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Throughout the game, music will play for different occasions, check the list and table below for the different triggers and soundtrack.


Level: During missions
Attack (A): During announced Swarms
Attack (B): During progress / time based Swarms
Extraction: During the Extraction stage of missions or ending of Salvage Operation
Dreadnought: When a Dreadnought is active
Space Rig: During Space Rig
Deep Dive Transition: Loading the next stage of a deep dive
Machine Event: While a Machine Event is active
Memorial Hall: When inside the Space Rig's Memorial Hall
End Screen: After completing or failing a mission
Loading: Loading a mission


Deep Rock Galactic (Original Game Soundtrack): Volume I

Soundtrack Trigger
Into The Abyss Level
Attack of the Glyphids Attack (A)
The Deep Dive Space Rig
Hold My Beard Attack (A)
They're Here! Attack (A) ; Attack (B)
Coward's Crossing Level
Petrified Fury Attack (A) ; Attack (B)
The Descent Loading
Robot Getaway Extraction
Horrors of Hoxxes Dreadnought
Principle of Darkness Level
The Shadows are Moving Attack (A)
I am Lost Level
Fighting the Shadows Dreadnought
Fathomless Tomb Level
Leave No Dwarf Behind Extraction
March of the Brave Extraction
Beneath the Crust End screen
Karl's End Level
A Matter of Skill and Ammunition Level
The Only Way Out Is Through Level
Ode to the Fallen Memorial Hall

Deep Rock Galactic (Original Game Soundtrack): Volume II

Soundtrack Trigger
I Welcome The Darkness Extraction
A Distant Terror Attack (A) ; Attack (B)
Follow Molly Extraction
Let's Go Deeper Level
Absolute Zero Level
Echoes From The Past Level
Dance of the Dreadnought Attack (A) ; Attack (B)
Interstellar Nightmares Dreadnought
The Core Infuser Machine Event
Deceived by Light Level
In the Belly of the Beast Attack (A) ; Attack (B)
The Last Ascent Extraction ; Deep Dive Transition
RUN! Attack (A) ; Attack (B)
Axes Out Attack (A) ; Attack (B)
Journey Of The Prospector Level