DEEP SCAN to the individual minerals, Credits and Experience pages
    • add page for the new event-item (similar to plagueheart events)
    • add event to Missions page
    • add and improve pages for those enemies
    • add those enemies to the creatures page
  • HAZARD 5+: Aggressive Enemies / Player Vulnerability / More Enemies / Tough Enemies
    • update health and attack template for the new modifiers
  • “Beyond Lethal” assignment.
    • - add it to the assignments page
  • NEW PRIMARY OVERCLOCKS: Added 12 new Overclocks (one for each primary weapon), plus a rework of an existing Overclock.
    • add to each weapon OC list


    • alter deep dive page, check for restrictions


    • Improve them on the warning/anomaly page
    • add to season performance page
    • rework the performance pass page
    • alter the escort duty page
    • create list with the previous and new moves
    • add that info to a page
    • gallery for the status effects page
    • add each item to those pages
  • NEW PROMOTION TIERS: Added an expanded promotion tracker to show the number of promotions past Legendary III
    • alter promotion page


    • add the icons on the weapon maintanance section
  • NEW SKIN TONES: Almond,Cool Brown,Deep Brown,Olive,Porcelain
  • Skin tones added to The Shop: Orcish,Cerulean Blue,Rager.
    • add to cosmetic pages
  • Misc:
    • Add voiceline kill cries for Mactera Grabber, Glyphyd Acid Spitter and Web Spitter
    • Add ‘select random mission’ option in the Mission Terminal
    • Add warmth to Sticky Flames
    • add flash-freeze gas clouds
    • Update Spitball Infector weakpoint models
    • add to status page that STE durations can now be refreshed at max stacks as well
    • Increased the explosion damage of the Special Explosive Chemical Bolts on the Boltshark Crossbow and changed the damage type to Explosive.
  • Enemy Damage Type Tweaks:
    • get% and add to page:Q'ronar Shellback: projectile damage type from Explosive to a mix of Explosive and Poison
    • get% and add to page:Infectors: projectile area damage type from Explosive to a mix of Explosive and Poison (the direct impact damage remains Kinetic)
    • get% and add to page:Glyphid Dreadnoughts: various fireball projectile area damage type from Explosive to a mix of Explosive and Fire
    • add to page:Naedocyte Shocker: Changed the damage and STE to actually be Electric type damage and so get affected by the Elemental Insulation perk
Season 04: Critical Corruption‎‎: To-Do List
  • Additions:
    • Season Event: Rockpox Corruptor (Add to events section on "Plagueheart" page)
    • New Rockpox enemies:
      • Rockpox Breeder (Add section to main creature page, Add creature/attack stats, Add images)
      • Rockpox Goo Bomber (Add section to main creature page, Add creature/attack stats, Add images)
      • Rockpox Spitter (Add section to main creature page, Add creature/attack stats, Add images)
      • Rockpox Exploder (Add section to main creature page, Add creature/attack stats, Add images)
    • New Enemies
      • Glyphid Stingtail (Create new page, Add creature/attack stats, Add images)
      • Glyphid Septic Spreader (Create new page, Add creature/attack stats, Add images)
    • Jet Boots (Add new page)
    • Jetty boot (Add section to "Spacerig" page)
    • Randoweisser beer (Add to "Bar" page)
    • Randomizer button - copy/paste (Add to Equipment terminal section on "Spacerig" page)
    • Sleeveless armors (Add to cosmetic pages, Add images)
  • Balance:
    • Subata 120 (Base stat changes, OC/mods changes, new mods) Omega Sentinel (missing information about stun OC changes)
    • M1000 (Hipster ROF change, new input buffer) Omega Sentinel
    • Boomstick (Double barrel OC changes) Omega Sentinel
    • Breachcutter (Spinning death OC changes) Omega Sentinel
    • Cryo Cannon (Snowball OC changes) Omega Sentinel
    • Drak-25 (Shield OC changes)
    • Hurricane (Plasma Burster Missiles OC changes, new Rocket barrage OC, manual cutoff removed) Omega Sentinel
    • Autocannon (Carpet bomber OC changes, Neurotoxin OC changes) Omega Sentinel
  • Misc:
    • Patrolbots stand still when being hacked (good to mention ?)
    • Exploders only explode once with volatile guts (Anomalies page, check bulk too)
    • A BUNCH of typos fixed (find a way to verify update strings)
    • Rockpox waves can now appear in normal missions (check chance + weight)
    • Sabotage can have mutators now
    • Core infuser carves terrain after completion now
    • Lithovac/foam have holograms now (add images ?)
    • Driller Monochrome armor paint changes (update images)
    • More Newsticker messages to trade terminal (update page) Omega Sentinel
    • Hexawing dies when frozen
    • Rockpox Grunt color changes
    • Multiple crosses changed from red to green (update images)
    • Praetorians spit better match hitbox (update images ?)
    • Rockpox enemies die with all boils popped
Season 03‎‎: Plaguefall: To-Do List

:I went ahead and removed a bunch of already completed items from this list; I've left the mission section here because I'm not entirely sure what it's referring too. Pankake (talk)

  • New mission related things
    • Page for new mission
      • Brief description of mission
      • Payout, secondaries
      • Add mission to mission nav
  • New templates for all oc tables

  • check xp rewards. xp scaling enabled as of an experimental patch
  • flamer
    • can now ignite all gas clouds
    • Changed Heat Radiance text to say "Burn everything around you" instead of "heat up" to reflect what it actually does
Update 33: To-Do List
  • New Biomes:
    • add biome features. STILL NEEDED
Completed changes

Season 3

  • Mission Related Things
    • New creatures
      • Upload images for new creatures
      • Add to Creatures page
      • Individual pages for new creatures
      • Get stats for new creatures
  • Seasons related things
    • Seasons page
      • Description of how it works
      • Breakdown of how to progress + special ways to get xp
    • All new seasons cosmetics
  • UI things
    • New mission icons uploaded
  • New dlc added to dlc page
    • New framework + skin uploaded
  • New weapons
    • Screenshots of frameworks + skins
    • Pages for weps
      • mod table, oc table, desc, stock image for infobox, infobox values

Update 34

  • New warnings / Double Warnings (add to Mutators / Missions page) ; Change the exploder infestation scaling
    • Add descriptions/images for new warnings
  • Weapons / OCs balance Omega Sentinel
    • update fear / accuracy or other related pages as well
  • On Fire changes (status page) Omega Sentinel
  • Swarmer stun immunity
  • New perks Omega Sentinel

Update 33

  • Creature changes:
    • Regular Dreads have more armor HP now, and regrow it sooner, also they get angry earlier.
    • HP and move speed difficulty scaling changes
    • OG dread base speed, invulnerable for armor regrow, base hp / armor changes, resistant to slowdown (stickyflames), less carve from fireball
    • add Glyphid Acid Spitter doing less damage to Doretta
  • Misc:
    • new jukebox and dance moves ?
    • add new steam helmet
    • add changes to the mineral trade UI, including daily deals
    • mention the M.U.L.E. docking animation ?
    • 15% less Nitra on Deep Dives (don't think we have that anywhere though)
  • HotFix 2
    • Tweaked the Plasma Bursters grenade friendly fire modifier from 100% to 50% (of Normal friendly fire reduction)
    • Fixed spelling error in the Mactera Tri-Jaw Miner’s Manual entry
    • Tweaked the Dreadnought Twins so they unfreeze at a higher temperature, to help prevent quick consecutive freezing. The time it takes for them to defrost is the same.
    • Tweaked the Dreadnought Twins health exchange so it is no longer a zero-sum game resulting in a net gain of HP. The amount of gain depends on the difference in HP. The greater the difference, the greater the gain.
  • Hotfix 8
  • Mission changes:
    • add Doretta "head / control unit" saving
    • change the payout for Escort and Egghunt (main pages and mission pages)
    • add the xp to oilshale
    • add the biomes to Crafting Mineral pages (Omega Sentinel) (GoldMath)
    • add the biomes to Navbox (GoldMath)
    • add the new milestones on perk page (Omega Sentinel)
    • update conquer hoxxes assignment (GoldMath)
    • add the biomes to Hoxxes page
    • add Elimination changes (new dreads) (main page and missions page)
    • add Salvage changes (leg scanning / fuel pipe) (main page and missions page) User:PunchyTurtle
    • update Point Extraction MineHead new model
    • add the enemy variants to the pages, and navbox
    • Tweaked the Beastmaster perk. Tamed Glyphids now freeze half as fast and unfreezes twice as fast.
    • Fixed spelling errors in the Spitballer Miner’s Manual entries (Omega Sentinel)
    • fixed spelling error in Spinning Death OC description (Omega Sentinel)
    • Fixed spelling error in Burning Love beer description (Omega Sentinel)
    • Fixed spelling error in the Scout MK3 armor description (Omega Sentinel)
    • Fixed spelling error in shotgun description (Omega Sentinel)
    • Fixed grammatical error in Elephant Rounds description (Omega Sentinel)

Update 32

  • add new missions credits, experience, etc...
  • add new cosmetics
  • add new weapons images with roughneck skins
  • add random warbrobe feature
  • change "throw" mechanics explanation on pages that mention it
  • add Gunkseed and ebonut changes (glow / light added)
  • Add bosco AI changes (?)
  • Ramp to drop pod on the terrain scanner
  • "Frozen Swarmers will now always die after a short delay"
  • "New Mission Control speaks added"
  • "Shout and speaks tweaks + fixed mission control speaks for Conquor hoxxes assignment"
  • Tweaked Doretta's health and its relationship to the Beamers and other attacks
  • Lowered Doretta's health slightly
  • Decreased Heartstone beamer damage
  • hot fix 7 changes
    • There will now be a few more enemies during the Rock Attack phase (ommoran)
    • Reduced Doretta's explosion resistance
    • Added a delay that is equal to the time it takes to melt a piece of oil shale between picking up the chunks with the oil extractor (0.45s). (GoldMath)
    • Collecting oil shale chunks made from blowing up the oil shale or pickaxe mining now gives the same amount of oil shale as if you were using the canister directly on the oil shale. (GoldMath)
    • Added flavor to the Improved Case Ejector mod description (Omega Sentinel)
    • Fixed spelling mistakes (Omega Sentinel)
  • Weekly assignments can no longer contain duplicate mission types (GoldMath)
  • Updated the description of Expert Depositor Perk to reflect it functioning next to all deposit points and not just the M.U.L.E (GoldMath)
  • Tweaked the Expert Depositor Perk to now also work with the Escape Pod (GoldMath)
  • Update main page Updates box (GoldMath)
  • change minimule legs spawning from 4 to 3 (Omega Sentinel)
  • add sandstorms and earthquakes affecting enemy speed (Omega Sentinel)
  • "You can now pet a new thing in the game (because its important!)"
  • add weapon (and Overclocks) balance / text changes to their pages (Omega Sentinel)
  • add new Assignments (GoldMath)
    • add new "assigment board" image / info (GoldMath)
    • add the Tweaks on Conquer Hoxxes Assignment (GoldMath)
  • add new DLC (GoldMath)
  • add new milestones (Omega Sentinel)
  • add new achievements and update the values (Omega Sentinel)
  • add new missions to pages, navbox (GoldMath)

Page Creating

  • Waves conditions in the different missions types (per egg, per min, when close to the mules)
  • Spawn rules explained (could be groupes with the waves conditions)
  • Info on resource spawning / quantity mined

Adding Content

  • Full stats for throwables:
    • L.U.R.E (radius it can cause an effect on creatures and the explosion radius as well)
    • Incendiary
    • Cryo Grenade lingering Cold stats
    • Sounds and weapons unique effects Omega Sentinel (Most sounds gathered, having trouble to get specific ones, and waiting on the best way to include them on pages)
  • Add all the voicelines to Voicelines User:PunchyTurtle (I have all the sound files needed)
  • Add a graph on AutoCannon page for Rate of Fire vs time
  • Add info on M1000 page that T5 mod now only triggers on enemy killing
  • Creatures Individual Pages
    • Creatures Armors data Elythnwaen4628
    • Enemy speed info Omega Sentinel (Values gathered, waiting on info on how creatures use each speed variable, and what is the best way to display that on their pages)
    • Once the above is done, the page will be ready for a review

Updated an Outdated Page

Pages to Review

Pages to clean up

  • Hazard Level page, clean up the appearance, separate normal difficulty and deep dive info. Separate the different modifier into categories (Enemy related, Environment, Dwarf related, mission related maybe?)
    • Elythnwaen4628 has all the variables but no idea how to display them yet.
  • Weapon Individual Pages
    • Template to create/redo, see below Elythnwaen4628 expect to do this after the Creature pages
    • The equipment stat template, once remade could be extended to be used for weapons mods or OC.
    • Add the area damage template when needed.
    • Review the text content ("about" section)
    • Once a page is done and has been reviewed, it should be tagged with the updated tag
  • Biome Individual Pages (needs standardization)

Pages to Check for Wrong / Outdated Content

Template Creation

Template Modification

  • Rework the Equipment Stats template (variables / names / units)

In Game

In Game Test Needed

  • Machine Event pages (Objective per players and per machine event)
    • Can provide mods to guarantee a machine event per mission to test it
  • check the changes to CRPSR and Cryo against Dreads

Image Wanted (Simple Screenshots)

Images Wanted (Cropping needed)

  • Cropping for all weapon framework/paintjob combination Rotterdxm, Sylphoid
  • Grunt Side View (Will be used in the creature attack template to showcase the melee attack angle.)
  • Updated mineral trade terminal


Notes to Take Screenshots

When you want to crop an image later, there is a few extra step to take when taking the screenshot to make the cropping a lot easier.

  • In the NVIDIA Control Panel, Completely disable Anti aliasing for DRG. You can find that panel by right-clicking on the desktop.
  • In Game, select Graphics Options and set Resolution Scale and Image Sharpening to 100%.
  • Use photo mode (default Alt + F2), the Green Screen filter option allows to hide the background. You can also change its color. Choose a color that is very different from the creature and the background if possible.

About Claiming Content

You can claim as many items on the To-do list as you want.
Bold User Name means that the user expect to get it done soon, with or without help and is actively working on it.
Normal User Name means that the user has some knowledge that would help writting the page, but don’t expect to do it soon (> 1 week). So other Users can claim this page to get it done faster, potentially asking for his help to get more info if needed. This template will be constantly changing.
It will be used as a dynamic To-do list to keep track of what are the current short and long terms goal on the wiki.
Wiki editors can assign themselves to any of these goals by adding their names at the end of it.