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I'm not sure how much feedback you guys can see/get or can act upon, but loving the game! My friends and I thought it would be super cool and a new fun experience if there was an added sequence that was either rare/random occurrence where a large creature interrupts the take off sequence of the drop pod by grabbing the gate as it closes and ripping it back open to make the players take action one final time to kill it before they take off and succeed. It might also add a slight challenge to those who were near death before making it to the drop pod at the end. Might be best if added to challenging missions rather than starter ones.

This discussion page is for talking about the wiki's main page. I would be very surprised if the developers would see this. You might want to try the official Discord or the game's discussions on Steam. OOeyes (talk) 17:37, 19 January 2020 (UTC)

Performance Pass/Seasons in Main Nav

These new thingers should be added to the nav or main page so that they're easier to locate. Right now the only links to Performance_Pass are Resources, Season_01:_Rival_Incursion, and Data_Cell. Only Resources is accessible from the main page and not the obvious choice for locating Season 01 content and mechanics.