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Ranger Garfax

Greed gets your paychecks in; teamwork lets you live to make good use of 'em.
— Ranger Garfax

Ranger Garfax (full name: Garfax II Redpick) was a Dwarf in service of Deep Rock Galactic, known for his work with DRG's Pathfinder Initiative. He enlisted with Deep Rock Galactic at the age of 65, initially working as a simple prospector. During the earlier years of his career, he displayed a distinctive aptitude in the field of wildlife studies, which led to him being considered for Deep Rock Galactic's Pathfinder Initiative. He accepted their offer and then began his work as a Ranger for DRG.

After Deep Rock Galactic's acquisition of jurisdiction over Hoxxes, Ranger Garfax was sent forth alongside the rest of a division of the Pathfinder Initiative to assess the planet. Ranger Garfax was given command of his own Company and was tasked with helping to assess the caves in the northern hemisphere of Hoxxes. Garfax was instrumental in his assistance with R&D's research on the planet; he compiled extensive notes on the creatures of Hoxxes, which would eventually be restructured into an official section in the official Deep Rock Galactic Handbook.

His work on Hoxxes would come to an end after a traumatic incident involving a Cave Leech. He eventually decided to bring his tenure on Hoxxes to an end, a decision which Deep Rock Galactic supported in the wake of recent events. He now works as an Instructor for Deep Rock, instructing new recruits on the dangers of Hoxxes. He became very well-known for his frequent maxim regarding Cave Leeches: "Look up, look out!"

Voiceline Ideas

Marking a Cave Leech

  • "Look up, look out! Cave Leech!"
  • "Looks like someone's out fishing right now!"
  • "Oi, watch it, lads! Cave Leech dead ahead!"
  • "Up there! A Cave Leech! Don't get snatched!"

After accidentally (or "accidentally") harming one of your teammates

  • "Well, if you're gonna grow your beard to look like a bloody tendril...!"
  • "Agh! Sorry there, mate!"
  • "That was for last night, ya lardass!"
  • "Damn... maybe I do need to get me eyesight checked up."
  • "Well don't waltz in front of me gun next time then, ya whalepiper!"

Beginning an Escort Duty mission with Bosco

  • "Your great aunt Doretta needs your help, Bosco! Let's get to it!"
  • "You ready, Bosco? Let's go fetch us a Heartstone!"
  • "We're countin' on you, Bosco! Let's keep this 'dozer safe!"