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[COLD] is a damage type in DRG Survivor.

[COLD] inflicts Slow on the target, which decreases move speed and has a stacking chance to Freeze the target.

Other types of damage include: [KINETIC], [FIRE], [ELECTRIC], [ACID], and [PLASMA]

Weapons with [COLD] Damage

Cryo Grenade
Survivor Cryo Grenade.png
Unlocked by: Default
Cryo Cannon
Survivor Cryo Cannon.png
Unlocked by: Driller Class Rank 21
Arc-Tek Cryo Guard
Survivor Cryo Drone.png
Unlocked by: Scout Class Rank 15

Overclocks that Change Damage Type to [COLD]

Icon Name Effects
Survivor OC Balanced.png
Survivor Icon Damage Cryo.png
Refrigerated Gunpowder Change the damage type to [COLD]